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    Michelangelo talks to former Spritzer Call Girl

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    Michelangelo and the Close

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    Michelangelo: Positioning yourself as an Internet Guru...

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    Michelangelo teaches the best way to position
    yourself as an Internet Guru...

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    Michelangelo Lopez Calls Live Leads!

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    UOIS members provide Michelangelo Lopez with their leads for him to call... No matter what progam they are in...

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    Michelangelo Interviews Newbie turned Internet Pro Ron 'Rocco' Alsip

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    Michelangelo Interviews Newbie turned Internet Pro Ron 'Rocco' Alsip UOIS Member

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    Michelangelo Had Smelly Feet

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    The giant of the Renaissance Michelangelo was a master the likes of which the world will never see again.  He was a sculptor, architect, painter, poet, and at one time a director of defense for Florence.  His entire life was dedicated to art and as a workaholic he perfected everything medium he touched.

    By the way, the name of the work I cannot recall in the segment at the end is titled, The Battle of Cascina. 

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    Midwest Mondays Welcomes Jojo Sayson of Project Michelangelo

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's special guest is Jojo Sayson, founder and CEO of  Project Michelangelo. Jojo is a community leader with influences that span from Kankakee County Illinois to NASA, to his  beloved homeland, the Philipines. Jojo joins the Ladies of the Diner tonight to share some of his multiple passions and his recent endeavor with Project Michelangelo. For ways that you can help, check out Jojo's Go Fund Me Project. .  Jojo Sayson's Bio

    Midwest Mondays co-host Diane B. and Mary E., bring spring and share with their listeners all the happening things going on in their communities and Chicago. Excerpts from an interview with Geja's Cafe, General Manager. They will also be sharing Mother's Day ideas, and more! Tonight's musical guest is Steve Champagne, of Champagne and LaLuna, currently ranked #1 in their community on Reverbnation.Diane Blanchette is an artist from Kankakee Illinois. She was recently selected to be one of only 10 artists to participate in an area wide are project in Kankakee County. Mary E. LaLuna is the executive producer/host of ArtSees Diner Radio. She is an author, blogger, musician, creator of ArtSees Diner and an artist, currently residing in Northwest Indiana. Steve Champagne is creative producer/contributor to ArtSees Productions, engineer for ArtSees Diner Radio. He is also an independent musician, and a part of acoustic group, Champagne and LaLuna.

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    Wisconsin Principals to Scott Walker, Give us "voice."

    in Education

    Last week Valerie Strauss featured a letter from over 30 principals from Southern Wisconsin to governor Scott Walker.  In the letter the principals put forth the argument that funding of public schools in WI must be restored and that if the governor truly believed in "small government" he would return control of public schools back to locally elected school boards.

    In this episode of BustED Pencils we will be talking to Jim Pliner—one (or more?) of the principals who signed and collaborated on the writing of the Wisconsin Principals' Letter to Governor Scott Walker.

    Big Question:  Is this the beginning of a new advocacy movement of principals  in Wisconsin similar to that of the New York Principals?

    The show starts at 5:00 pm Central and will be hosted live from Michelangelo's Coffe House in Madison, WI.  If you're in the area please stop in to participate and/or just have a great cup of coffee and an amazing baked good.

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    Professor Wallace on the Wonders of Michelangelo - AMAZING

    in Travel

    I had the pleasure of speaking to Professor Wallace who is one of the leading scholars in the world on Michelangelo.  He has written over 80 articles, countless books, had a hand in the restoration of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling and is called upon to prove or disprove the authenticity of any newly discovered works considered to be by the hand of the master.

    We discuss the life and works of Michelangelo and I do my best to keep up...I'm not sure if I passed.  

    It was my honor and after the interview I truly felt like I have been to school and have seen the light proving once again that there is so much to learn.

    Check out the two new books on Michelangelo by Professor Wallace.

    Michelangelo The Artist, Man, and his Times by Cambridge University Press (A biography)

    Discovering Michelangelo by Rizzoli Press (A beautiful picture book)

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    Artist and Sculptor Michelangelo DiDonato

    in Lifestyle

    Michelangelo DiDonato is the creator of CommuniCandle sculptures.  While at work in the family’s steel mill, Michelangelo came across some old style nails. The straight nails were rusty and cold with sharp edges. As he fingered through the pile of nails he cut himself on one of the sharp edges. While watching the blood flow from his finger, an idea surged within.

    The nails began to take shape in his mind’s eye. He saw figures reaching out to one another, touching, coming together with the light of love.
    Michelangelo created the first sculpture as a gift for his wife, as a way of recommitting his love for her. The nails used to create the CommuniCandle sculptures are reminders that while love may be sharp at times, it is what binds two lives together. No matter how bleak the darkness, the light of one candle can illuminate our way, enliven our spirits, inspire, comfort and unite us.  http://bindinglightproducts.com 

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    Live from MICHELANGELO'S! Wisconsin Public Education Advocates.

    in Education

    BustED Pencils begins its weekly broadcast live from Michelangelo's coffee house.  

    The People's Press Conference

    On Tuesday, June 30, public education supporters from throughout the state will unite in Madison for a press conference at 11:00 am in the Senate Parlor, followed by a reception to show appreciation for legislators who signed on to LRB-2356 and/or LRB-2357 (Our Children Act and the Special Education Restoration Act).

    Following the Capitol event please join Jed and Tim at Michelangleo's coffee house on state street to participate in a live broadcast of BustED Pencils. 

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    Part 3: CUTV News Radio welcomes Melisa Gillis of Gillis Consulting

    in Business

    Boston, MA – There is no such thing as an organization without individuals. As a leader, you have to make sure all the pieces are working together. This requires a growth mind-set for yourself, your people and the organization, which is informed through conversations, experiences, reflection, and exploring the system of the organization to see what patterns drive and block success.

    As Michelangelo saw a statue within a block of marble, Melisa Gillis sees herself as the architect of her clients, seeing the leader yet to be developed within each of her clients.

    Gillis is the founder of Gillis Consulting, a boutique organizational effectiveness coaching and consulting firm specializing in leadership, team and organizational development through coaching, training and consulting. Since 2003, Gillis Consulting has partnered with many individuals and organizations to develop effective strategies to harness their potential and transform how they achieve their desired success.

    “My passion is to help leaders develop their own personal brand of leadership,” says Gillis. “Helping leaders to integrate their own style and competencies with the best practices designed for excellence in their roles."

    The primary objective of Gillis Consulting is to enhance leadership skills, unite teams and develop a learning mindset throughout the organization in order to maximize results.

    “In order to grow as leaders, we have to step out of our comfort zone, which can be uncomfortable and scary or exhilarating,” says Gillis. “Coaching is totally about supporting you in your growth. When I work with clients, we co-create the goals and process, ultimately creating the path for their desired success.”

    For more information on Gillis Consulting, visit http://www.gillisconsulting.com

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