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  • 02:02

    Activating the Light Within - Path of Every Heru-Keith Young

    in Self Help

    TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT TONIGHT  as we welcome our Resident Multi-demenisonal Metaphysician Keith Young to discuss the activiation of your inner enlightement and the constant pattern of the birth, rise, fall, transpiration and rebirth that is evident in nature and especially inside of every  Heru/Hero.
    Tonight discussion will be comprised of  the power of purpose, intent, psychology  paralleld with mythology.
    This show is a must for:
    All truthseekers People that try to fit into the mold of the masses and who overstands that they are not the same as the masses.  Channelers, Intuitives, Psychics Healters, Shaman Anyone that feels that they haven't accomplished desired goals People that are dealing with crowded relationships (i.e. business, personal, /political, educational and organizational) Anyone that is stuck in competition mode. Parents that wholistically nuture their childen Freestyle, Free Flowing Thinkers Anyone that suppresses their light in order to make others feel comfortable. Anyone that has a fear of public speaking. Like always, have your pen and paper ready.

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  • 02:48

    The Metaphysics of Success & Business Secrets w/ Keith Young

    in Psychology

    TUNE INTO  Civil Alert Rising for an in-depth inner'view with Keith D. Young, Lecturer/Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer 3-D Professional based in continental Detroit. He'll be present to discuss the universal principles as found in the Kyballion, Kabb'alah, Bible, Qu'ran, The Holy Koran and  as practiced by global peoples. These universal principles are the foundation and essence of Moorish Science. 

    Increasing awareness is KEY and having faith and mastering the art of fruition is GRAND.
    This show is a must for:
    Business Owners, Inventors & Entrepreneurs.
      Students. Especially those that will be entering the workforce or starting their own business soon
      People that are very cognizant about the legacy of the ancestor's illustrious empires, chiefdoms and kingdoms of our ancestors and yet still believe that they are not entitled to having the BEST.
      People who feel that a part of the struggle is to be without material comfort and who feel that those that manifest spiritual & material comforts are not  "down for the cause." 
      Anyone who has been a member of any type of cause or organization for more than 3 years and have not experienced the power of purpose, awaress, faith and manifestation.
      All want chage and/or maintain and increase their fruition. Like always have your pen and paper ready.
    Civil Alert Rising
    Informative, Engaging and 3rd Eye Opening
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  • 01:58

    Science of Self- Dr. Supreme Understanding - Dr. Kanya

    in Spirituality

    TUNE INTO Civil Alert Radio tonight as we discuss the Science of Life and the Knowledge of Self with two illustrious and industrious guests.
    Hour 1: Dr. Kanya Vashon McGhee
    Hour 2: Dr. Supreme Understanding Allah
    Dr. Supreme Understanding Allah of the Nation of  Gods and Earths, Editor of the Knowledge of Self, The Science of Self, How to Hustle and Win, The Hood Health Handbook. In addition, he has engaged in philanthropic endeavors for the betterment of aboriginal peoples around the world.
    Dr. Kanya Vashon McGhee, founder of the Tree of Life Bookstore of Harlem, A store that brought forth metaphysical knowledge which served as a pivotal spark for the Harlem metaphysics movement from 1969-80. At one point, Tree of Life served over 15,000 people per month. In their Aquarian Science Reading Room truth seekers  engaged in 3rd eye opening ciphers. The spirit of the Tree of Life exists now in Atlanta, GA.
    This show is a must for:
    People that recognize that there is an special essence/power within themselves and the universe.
      People who are on a "tribe called quest" to bridge consciousness with community action and enterprise.
      People that like to connect with clever and conscious people that do and say clever and conscious things.
      Past and current patrons of the Tree of Life  Bookstore of Harlem, students of Dr. Kanya and Harlem History Lovers.
      Anyone that has ever been touched or influenced by the Nation of Gods and Earths (5 percenters) whether it was through tru skool hip hop, one-on-one relationships or via communal activities. Civil Alert Radio
    Informative, Engaging & 3rd Eye Opening
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