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    The Mommy Chronicles is Back!

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    After a 3 month sabbatical, your favorite mommas are back in the game...sharing tips and faux pas for days!

    Our audience will be able to check out our launch, our you tube channel, our cooking trials, and our special guests!


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    Tonight we will be discussing the duties of stepparents.  Do you allow the stepparents to discipline your children?  What are the rolls that you expect a stepparent to fulfill?  Should a stepparent be called mommy or daddy or by their first name?  Do you have a problem with your child calling a stepparent mom or dad?  Tonight we will jump into the subject of extended or blended families and the pros and cons of being a stepparent.  Tune in from 7pm to 9pm and call in at 347-308-8813 to join in the conversation.

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    Free Mediation for Bloggers

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    This is a free meditation for bloggers, writers and those that inspire to become one. We blog for the greater good. We are Social Storypreneurs and Social Entreprenuers that want to change the world thorugh our blogs. 

    Enjoy and please visit our site to let know if you were inspired. 



    Bobby & Stacey 

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    Turning a "Mommy" Blog into a Successful Small Business

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    Denise Griffitts Interviews Holly Homer of Kids Activities Blog

    Holly Homer has been a blogger since 2007. It started as a substitution for her expensive scrapbooking habit and turned into a full time job that she adores.  Her early blog posts from June Cleaver Nirvana live here in the archives at Kids Activities Blog (some old favorites are beaver trapping, low-flow toilets, buying an eBay replacement teddy, and a little boy who calls her mommy). You can find her blog here.

    She is the married, partially-homeschooling, work-from-home mom of three very active boys and a dog. She realized early on that wearing them out before bedtime was a self-preservation strategy.

    Holly is a bit social media-obsessed. She loves teaching what she has learned both at the Business 2 Blogger blog and her YouTube channel. She speaks at conferences across the country on blogging and social media topics – Bloggy Bootcamp, Emerging Tech, Declare Conference 2013 & 2014, Blog Elevated 2013 & 2014, Project Mom 2013 & 2014, Women Get Social and is scheduled to speak at Social Media Marketing World 2015 as well as Focused 2015.  She has been featured on multiple radio interviews, TV appearances and pod casts.  A favorite podcast was about Kids Activities Blog’s FB page’s rapid organic growth with Michael Stelzner.

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     Yes, we do. Each month we bring two great winners of Editorial Content awards. On this show we have returning  winners Educators  Aaron Vanderwerff and Pat Waters plus Melissa Greenwood(Smartbrief Editor and 'Ashley Judd look-a-like') will also join in with Jared Stearns, Smartbrief's marketing Guru...who didn't even bother to enter the Ashley Judd Look-a-like contest. A lot about Maker spaces on this show.

    www.smartbrief.com @sbeducation www.smartblogs.com

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    The Mommy MD Guides

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    The Mommy MD Guides welcome guest Jennifer Hanes, DO. Dr. Hanes is a mom a son and a daughter, an emergency physician who’s board-certified in integrative medicine, and the author of The Princess Plan: Shrink Your Waist, Expand Your Beauty, in Austin, TX.

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    Start the New Year with the Ultimate Husband/Wife Podcast

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    Role Mommy has finally decided to take on a co-host and now that her husband has become an entrepreneur too, it's time to be a fly on the wall and listen in to our morning conversation.  Trust us, it's lively, heated and funny.

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    ADHD Blogs & Bloggers

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    Tune in LIVE this Sunday, October 19th at 4pm PDT, as I welcome back to the show Tom Nardone for a discussion on ‘ADHD Blogs & Bloggers’. Tom is a successful ADHD blogger and will be sharing what he has learned from blogging. He will also share the benefits and the challenges it has presented; hate-mail, his mistakes, and a whole lot more. Learn how blogging about ADHD can be a source of help and hope. Please call (917) 889-7025 on Sunday 10/19 between 4-5:15pm PDT; we’ll provide a safe place for you to share your struggles, tips & suggestions, or ask questions.

    *All podcasts are also available on iTunes after the broadcast airs.

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    The Mommy MD Guides

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    Susan Besser, MD and Jennifer Bright Reich talk with Mommy MD Guides--doctors who are also mothers--about pregnancy and parenting.  Call or email us your most pressing parenting concerns.  We help moms and moms-to-be lead happier, healthier lives!

    The Mommy MD Guides blog talk radio show welcomes guest Mommy MD Guide Dora Wang, MD, a single mom of one multicultural daughter, psychiatrist, and the author of The Kitchen Shrink: A Psychiatrist’s Reflection on Healing in a Changing World.

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    Keeping it Real with Beth & Darin - Episode 8

    in Parents

    TGIF listeners!  Thanks for stopping by every day to listen in.  Get ready for a lively discussion this morning. We have no idea where the conversation will take us, but honestly, that's what makes our show so much fun!  

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    Keeping it Real with Beth & Darin - Episode 7

    in Family

    We're back and this time I've had a sleepless night.  Nope, I'm not Sleepless in Seattle...tune in and find out what has me toss and turning.

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