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    Uncensored Radio: special guest David Yost

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    From "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers," actor David Yost is here!

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    Uncensored Radio: special guest Austin St. John

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    Uncensored Radio’s Guilty Pleasures is excited to chat with special guest Austin St. John aka “Jason Lee Scott,” the original Red Ranger, on Wednesday May 14, 2014.

    Austin St. John is best known for his role as “Jason Lee Scott,” the Red Power Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. At the age of 17, when the series premiered on the Fox Network, he was the youngest member of the original cast, but was also the most experienced at martial arts, which was integrated into his character on the show. Austin left the series mid-way through the second season, due to a contract and pay dispute, and was replaced as the Red Ranger on the show by Steve Cardenas.

    St. John later returned to the franchise as the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers: Zeo and as a guest star in the secondPower Rangers movie. His last Power Rangers appearance was in the tenth anniversary special “Forever Red,” where he joined nine other Red Ranger actors.

    After several years of service overseas St. John began making convention appearances throughout 2014 including a return to Power Morphicon in Los Angeles.

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    7/4/12 - MMPR Reunion Show (encore)

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    From "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers," Steve Cardenas, Walter Jones, Catherine Sutherland and Karan Ashley.
    Unscripted Radio takes on the hot topics that are on your mind with a lively, nightly discussion that is both informative and entertaining.

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    From "MMPR," actor Jason David Frank! (encore)

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    (Encore) Actor Jason David Frank drops by chat with the hosts about his memories from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and his latest ventures.
    A new kind of talk radio with hosts Mike Jay, Karan Ashley, Katrina Johnson and Jeffrey Emmette that brings the “talk” back to talk radio!
    Unscripted Radio takes on the hot topics that are on your mind with a lively, nightly discussion that is both informative and entertaining. From current events and the latest in news, celebrity gossip and interviews, no topic is off limits for this motley crew of co-hosts. Listeners are encouraged to call in and voice their opinion on air or in the show’s chat room.

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    AMCPRESS #162: "MMPR Fan Film Interview"

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    We are friends who discuss numerous topics. We are not afraid to say our opinions. We are an independent news source. We are discussing topics that will make you say what. Make sure you like AMCPress on Facebook. This is the best way for you to keep up with all the cool news and anything going on with AMCPress Live as a whole. 
    Alison is the brains of AMCPress. Frodo is the tech guy. Shirley and Janet love their Toons. Heather and Lashanna are not afraid to tell you how they feel. Chris is the toyman. 
    https://www.facebook.com/AMCPressNews.reports https://www.facebook.com/amcpress http://amcpress.spreadshirt.com/ http://amcpress.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/142268552586836/

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    Nerd Herders Radio Ep. 45: Listener Appreciation Night 3

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    In this episode of Nerd Herders, Damian Dragon & Foxy Foxxy talk about the CW’s hopes for The Flash TV series, it’s crossovers with Arrow & it’s hopes to set up the Justice League film for 2017, as well as Arrow news; a Supernatural spin-off show and who fans want in it; the latest film from the folks who bought the world Jackass; Avatar movie news and the next doctor for Dr. Who. Spike gives his B-Movie pick of the week, Danielle gives her book pick of the week and the listeners recommend movies and books for both of them. This evening though was Listener Appreciation Night 3, in which Damian & Foxy give the reigns to the listeners to format the show! Tons of random and fun questions from the listeners via Facebook, Twitter and text message, nerdy opinions and bunch of inappropriate innuendoes! This night was also host Damian Dragon’s birthday, so they were joined in the studio by Nerd Herder Lenny and honorary Nerd Herder Genesis, with a surprise visit by actor of the MMPR fan film, John Damroth!

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    Karan Ashley Talks About PR Reunion

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    During the second hour! Karan Ashley goes into detail regarding the power rangers reunion and why some past rangers aren't returning!

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    UnCensored Radio: Special Guest David Yost

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    Tonight! The Original Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger makes his first appearance on UnCensored Radio. David Yost will be on the line taking your questions!   Join Karan Ashley, (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) Jeffrey Emmette and Katrina A Johnson, (All That) Monday thru Friday at 9pm ET 6pm PST.   The Jake Pentand Show airs Saturdays at 4pm ET 1pm PST with hosts Jake Pentland (Roseanne's Nuts) Jen and Eli!   Chick Chat is Fridays at 8pm ET 5pm PST   No Rules Just Mics with Topher and Christian airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET 5pm PST