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    Fantasy Squads Radio -- Not Fake Fantasy Football Livecast -- Dec. 16th, 2014

    in Sports

    The Not Fake Fantasy Livecast Show will be LIVE on Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. eastern (5:00 p.m. central).  For the Not Fake Fantasy Livecast Show, Host Logan Grubbs will recap the entire season, talk about what 2014 predictions went wrong, and how he finished in the top-175 out of 109K entrants in the Millionair Maker Tournament on Draft Kings this week.

    You can be part of the show and ask your questions by calling (347) 855-8714. If you'd rather tweet your question, use the #NotFakeFantasy hashtag on Twitter and send your questions to @NotFakeFantasy.

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    Educating Latino Youth to Become Social Conscious Millionair

    in Business

    "Educating Youth to Become Social Conscious Millionaires"   I was recently asked by an audience member at the end of my speech what I thought about the idea of educating our youth to ensure that they could all go to college. My response is that I did not support that idea.    My recommendation is that we educate and preparing our youth, throughout the K-12 education system, to become social conscious millionaires.   According to statistics, parents are spending about $ 200,000 per child to raise them.  The taxpayers investment into the K-12 educational system is another $125,000 per student. A 4-year college degree can add on another $150,000.  Thus, we should invest a total of $325,000 just to make sure they can attend college? I don't agree.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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    in Politics

    POLITICAL ANIMALS: Schmidt--another politician who was also an accomplisted pianist--Bach piano concerto excerpt

    Governor Calvin Coolidge--Public employees have no right to strike endangerling the public safety--Answer to pro strike BART and other public sector strikers--audio excerpt

    THE BOOK OF MATT--Stephen Jimenez--self identified gay--exposes the concealments --obstruction of justice--in the controversial Matt Shepard case

    It was a brutal murder involving meph and money murderer claimed Shepard owed him--No excuse for murdering Matt but Meph was involved

    De Sears International pedophile lawyer convicted--  More lawyers involved in the International sex trade

    Mattie Holloway case--Was an Aruba Dutch lawyer involved in her disappearance?  Part 1

    Jack Webb rare audio on policeman and their contribution

    December 27th Births -Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

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    Bonus uitzending- Ruim nu je geldblokkades op- Ontdek de geheimen van een Millionair Mindset

    in Marketing

    Bonus uitzending 29 maart Ruim nu je geldblokkades op. Ontdek de geheimen van een Millionair Mindset met Pieter Monsma. Let op de meest originele bellers of chatters maken kans op een van twee VIP tickets voor de intensive met T Harv Eker 1 t/m 3 april. Daarnaast zijn er 5 Bronskaarten te winnen in deze uitzending! Zorg dus dat je erbij bent.

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    GAIN the world/Lost UR" soul

    in Religion

    Life! has been Good,  you've Made a name for yourself,world renoun Millionair-Billionair , limousinechaufer ,747Jet- air-Craft @ your disposal ,Accountant bookkeeper, publist,bodyguard,social-likes Among the who's who billboards,the elite society, the Best of wine/Food, Maids, landscapist, And all the bell's& whisle @ ur very Feet.YouSOLD out to the devil, rejected the Christ" spiritual man that made it all possible, What have you profited. We will take an indept look in a man's riches without christ.  

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    Millionair Mindset

    in Lifestyle

    this segment will attempt to give you the 5 master keys into the mind of the wealthy and you can use those thoughts to redirect money your way as soon as tomorrow

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    Interview Legendary author TERI WOODS "NY's FInest"

    in Entertainment

    Changing the game, one book at a time

    True to the Game by author and publisher Teri Woods has been undisputedly titled a classic. While working as a legal secretary for a law firm and juggling motherhood in Philadelphia, PA, Teri Woods completed her first novel, True to the Game. Teri Woods submitted her story over a period of six years to more than 20 different publishers, all of whom rejected her. When major publishing houses refused to embrace True to the Game, she was not discouraged. In 1998 instead of giving up, Teri Woods printed, bound, self-published and began selling hand to hand her first book True to the Game.
    On December 18, 1999 with the support and encouragement of friends, Teri Woods recognized the selling power of her story. She credits her overwhelming success to being a ‘hustler’. Teri Woods often slept in her car and on the couches of acquaintances, as she spent countless hous selling her books on the streets of New York. Moving thousands of books primarily from the trunk of her car she was determined to have her story read. Her grassroots tactic paid off; Teri Woods became a self-made millionair in just three years selling her novel, True to the Game. She landed a major motion picture deal for the book as well. With the release of True to the Game, Teri Woods has reinvigorated the urban fiction market and created a growing trend in publishing.

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    Jesus In The Morning Pastor Idrion Reed

    in Religion

    Pastor Idrion Reed author of the book Gods Voice Your Choice. He made"Make Me a Bible Millionaire": Game link: http://t.co/CHltrXr
    SOFT COVER can be obtained @ www.bold4jesus.com
    APPLE: http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/gods-voi...   KINDLE: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005CDD34A/ref=r_soa_s_i    

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    Financial Nuggets for youth

    in Finance

    This segment will focus on Financial literacy for youth and will highlight 7 steps that youth can begain taking to increase thier net worth Starting TODAY

    I can show a 15 year old how to be a millionair by the age of 30!!!

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    Heart-to-Heart Relationship Talk - Entrepreneur Spotlight

    in Religion

    Join Rev. Cheryl as she interviews some of the country's successful entrepreneurs who share how they accomplished their achievements. Special Guests: Danielle Robinson (Suits Abounding, MI), Mechelle B. Little (Global Outreach Distribution, WA), Minister Angela Robinson (Minort.org, NJ), Min. Napoleon Harrington, MA, LPC (Ambassador Counseling and Resource Group, MI) and Shawn Parkes-White, MA, LPC (Ambassador Counseling and Resource Group, MI) and others. Call in#: 1-347-324-3813. Tune in!

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    7 ways to redirect money into your bank account!

    in Lifestyle

    I am 18 year old full time entrepreneur capitalizing on the greatest opportunity of our life time. I seek out money motivated and aggressive individuals who understand opportunity. If you do not want to be average, and you have the drive, desire and passion for greatness, we need to introduce you to our team. Our goal is to change our families’ financial future and to empower people to have the things only reserved for the high achievers of this world. If you are open minded, have a positive outlook on life and a high self esteem, Lets GO!. and I am looking for those individuals for my next Financial Freedom Challenge