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    Windows Server 2003 End of Support: What does it mean?

    in Technology

    Windows Server End of Support arrives July 14, 2015, but what does it mean for you? We'll help you understand what it really means to identifying to upgrade is worth the effort now.

    All show links are available at http://www.MicrosoftPrincess.com

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    Windows 10: Get the latest updates on it here!

    in Technology

    Microsoft is releasing a new version of Windows 10 this year, and we have the latest updates here! We have a special air time for you to align with Microsoft's latest announcements held on this same day.

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    Nokia Lumia Denim: Get the latest updates on this Windows Phone Upgrade

    in Technology

    Nokia Lumia's latest update known as denim is rolling out to select carriers and phones, and we have all of your updates! Find out if your phone will be receiving the update and all of the new features to take advantage of. And for those who are interested in a new phone or have an opportunity to change phones and are wondering why a Windows phone is so grand, we'll have you covered too!

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    Windows in Your Mind with PaRis'Ha

    in Spirituality

    Windows in Your Mind is a present time journey into the imaginal realm of reality. This show encompasses the wonders of who we are as a collective Humanity of divine origins. We have begun a new calendar and another 25,000 year cycle, which brings us to the middle of an intergalactic conversations and we need to know what is being said! We are looking though a window into the evolving of consciousness, seeking and exploring the mysterious nature of time, and how we perceive and measure the passing of it. This show will explore a broad range of topics in discovery of our place in the cosmos and the Quantum World that will reveal the wisdom of our ancient history as well as our future. We are in the field of infinite possibilities, so let's live the dream!


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    What's new in Windows 10?

    in Technology

    In this episode of Tech Talk, Mr. Noobie describes what's new in Windows 10 including things like the revamped Start menu, the new Edge browser, Cortana and a few other new goodies. Mr. Noobie also talks about how to get Windows 10, how much (if anything) it will cost you and what you need to know and what you need to do before upgrading.

    Mr. Noobie talks with Michelle Gilbert of Comcast's Heartland Region about whether you should buy or rent your cable modem and wireless router. 

    And finally, Mr. Noobie talks about some of his favorite tech things including a new little gadget that is sitting on his nightstand right now. It stays there when he's home and it travels with him to hotels when he's on the road.

    Don't miss the two Tech Talk Tech Tips between segments. This episode's tech tips include "Give Gmail an Outlook-like preview pane" and "View basic information about your computer".

    Links mentioned in this episode:

    Blind girl cake: https://twitter.com/emilyseggie_/status/633008858261286912/photo/1
    Bad Lip Reading - First Republican Debate: https://youtu.be/ufGlBv8Z3NU

    This episode of Tech Talk has been brought to you by XFINITY. For more information on how you can get high-speed Internet access in your home, visit xfinity.com.

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    What's What with Windows 10?

    in Technology

    Once again Microsoft has introduced a new operating system.  After the firestorm created when they introduced Windows 8, everyone is holding their breath with regard to Windows 10.  The good news is that their newest OS isn't as alien as version 8.  The bad news is that Windows 7 users will have a bit of a learning curve.  So if you want the lowdown on Windows 10, tune into this week's episode when we take you through our experience at converting several machines onto Microsoft's latest and greatest.

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    Tech Talk on the SoftwareONE Radio Network-CommVault,Microsoft Contract, WIN10,

    in Technology

    Hey Tech Talkers! Tune in on September 23rd at Noon Eastern 9:00 AM Pacific as we broadcast our next show live. We will discuss how to move an Office 365 Tenant from a pay-as-you-go to a volume license agreement, and DR optimization with CommVault, the new WIN10 Security features, how to move Azure from pay-as-you-go to a volume license agreement, How Azure SLAs work, and finally, our Q&A Session. Call to learn and ask about this or any IT business questions on the air. So call in, ask a quest, get an answer, give an answer, or just contribute to the conversation as we pursue the goal of helping IT departments around the world position their companies to make more money! And this week we will be giving away $25 Amazon Gift Cards for the first caller of each segment. Only on the SoftwareONE Radio Network!

    12:00 Eastern - How to move your Office 365 Tenant to a new contract

    12:30 Eastern - Office 2016 What's New Because Its Launched!

    1:00 Eastern - Featured Guest - Roberto Arbelaez - Chief Security Advisor for LATAM · Microsoft Corp.

    1:30 Eastern - How to move an Azure Tenant  from MOSP to EA/SCE/MPSA

    2:00 Eastern - The Azure SLA

    2:30 Eastern - Tech Talkers Q&A - You chance to call to get your questions answered!

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    Windows To Your Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Join your hostess psychic Kathleen Avino for discussion, sharing and of course as time allows, readings. Please limit your direct question to one. Short and to the point allows more people the opportunity to have their questions answered. 

    As always, to schedule your full, private session visit www.kathleenavino.com

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    Windows to Your Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Join your hostess psychic Kathleen Avino for discussion, sharing and of course as time allows, readings. Please limit your direct question to one. Short and to the point allows more people the opportunity to have their questions answered. 

    As always, to schedule your full, private session visit www.kathleenavino.com

  • The Evolution of Modern Marketing at Microsoft

    in Marketing

    The Evolution of Modern Marketing at Microsoft

    Join us Bill Hamilton, Senior Director, Cloud and Enterprise Group at Microsoft shares his 2-year journey of marketing transformation beginning with an innovative and inspiring grassroots vision and execution plan.  Bill will discuss how marketing transformation fits into the larger transformation at Microsoft, how he structured the initiative and provide guidance to all marketers on what this means for career choices.

  • What You Need to Know About Windows 10

    in Technology

    Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 10 is finally here! What's all the noise about and what you need to know.

    Today's guest is Carl Mazzanti, the CEO of e-Mazzanti Technologies, and, once again, Microsoft New York Metro Partner of the Year in 2015 . His company is one of the premier IT consulting services for businesses ranging from home office and retail clients to multinational corporations throughout the New York metropolitan area and numerous international locations.

    Join Jim and Carl in a discussion about this revolutionary new operating system and why many people are excited about the many changes that have been built into the system