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    TorchRadio: The Left's Plan in Missouri for 2016 and Beyond

    in Politics Conservative

    Duane Lester, award-winning editor of The Missouri Torch, hosts the Monday show on Missouri Grassroots Radio.

    His first show focuses on what the professional left is doing in Missouri and what their plan is for 2016 and beyond.

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    The Missouri Torch Live on Missouri Grassroots Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    Duane Lester, editor of The Missouri Torch, discusses the latest news in Missouri politics, offering insight and analysis.

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    State Sovereignty: Missouri Moves

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    Talk about State Sovereignty and you talk about Missouri. Several very important moves are being made by the current legislature that directly impact the sovereignty of the citizens of the States of Missouri. Among those we will discuss tonight:

    SB613 - The Second Amendment Preservation Act. This bill has been perfected in the Senate and should be voted on this week and sent to the House. Several amendments have been added to the Senate Committee Substitute of the original bill. We've reviewed the SCS and the amendments and will discuss this tonight.

    HB1490 - The Anti-Common Core Bill has been referred to committee and will have a public hearing this Thursday. Maybe you've been following this, maybe you just need to hear about it for the first time tonight.

    SJR36 - The Gun Rights Amendment to the Missouri Constitution is being called up on the Senate floor this week for perfection and passage. Constitutional Amendments are serious things, and you owe it to yourself to become familiar with this one.

    HJR62 - Health Care Rights Amendment is an important Obamacare pushback declaring the citizens of Missouri sovereign in making any and all health care decisions for themselves and their families. This important amendment has been referred to committee and will get public hearing on Wednesday. Join in the discussion of this amendment.

    All pretty important bills when it comes to the State of Missouri declaring herself and her citizens sovereign. Join us tonight at 7PM Missouri Time as we delve into these issues. Contibute to the discussion at 347-677-1835

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    State Sovereignty: Missouri Liberty Amendments Project

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight, Dave and Kevin welcome special guest Keith Carmichael, Director of the Missouri COS Coalition. We'll find out how you can get involved and where Missouri is in the process. Join us at 7PM Missouri Time. Call and participate at 347-677-1835.

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    Home Front - Riots in Ferguson, Missouri

    in Politics Conservative

    Fasten your seat belts.  It started with the Ferguson Police, then Missouri Governor called in the State Highway Patrol and now there is an effort to get the United Nations involved.  With Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers along with others from out of state interfering with our community, it seems like they are inciting more national attention yet.   

    Tonight we have two special guests: A veteran police officer who worked in a nearby community, Dan Benson and William Grigg, former correspondent, researcher, and senior editor for The New American Magazine.

    Now the police are arresting elected officials and the media for being present during the order to disburse.  Who is in the right?  What is right?   Dan and William will share from their experiences and will explain the proper constitutional jurisdictions. 


  • The Unknown Zone: The Butterfly People of Joplin Missouri

    in Paranormal

    In May of 2011 a tornado killed 161 people in Joplin Missouri, USA.  What most people don't know is that while it was a great disaster, miracles filled the air, literally, as witnessed by scores of children.  These children reported to parents and professional counselors what they saw, which were butterfly people, butterflies with human heads who could speak and protect  humans.
    Join the Unknown Zone with Judy Sellins and Dave Turco to find out the true stories of the Butterfly People of Joplin and similar accounts from 9/11, Mt. Pleasant, WV,  a mine in Freiberg, Germany and more of winged being looking out for our welfare!

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    Bullying Problems in Missouri Schools

    in Education

    Bullying is a problem in many schools throughout Missouri. In February, Blake Kitchen, a young student with Asperger's was beaten at Liberty Middle School. Blake is still recovering from serious injuries he suffered in the attack.

    Blake's family and others had reached out to various school officials several times about bullying concerns leading up to the day Blake was attacked. Blake was discovered laying unconscious on the cafeteria floor in a pool of his own blood before receiving medical attention. 

    Though school officials weren't quick to make any statements, the severity of the situation, and Blake's injuries rapidly captured attention throughout the state, including lawmakers like Senator Eric Schmitt.

    In a passionate plea on the Senate floor, the usually mild mannered Senator urged bipartisan action from colleagues to address the problems with bullying in Missouri's schools. Schmitt said he was speaking from the heart about the issue, and that all kids have the right to expect to be safe in their schools.

    Liberty Middle School bullying news story

    Senator Eric Schmitt speaks out about bullying in Missouri's schools.

    Ms. Kitchen: severely beaten son said, "Mommy, I'm going to die."

    Credits: KCTV5, Missouri Senate, The Missouri Times, and St. Louis Public Radio.

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    Ferguson, Missouri

    in Current Events

    Dealing with current issues that effect our society as a whole. Addressing the real issues of life in Ferguson, Missouri. Theda Thomas mother of missing Christian Ferguson has yet to have her day in court. Christian has been missing for 11 years now. Theda is the founder of Looking for an Angel an origanization established for missing children. From the OutCast Motorcycle Club the Oldest African American Motorcycle Club Spokesperson John Doe and Que will be LIVE updating us on the Latest in Ferguson, Missouri! Que is apart of the Mentoring group set in place by Iyanla Vanzant and Common to bring healing to the residents. Hear the developments as thousands joined together to rally for aJustice and the tragic death of Michael Brown. Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/shay74 & call with your questions 917-889-8224! Real Issues, Real People, Real Conversation

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    Change Starts With Me - With Missouri Rep. Jeff Pogue

    in Politics Conservative

    We are at a unique time in American history.  We desperately need a change in our country.  I believe the change has to start in the church.  That is why I started Christian Conservatives In Action.  

    Our initial Podcast is an introduction to the mission of Christian Conservatives In Action.  We will be speaking with Rep. Jeffrey Pogue from Missouri.  He will be giving us a legislator's view in to what can be done to get our country back on track.  

    Join us as we take our country back, one step at a time.

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    America's Deadly Sins - Episode 9 - Marti from Missouri

    in Politics

    Today's guest will be Marti, from Missouri.   The main theme of her story, like it is in so many others, is that all accusations that were made on her daughter were false. She also had the added bonus of having to deal with her daughter's step mother, who is an ex case worker and still has pull in CPS. This woman used her knowledge of the system to kidnap her grand baby for the pay check, as well as mentally break her her daughter down.

    It's sure to be an interesting interview.  Tune in, 2 p.m. CST, or 3 p.m. Eastern!

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    Missouri Grassroots Roundtable

    in Politics Conservative

    Who will show up for tonight's roundtable. It's been a busy week in news for Patriots. Always lively, always controversial, always fun. And you are always welcome - 347-677-1835