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    Grounded in the Word with Jacob Prasch

    in Religion

    Tonight we continue in our 2nd part of a 3 part study addressing on what we can glean from the Biblical past to give understanding to the churches future.

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    Midrash & Jewish Literature

    in Judaism

    Rabbi Wolkoff leads us in the 3rd of a 5-part series to explore the beauty of Rabbinic literature. Oral law and tradition is the basis of the teachings which when presented by a learned teacher, can provide its students with inspiration and insight into the world that we live in. Some teachings are timeless and with patience and maturity the text and poems in these works can lead to personal growth. So come join Rabbi Wolkoff and challenge yourself to think and connect with something bigger than yourself by learning from those who came before us.

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    Two Witness Natsarim/The Midrash

    in Judaism

    Both programs can be heard in real time, and better audio at www.nazarenemedia.net we also have a chatroom there and you do not need to sign up for anything 

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    Amalek's War against Yiddishkeit

    in Judaism

      The Torah describes during the time, when Bnai Yisrael were in the Sinai desert, when Amalek attacked Israel. It was during the time when all the surrounding peoples feared to mess with Israel because they knew, as a result of G-d's liberation of Israel from Egypt, that Israel had divine providence on their side. The Midrash compares Amalek's attack on Israel to someone who jumps into a boiling hot pool. Everyone with sense would know not to jump into the boiling hot pool because they would be burned. But the idiot jumped in and was burned. But the fear of jumping in was cooled off. G-d commanded Israel to wipe out the meomory of Amalek. But the fear of attacking Israel was cooled. But when taking a closer look, it's not that G-d advocated a literal genocide of actual people and their descendants. The descendants of those Amalekites are already assimilated. But the essense of Amelek remains. And the essense of Amalek is to undermine G-d and his unity through undermining the Jewish soul, which naturally clings to G-dliness, Torah, and mitzvot. The essense of Amalek has been waging a constant war against the Jewish neshamah [soul] through belitttling Torah study and mitzvot observance. The essense of Amalek has been exploiting secular society in order to get the Jew to put Torah study and mitzvah observance in the back seat. I will discuss how the international secular left is one of the latest manifestations of Amalek, as well as the constant hostility to Israel. I will analyze why the world hates the Jews with a fervor, why the world demonizes Israel, why even secular Zionists get demonized for caring about Israel, and why they bash Ultra-Orthodox Jews for not joining an army that they themselves hate and falsely accuse of Apartheid. Tune in, as I discuss Amalek's war against G-d and its attempt to lead Jews astray by Gentilizing them and assimilating them.

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    Rachel Pollack - Tarot Midrash & Hidden Secrets in the Cards

    in Spirituality

    We're honored to have Rachel Pollack join us again tonight, this time to talk about unusual tarot interpretations and Tarot stories, or midrash.

    So what is Tarot Midrash? A midrash is a story that expands on a moment in the Bible. the story of Adam and Eve is very short in Genesis, but thousands of pages have been written about it. the official meanings for any Tarot card are actually very limited, but we go very deeply into the picture, into possibilities, speculations, details, and so on.

    Rachel explains, "In some ways, the idea of odd interpretations is a midrash idea, that is, meanings that are not part of the original design or concepts, but are a meaningful and valuable extension. Some of the myths I cite in Tarot Wisdom are midrash, both originally (that is, not in the Bible) and for Tarot, since it's unlikely that say, Rapunzel was in the mind of the Tarot creators. But even more narrowly, when we talk about how the woman on the Rider 8 of Swords can walk away from the swords that is not strictly in the picture and so is a kind of midrash. So--here you are at the birth of a big idea (well, maybe)."

    Tonight, let's join a true Grand Master and find the unusual in the cards together.

    Learn more about the amazing Rachel Pollack at:

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    in Health

    Your host Viyahta welcomes musician,and Hebrew scholar, Shmuel Wahli to the first one hour show of Soul Purpose Healing.  Shmuel is a director of Bet HaShem Midrash in New Haven, Indiana where he teaches and enlightens about the spiritual and metaphorical truths in the bible as well as the heavenly realities in the human body.  This will be a full hour of "soul" music as well as question and answers from the scholar. 

    Shmuel's website:  www.bethashemmidrash.org

    Shmuel's contact info:  midrash00@bethashem.org

    Viyahta's website:  www.holistichomeandbodycare.com

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    Spirit of the Age: Sex as a Weapon

    in Spirituality

    Everyday the senses of the masses are being incessantly assaulted by sex, the normalization of sexual perversion and sexual deviance all of which are described in Scripture as abominations. There is a war going on for possession of your mind and soul...who is winning the war to rule and reign on the throne of your mind?

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    The Breaker Leads Israel out of Bozrah

    in Christianity

    In this episode, we discuss the prophecy of Micah, called "The Breaker" and compare it to the Jewish tradition of Messiah ben Joseph in the Midrash, and to the servant who is sent by the Lord to gather his warriors in the parable of D&C 101.

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    Grounded In The Word With Jacob Prasch

    in Religion

    Jacob discusses the importance of the church not losing sight of the fact that the Bible is a Hebraic book.

  • 01:29

    Grounded in the Word with Jacob Prasch

    in Religion

    Join us as Jacob midrashically contrast the "sons of promise" with the Ishmael's in this great study stemming from Galatians 4:16-31.

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    Since The Garden, You Come From Kings Pt 2

    in Religion

    Rabbi Ralph Messer, Simchat Torah Beit MidrashW: www.torah.tv | (866) 867-2488 Internationally acclaimed Bible teacher, author, conference speaker, and Spirit-filled minister, Rabbi Ralph Messer is the President and Founder of Simchat Torah Beit Midrash® (STBM) – a congregation and school based in Colorado. With an Apostolic and Evangelistic anointing, Rabbi Messer actively teaches the Hebrew Roots of the Faith to various denominations, cultures and groups worldwide, fulfilling the great commission to “…make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19). As the founder of Simchat Torah Beit Midrash, Rabbi Messer is pioneering a work to bring reconciliation and deliverance with the "Good News" of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) in the Torah, to the nations.

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