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    PODCAST: Continuous Monitoring and Federal Agencies

    in Technology

    Welcome to the TechSource podcast series.  Today we are speaking with Paul Cruthfield, Director of Sales Engineering at Tenable Network Security, about continuous monitoring and federal agencies.

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    Remote Neural Monitoring & Surveillance

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    Join us this evening as Rebecca Campbell and I discuss Remote Neural Monitoring and Surveillance. 
    Advanced surveillance technologies can also be used for harassment. Experimental technologies can include brain wave monitoring via satellite and analyzed through thought activated computers.
    Voice-to-skull operations are underway with many believing they have been targeted with these technologies. 
    Other methods include eavesdropping, satellite lazer harassment, and visual monitoring.
    Thermal imaging satellites, including aircraft-based "monitors" which may be loaded into the Drones the government is intending to use on the public.
    Drones, wired for surveillance street lights, camera's on every corner, and mics and videos in the stores you shop. 

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    Guidance on Environmental Monitoring and Control of Listeria with Elis Owens

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    Guidance on Environmental Monitoring and Control of Listeria for the Fresh Produce Industry with Elis Owens, Ph.D.

    Elis is active in developing Birko’s antimicrobial product line and attendant delivery systems.
    He oversees field trials at customer plants, works with university research partners and outside labs
    and acts as a government liaison for antimicrobial approvals. 
    Elis earned his Ph.D. from the University of Wales in Cardiff.
    He conducted post-doctoral research at Michigan State University’s Center for Microbial Ecology.
    He has published papers in Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) Microbiology Ecology
    and FEMS Microbiology Letters. Elis has been a presenter at the Produce Marketing Association, 
    the Beef Industry Food Safety Council (BIFSCo) and the North American Meat Association. 
    He is a member of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP), Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA),
    American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) and the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC).

    Guidance on Environmental Monitoring and Control of Listeria for the Fresh Produce Industry United Fresh Produce Association

    1. Introduction
    2. What is listeria?
    3. How can we minimize microbial food safety hazards of fresh cut fruits and vegetables?
    4. What are some listeria control measures relevant to fresh produce?
    5. How do you kill listeria and control its growth?
    6. Conclusion.

    Elis Owens, Ph.D.
    Senior Microbiologist/Chemist
    Birko Corporation

    Ian Bessell
    Director of Business Development and Food Safety for Produce
    Birko Corporation


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    ISIS Monitoring weak spots on the Border

    in Politics

    On tonites episode we will talk about the Terrorist organization ISIS who are monitoring many weak spots along the Border for a possible attack in the USA on the 13th Anniversary of 9/11.Keeper will be ny special guest starting at 6:30pm eastern time, and 3:30pm pacific at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation

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    UJR Presents: Monitoring Quality

    in Pets

    Join us as we catch up on the usual week's events and also speak with Brad Salzwedel who is doing amazing things with Asian Water Monitors in Captivity by creating captivating captives.

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    Remote Monitoring

    in Technology

    Join our hosts, Ben and Corey, as they discuss remote monitoring with guest speaker Dr. David Lee Scher, owner/founder of DLS Healthcare Consulting and Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Heart and Vascular Institute at Penn State College of Medicine.

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    RFB ~ Our "Leaders" Are "Monitoring" Known Terrorists

    in Politics Conservative

    Oh good grief... UK knows names, places, faces... and addresses of KNOWN ISLAMIC TERRORISTS in our midst, but no worry, Folks ~ they're being...MONITORED.

    Welcome to the Red Fox Blogger with your Hosts, Tim Burton and Kel Fritzi.

    We’re the Infidels your imam warned about…

    Tim at Brenner Brief:  http://www.brennerbrief.com/author/tim-burton/

    Listen to all of the RFB shows as well at  Pundit Press Radio:


    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity.”

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    Discuss Wearable EEGs with Advanced Brain Monitoring

    in Health

    The Cure Panel Talk Show series on Health Tech will feature Advanced Brain Monitoring's CEO and Founder Chris Berka speaking on:
    Wearable EEG in Clinical Trials: Now & Beyond
    Supporting her on the panel are:
    Gene Davis, VP, Manufacturing, Advanced Brain Monitoring,  Ajay Verma,VP, Biogen Idec and Dr. Kamran Fallahpour, Director, Brain Resource Center.

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    Learn More About Biometric Operational Monitoring & Analytics

    in Technology

    In the past interviews we have had the pleasure to talk with C-Level Executives about their various product lines.  We have learned about new product applications ranging all the way from vein pattern recognition being used in the healthcare sector to iris recognition being used to scan people from far distances and while they are on the move at international airport settings.  But today, we have the unique opportunity to see Biometrics from a totally different perspective.  This is from the angle of Biometrics testing and analysis.  This is often an overlooked component in Biometrics deployments and installations.  For example, if you were to procure a Biometric system, how do you know if it really works unless you do some testing on it?  In this radio show, we have the pleasure to interview Mr. Babak Goudarzipour, CEO, of Optimum Biometric Labs.  They have a unique product called 'BioUptime".  It measures four distinct characteristics in your Biometric system, such as:




    *and Performance.

    We find out more about "BioUptime" from Mr. Pour, as well as how it is currently deployed, and how customers benefit from it.

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    Social Media Monitoring: Best Practices 2014

    in Business

    It is a well accepted truism that before using social media interaction, you must first listen - and listen carefully. First generation social monitoring provided more raw data than actionable information, and was initially focused on gathering marketing and competitive intelligence. 

    Social Media Monitoring (SMM) has become mission critical, and with an arguably low entry barrier from a technology (if not scalability) standpoint, the burgeoning vendor community has not only responded with many product and service offerings, but has itself been experiencing turmoil with many mergers and acquisitions.

    In this episode you will learn about the current state of the art of SMM, top trends, which criteria should be considered when making purchase decisions, and how the major incipient trends will affect you in the 3 areas covered in the Social Care section of the Execs In The Know 2013 Customer Experience Management Benchmark Study: 

    (Download the 2013 Study at www.bit.ly/EITK-CX-2013)

    Tony van Kessel  

    Principal/Founder, Social Media Deliverables®

    Tony@SocialMediaDeliverables.com  705-789-0465

    Tony is a seasoned veteran in the telecommunications, social media and HR/Talent Management industries, is recognized for management leadership of high-growth venture-backed and public companies in a variety of technology segments, and a multipreneur committed to helping organizations accelerate their business results through the use of advanced technology, social media and cloud-based services. 


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    Online Brand Protection | Ep.1 of 4 | Domain Name Monitoring

    in Business

    Your brand is your promise. You need to protect that promise at every turn. Join Anthony for the four part series on online brand protection. He is joined by David Howell, Director of Brand Protection, for Channel IQ as they discuss the important components of any online brand protection strategy.
    In this episode, Anthony and David discuss Domain Name Monitoring, the value of the gTLD, filing UDRPs, understanding ICANN, domain name squatting, cybersquatting and typosquatting, and what companies can do to monitor, investigate, and enforce their brand rights online.
    Join us for this, the first in our four part series on online brand protection. Our next episode on Counterfeit and Gray Market will be available on November 6th.
    If you have more questions, visit our website Channel IQ, and then Join David Howell for our next Channel IQ Brand Protection Webinar on November 20,  2013 when we discuss how to find sellers on marketplaces.
    Sign Up for the webinar now: HERE.

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