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    Goddesses and Gods in history before A.D. era revelation made monotheistic God

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    **A New Religion: Monotheism**. The Ancient Israelites settled the land of Canaan sometime between 1300 and 1200 BC. They traced their descent to a nomadic clan chief called Abram, several centuries before, who had migrated to Canaan from Mesopotamia. His descendants had then migrated on to Egypt. Here, according to their ancestral records, they had been mistreated and enslaved, before escaping en masse and moving back up to Canaan. When they arrived in Canaan, the Israelites brought with them a unique cultural facet, monotheism. For the first time in history, as far as we know, a religion had appeared which concerned the worship of only one god. By implication, this god was the universal God, the One who controlled all things. In light of that change,we must now argue the religion that existed  prior to the Big era. In the recent religious change, Isaiah 45:7 and Amos 3:6. (Isaiah 45:7, KJV)--"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.  Where was this monotheism God all along?

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    P4P Real Talk With Diet Doc creator, Dr. Joe K

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    On this episode, we talk with the man who has almost singlehandedly destroyed broscience with his science backed factual data. One of the true pioneers and men who salvaged damaged and mistreated metabolisms. I'm talking about the man fondly referred to as Dr. Joe. This is one episode you don't want to miss!!

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    Black History, Hidden, Lost Found/Black History In The Bible

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    Many Blacks/People of Color in America grew up without any knowledge of who we really are. No race on Earth history started 400 or so years ago. Some like to make this our starting point. Anything past the 400, we thought, was even more embarrassing than the slavery history we must deal with. Only, it was all one big lie. A nightmarish tale told to keep us from the knowledge of our true history...our glorious and tragic past. Heavenly Father told daddy Abraham ... 'Know for sure, your children will be enslaved and mistreated for 400 years in a land that is not their's." And so, we have come to the end of that 400 years. And, it is time for us to awake from our lost memory.

    We will discuss our precious Black Bible history along with various secular history books. We will explore Biblical, historical and scientific evidence to prove Black people in America... once known as the "people of the Book" (Bible)... are the true children of Israel, the grandchildren of daddy Abraham. I hope you will come along and travel with us through the exciting pages and doors of time. We are sure to receive a a great awakening of our minds with the real knowledge of us.

    Though this vital Black Bible history will be our main theme, we will also focus on many other issues that affects the Black community, as our survival is daily challenged.

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    Dawa YisRael Banned from Canada for Speaking Against Homosexual Agenda

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    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    Our Brother Dawa YisRael was detained before entering Canada.  He is best known for his consistent work against the homosexual agenda being pushed on Afrikan (Black) people worldwide.  His materials (books and DVD's) were confiscated (some would say 'stolen') by the Canadian Border Patrol Agents.  He was mistreated and denied access to the country; even though he was on his way to a lecture engagement.  He was detained for 9 hours and incarcerated (held in a cell). 

    He sufferred all of the harassment we can expect from a racist white supremacist, homosexual-friendly nation.  He was told that his material was "hate speech" and that he could not enter the country. 

    This is the 2nd recent example of a Black person from the US being banned by white authorities for going into other nations and speaking on behalf of the Black world community.  Irritated Genie of Soufeese was recently sent a letter "investigating" whether or not he engaged in a human rights violation when he told the Black Bermudian audience that Black men should exclusively date, marry, and have children with Black women.  According to the white Bermudian authorities, a white citizen feels that this violates his human rights and they need to investigate this claim. 

    This is a program that you have to hear.  Our Brother Dawah and the Canadian Black family will talk to us and give us their insight to this issue and we will discuss what the next steps in this war against homosexual tyranny will be. 


    War on the Horizon (WOH)


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    You Are Not A Loser!!

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    Psalm 5 reflects on how David feel. He feels threatened by certain folks who have come up against him. He pleads mercy and gives thanks to his God. He stands on behalf of other believers who seek shelter from the Father. Just like David, I am in this circle of being mistreated and I refuse to let the enemy get the best of me.

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    TV Director Eddie Borges Joins us Tonite to Discuss his Latest Projects

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    TV Director and Documentary Film Maker Eddie Borges on Tonight and he will be discussing the Current Topics of the Day: Bill De Blasio, the lack of Hispanic Leadership, and his latest projects.

    Eddie Borges is directing a documentary about Mexican and Puerto Rican childhood poverty in the United States. He also developed and ran the Empty Beds, Wasted Dollars campaign to support the transformation of New York's juvenile justice system. This included closing more than half of the state's juvenile jails where black and Latino children were mistreated and a child was killed.

    Borges is a Motion Picture and Film Producer & Director at Searching for Los Ríos and the Founder at Child Poverty. Borges was a Consultant at the Rockefeller Family Fund and Director of Communications and External Affairs at Times Square Alliance.
    This show sponsored by Studentsforabetterfuture.com

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    Join us this Tuesday night. You may call in and just listen or press 1 and ask a question 646 915 8117.

    Call in to speak with our guest and the hosts: Reuben Torres Doreen Finkle

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    Do I allow myself to be mistreated?

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    Sometimes a woman needs to re-examine the things that she does and says that gives off a signal that it is okay to mis-use her. Let's discuss 5 points that sends a message that you are okay with being mistreated.

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    Get a written agreement in place (agreement can be verbal, but not effective in enforcing the agreement). Try to get percentage of the money, you agreed to, before you start the work.See if you can get more money as the work progresses. Get as much information on the person and/or the business you are working with. Full name and address. Information on business registration (Minnesota Secretary of State web-site). Get information about contractor license (Minnesota Commerce Department). Check with the Better Business Bureau---in St. Paul. Search the Internet to see if they have mistreated anyone before. When you provide material and/or services to the property, send out a pre-lien letter (must be licensed). Home owner may hold the money to make sure all who provide services and material to the property gets paid. After the work is done and not paid, put a lien on the property. You may file in court to get your money. If you do not get paid when the work is done, you can fil an action conciliation court/small claims court. File at the county court where the business or the person lives. Must complete a summons and complaint. Must pay a filing fee. Amount has to be $15, 000 or less


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    Thoughts Love & Reflections with HOST James Deshay

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    Thoughts Love & Reflections with HOST James Deshay

    Do we lose the uniqueness of being Americans by fearing those who hate us? Do we fence ourselves in hoping to protect the freedom we have come to love? The essence of our history is that we embrace being different, free and brave. It is now time to continue the fight to be Americans in the true since of the word. Should terrorist be allowed to turn us in to the type of country that doesn't believe in freedom of liberties? We can't restrict our freedoms in order to protect our lives. We can't take away the freedom of religion without destroying the constitution.

    We have to be committed ourselves to waging war only against those individuals that refuse to respect our rights to remain free. No group can be allowed to rewrite our constitution in fashion that creates hatred in our hearts. America was created as a country of immigrant; if we allow internal or external forces to change us than the light of freedom will be lost. The Founding Fathers were right to detail the freedoms written into the constitution. Now we have to protect those individual freedoms at the risk of life.

    We can't be driven to paint any group of people as evil. Once we allow race or religion to be the determining factor in who is truly free in America we have destroyed future of our country. In the past we have allowed destructive behaviors of a few to impact the lives of many. We will we learn that the greatness that exist in our country is created through our love of equal rights for all. No individual should be mistreated because of the behavior foreign terrorist groups. No American Leader should rise to elective office on the backs of immigrants of any type.


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    Grow Up and Get Over It

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    It should come a time that we should put childish things aside. I mean, how many times are we going to talk about  how someone mistreated you, what someone did to you or how they hurt your feelings. It's been 20 years...how long are we going to go around this mountain? Let's trade in the bad memory for a true pressing toward the mark for the prize of the calling of God in Christ Jesus. Join in and listen as we finally put our hand to the plow and not look back.

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    Against The Grain- Special Edition #OpCPS

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    Hello all! Tonight is a special Against The Grain! We are joined by Radical Edward and Ash Fawkes founders of Anon Resistance and Operation Expose CPS ! Ash & company have been leading Anon activists in this fight to save our youth! The website is Anon Resistance!!!! Great place for info. There is always stories in the news and even among each other that we have witnessed into the system letting kids in Social Services "slip" through the cracks nd be mistreated and even more....killed. This is a horrible pattern that has been taken up worldwide. On tonights show we would like to focus more on this and prepare for the event coming up. Join us tonight as we bring information and awareness to this and many other subjects! Join us tonight at 7PM Central (USA Time Zone) 11/19/2015 as only ATG can! Callers are welcome and anonymity is key for our callers! 342-850-8945!!!