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    MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer - Luis Santiago

    in Psychology

    LUIS Santiago. Talks about his journey - as a Latino Male, as an American, and as a Jehovah's Witness. Travel with him through his life, Monday 3-4 pm on WPFW 89.3 FM


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    MyNDTALK - A Boy's Journey Towards Becoming A Man - Dr. James Mcleary

    in Psychology

    Meet Dr. James McLeary -  Called by many as a Man among men - James McLeary holds graduate degrees in health law and clinical psychology. He has worked with management teams in various educational, corporate, and government institutions to provide insight into clarity of purpose. He provides the communication tools to recalibrate the resources needed for more efficient accomplishment of goals. His experience ranges from leading educational corporate seminars, to providing crisis management in correctional institutions with members of organized crime. 

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    The Amplified Effect "Governor Crunk

    in Music

    A. Anderson (The Governor of Crunk or G.O.C.) was born in 1980. He was raised in Hardeeville, Sc with a small amount of time spent in other parts of the lowcountry(Southern part of Sc). He began creating music full time after his discharge from the Marine Corps. The Governor of Crunk, which is the name A. Anderson chose in late 2004, was honorably discharged after returning home from Iraq so he is most definitely not a stranger to adversity! The G.O.C. is and always has been about the people. He released a record entitled "What It's Really Like" feat. KED, on air at the KDOL radio station in Livingston, Texas, while he was speaking out against the death penalty. The Governor of Crunk has had the opportunity to work with the likes of Maskerade,KED, MC AK, DJ SPINN, Six of MKP, FF360, Jason Mask and many more artists whether it be using tracks produced by them(Mr. Porter, Vlad) or having them work with him on records. The Governor of Crunk(aka GOCrunk) has been featured on projects like MENACE II SOCIETY(MIXTAPE), C.P.E. (Mixtape), WE INSANE(MIXTAPE), WELCOME TO THE DIRTY LOW (Compilation), and the M.A.S.K album and many more projects. The Governor of Crunk has been featured in many videos but the latest is called "Devil at my doorstep" and currently online. The Governor of Crunk has also released his solo video for this album entitled "In The Building". There has been a lot of doors opening for The Governor of Crunk so to stay The Governor of Crunk is now signed to the label TMG and currently has an album entitled "GOCrunk" due for release soon! The Governor of Crunk truly appreciates his fans and everything they contribute to GOCrunk Nation!**

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    MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer - Men's Friendships

    in Psychology

    Dr. Pamela Brewer talks with 2 men - one: African American; the other: White Latino.  One lives in the Midwest, the other in Washington, DC.  How did they meet?  How did they and do they grow their friendship?  We often hear about women's friendships - rarely about men's friendships.  As we continue to honor Black History Month - and Valentine's Day :-) take a listen to these two men discuss their own friendship journey.  And if  you are a man - or know of a man/men who disavow the vital importance of men's relationships - encourage them to tune in as well. 

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    Is There Really A Need For A "Men's Movement"?

    in Education

    Be sure to tune in as Coach Michael Taylor interviews author and lecturer Bill Kauth about the necessity of a "Mens Movement" and the impact that it has on society.

    Bill Kauth is a co-founder of the ManKind Project. He helped develop the New Warrior Training Adventure, the Inner King training and the Warrior Monk training. He is  the author of A Circle of Men: The Original Manual for Men's Support Groups and We Need Each Other (with Zoe Alowan).

      The New Warrior Training Adventure is a weekend process of initiation and self-examination that is designed to catalyze the development of a healthy and mature masculine self. It is The Hero's Journey of classical literature and myth adapted to our modern culture. As of September 2010, MKP reports that over 43,000 men have participated in the New Warrior Training Adventure

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    Personal Mastery for Men - Support Groups

    in Self Help

    Boysen Hodgson - Marketing Director for Mankind Project - The ManKind Project® is a global not for profit organization [501(c)(3) in the US] that conducts challenging and highly rewarding trainings for men at every stage of life and facilitates men's support groups in nearly 1000 locations weekly or bi-weekly. For 25 years, MKP has been helping men through any transition, men at all levels of success, men facing almost any challenge. MKP's flagship training, described by many as the most powerful men's training available, is the New Warrior Training Adventure. The ManKind Project (MKP) is not affiliated with any religious practice or political party. The primary force that has driven the wide success of the ManKind Project is the strength of the community formed around the bonds developed in men’s groups, called Integration Groups.

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    Alive & Direct Presents: A Conversation with Jan Hutchins

    in Health

    Jan Hutchins joins Alive & Direct's Dan Laureano on air to discuss life and transformation.

    Jan is the founder and owner of the Yoga Center of Los Gatos. He has been professionally involved with health, consciousness and yoga for more than 35 years.  His uplifting spirit, healing energy, elder wisdom, sense of humour and attention to individual needs make his classes a great experience. His practice is based on Raja Yoga in the Sivananda lineage and the Dynamic Yoga of Godfrey Devereux. A Yale graduate, Hutch has lived transformation, excelling at several careers prior to opening the Yoga Center in April of 2001. For 20 years he was a television journalist in the Bay Area. He's run Community PR for the San Francisco Giants, produced Emmy award winning children's television programs and held numerous public service positions including serving as Mayor of Los Gatos. He is active in the ManKind Project (mkp.org) doing his own inner work and helping initiate men into their sacred masculinity.

    We are honored to welcome him as our guest on this premier episode of Alive & Direct Radio!