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    A milkshake and a National Letter of Intent

    in Basketball

    On the sixth episode of the Pac-12 Networks Basketball Podcast, Mike Yam and Kevin O'Neill take you through exactly what coaches are looking for from different prospects on the recruiting trail and KO shares a devastating buzzer beater Tim Hardaway Jr. knocked down to send Arizona packing in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

    On this week's serial installment of "The Recruit" chronicling the story of how KO recruited Arizona star Matt Muehlebach, the two recall when Matt finally caved and committed to Arizona for his collegiate career plus his first weeks on campus when Matt finally realized he was playing Division I basketball.

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    Drop the Damn Puck! Finals Edition II

    in Hockey

    The Stanley Cup Finals see Chicago and Tampa Bay tied with 2 wins a piece, so as we said on the first Finals edition of Drop the Damn Puck, Ej and Casey are back at it again!

    Ej gave out a play on the series on the first edition of the Finals, calling for 2 - 2 at +145 headed back to Tampa for game 5, and now we will see what other offers we can provide to our listeners.

    As you all know, Casey took Chicago, and Ej took Tampa to win the Cup, so let's see who wins the biggest milkshake of the year!

    We will also review the regular season awards to come, and go over some team news around the league as we approach next season.

    Break out the zamboni, and bring on the players, because it is time to.... DROP THE DAMN PUCK!

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    Press Conference: McDonald's Tainted Shake Update

    in News

    McDonald's Canada has admitted that there was a "store-related compound in a milkshake” that was ingested by our then 5 year old son. The contents of the milkshake were tested, but they have refused to advise us what the compound is. We want them to release the Report’s findings. 

    In this press conference we will provide an update on the following:

    McDonald's latest rejection of our proposal to gain access to the Report's findings - including the full details of our offer
    The filing of a complaint with the authorities
    The filing of complaints with the appropriate Federal and Provincial agencies
    An update on our son's health

    After providing the above updates, we will open the lines to members of the press to ask questions.  Besides ourselves, our son's attorney Thomas Hunter will also be present.

    Following the press conference we will also make available on-line the hard copy version of the entire statement.  Here is the link: http://www.slideshare.net/piblogger/mcdonalds-poisoning-parents-statement

    If you have any questions please contact me directly at jhansen@pisocialmedia1.com

    Twitter Hashtag #McD_Poison 

    Link to McD_Poison Petition to release test results.

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    Sportstalk313 1/20

    in Sports

    Beer of the week: Rochester Mills MILKSHAKE STOUT

    Don Kelly

    Max Scherzer 7 years. 210 Million Dollars. 15 year deferment.

    Tigers rotation aftermath.

    Red Wings- Looking good still. 4 in a row. only lost 11 in regulation

    Tatar and Nyquist

    What to expect from Pulkiennen

    Are the Red Wings a contender?

    Pistons-  Fall to the Hawks, the Hawks are good, Pistons are still playing really well.

    Lions, Dom Raiola- His career in reflection

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    The Bigger Picture with Timothy Spangler: Dec 14 Hour 1

    in Politics Conservative

    Kim Kardashian is going to Saudi Arabia!

    Rumors are circulating that she has accepted a longstanding invitation from a Saudi prince to spend an evening with him in exchange for $1 million.

    An indecent proposal, perhaps? 

    Although a frequent visitor to glitzy Dubai, Kim's other trips to the region have not always gone well. In 2012, a trip to Bahrain to open a milkshake franchise sparked protests, with police firing tear gas to break up the demonstrations.

    Let's just hope that Kim remembers to pack her abaya. We don't want her to violate the strict Saudi dress codes!

    Meanwhile, the world continued to lurch from one ridiculous story to another:

    * A surprise has been found in Queen Elizabeth's garden at Buckingham Palace: magic mushrooms!

    * A Tokyo restaurant announced couples will not be welcome at the eatery on Christmas Eve because the sight of them would make single customers feel lonely.

    * A Scottish police officer attempting to make an arrest on a farm had to call for backup due to his fear of cows.

    * Authorities in New Zealand announced they seized a haul of imported moist towelettes that were found to be soaked in about a gallon of liquid meth.

    * A pair of Egyptian men are highlighting the struggles of Cairo residents with a photo project featuring Spider-Man tackling everyday activities.


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    Pedro Gomez Jr - Weight Loss Inspiration!

    in Lifestyle

    Pedro Gomez Jr has quite an inspirational story to tell!

    By the time he was just 10 years old, he weighed 200 pounds. By the time he was 21, he was up to 300.

    At his heaviest, he tipped the scales at 418.8 pounds.

    Growing up with a deceased father and mostly-absent mother, Gomez said he had no idea what healthy eating was, and called himself an “emotional eater.”

    “I was a fast food junkie. I used to eat at any fast food restaurant you could think of. That was my lunch every day — McDonalds one day, Burger King the next, KFC another day,” he said. “At White Castle I would order two double cheeseburgers, three bacon cheeseburgers, two fish with cheese sandwiches and the largest fries that they had. And a milkshake too, by the way. In addition, I used to eat a lot of fried foods.”

    He realized it was time for a change when his weight began to make it difficult for him to walk.

    “I was almost unable to walk. I was limping a lot,” he said - and a turning point came when he took a tumble while carrying a box at work.

    “I fell down the stairs and I had to be rushed to the emergency room,” he remembers.

    But Pedro underwent a lifestyle transformation and has lost whopping 230 pounds and 26 pants sizes!

    I am proud to have as my guest a true inspiration as he tells his story – Pedro Gomez Jr.!


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    SciFi4Me Live From the Bunker #140602

    in Entertainment

    Starlog #140602 -- talking Star Wars production photos "leaked" from Abu Dhabi (right), the question of sexism in Doctor Who, and what's this thing called Space Milkshake?

    Tonight's musical guest: Todd Oxford


    News, talk, opinion, discussion, and more! It's our first talk show -- with topics ranging from sci-fi to sci-tech, the latest headlines, the latest gossip, trends on social media, and more!

    Got a question or comment? Send us an e-mail, and we might read it on the air. Or join our chat room and let us know what you think. Be pithy, be polite.



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    Food and Spirit: 10,000 Reasons to Eat Your Veggies with Deanna Minich

    in Health

    Join Evelyne Lambrecht as she interviews Deanna Minich, founder of Food and Spirit. Deanna is an internationally known nutritionist and author with more than 20 years of experience in nutritinon, wellness, and healing. 

    In this interview, learn why there's so much more to veggies than just carbs, proteins, fats, or even vitamins and minerals. Phytonutrients or phytochemicals are the healing components of food that aren't often talked about. Learn WHY you should eat all the different colors and HOW to incorporate them on a daily basis. 

    You can learn more about Deanna at www.foodandspirit.com. 

    You can learn more about Evelyne at www.elevateyourenergy.com. 

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    Damon and Laura drink the Pacific Ocean's milkshake

    in Culture

    Damon D'Amore and Laura Madsen sit down with Ben Wiggins to talk election, Facebook political posts, Mayor Bloomberg's beverage ban, the sad outcome of the Lance Armstrong saga, and much more.

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    Rips&Raps: The Whistlin' Diction Show Episode 048

    in Hip Hop Music

    WARNING -- Parental Discretion Advised
    This week we get all waxed up, Brazilian style and trim our musical bush. And DAMN, we look good with our afrokini on display. It's a rootin' tootin' good time with the gang as we explore the secrets of the podcast and come up with nothing!
    Sara One Love brings all the boys to the yard with her milkshake and her earth shattering poetical abilities. GR delivers his rockstar type of greatness on the guitar, Ashley discuses the movie business and her love for special effects and props... Props yo! A.J. hangs out and is bedazzled with bejewels!
    Catch us every Wednesday at 10 PM MOUNTAIN time at
    www.ripsandraps.podomatic.com and www.blogtalkradio.com/theliteraryunderground
    For questions, ideas or submissions hit us up at ripsandrapsshow@gmail.com

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    How Do You Make French Toast? (September 2, 2012 - Part 3)

    in Family

    Part 3 of 3: Originally Aired September 2, 2012
    Dianne Linderman talks about not being afraid to start a business! She also continues her discussion on politics, and later in the show – shares a simple and delicious recipe for French Toast (done the right way!). Also on this segment – a brand new recipe for Coconut Cream Milkshake. Yummo!
    http://www.everythingthatmattersradio.com/ and be sure to check out Dianne's cook book Everything That Matters in the Kitchen.