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    Animals are Messengers

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever wondered who your Animal Totem was? They are not our only helpers because we are always getting messages from Spirit through them. 

    Tune in and call in 646-727-258

  • Jesus Sends Us Out as His Messengers

    in Christianity

    Luke 10:17-24:  The messengers Jesus sent out came back with a testimony to Jesus what they experienced.  I would like to relate this to the 21st Century Church.  How what ever God sends us out to do-no evil forces can harm us as we do the plan of God.  Jesus's authority is with us and upon us to complete the mission.  Through the authority of the Word of God, the mission is completed without the workers being harmed.


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    Spirits of the Land - Working With the Messengers of the Earth

    in Spirituality

    Join Roxie and Carrie for a great interactive show experience just in time for Spring.  Our spiritual connection and reverence of the land is so important for us to live in harmony with the earth and its many spirits.   

    No matter where you live or work, at each moment you are being held by the land. From the location of your birth, to the rich soil that will cradle your bones, the land around you will be offering a perennial invitation— to take root and grow.  Throughout our lives each one of us will be brought to places, not only by opportunity or instinct, but by the unique voice of the land itself. Land is not only a provider of food or sustenance; it is an initiator for truly grounded transformation. We must only heed the soil-deep siren song. When we take time to stop and listen to the land, to honor the physical places of our lives, then the many layers of who we are and what exactly it means to be are revealed to us.  

    On this show we will bring you on a guided meditation we will help you connect with the roots of the earth around you.  How can you meet the unseen messengers around you and become a steward of the land?  Why is it important and what benefits are there in doing this?  Roxie and Carrie will shed light on those answers and so much more.  From fairies to tree spirits and the ancient beings of the land, you will find this a most enlightening and empowering show

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    The Messengers in Our Home - 2 - Aniceto

    in Spirituality

    This book reveals that physical death discloses the fact that the life of the spirit is in continual evolution. In fifty-one chapters it tells of the experiences of a number of spirits who have reincarnated with pre-programmed work needed for their spiritual growth.

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    The Messengers in Our Home - 1 - Renewal

    in Spirituality

    This book reveals that physical death discloses the fact that the life of the spirit is in continual evolution. In fifty-one chapters it tells of the experiences of a number of spirits who have reincarnated with pre-programmed work needed for their spiritual growth.

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    Waiting On God's Messengers

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever asked God or your chosen deity for something, a sign, anything to let you know what you should do next?  And then waited and waited and waited, and then waited some more for an answer?  An answer that didn’t come, only to realize later that you may have missed it because of how events are unfolding in your life.  Did you know that the Universal Creator uses people, places and things to answer your requests?   So why do we miss out on the answers?   Answers which do come to us, yet we don’t seem to hear them.

    Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne choice expert as I explore why we may be missing out on some of the most important messages in our lives, and what to do to tune in so you’ll hear them.

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    TVUH and Mark Bourrie discuss Killing The Messengers as Harper strategy

    in Politics

    Ottawa has become a place where the nation's business is done in secret, and access to information - the lifeblood of any democracy - is under attack. The public's right to know has been undermined by a government that effectively killed Statistics Canada, fired hundreds of scientists and statisticians, gutted Library and Archives Canada and turned freedom of information rules into a joke. Facts, it would seem, are no longer important.

    Kill The Messengers exposes how trends have conspired to simultaneously silence the Canadian media and elect an anti-intellectual government that conducts business in private. Demonstrating how the Harper government suppresses facts that challenge policy or undermine its ideologically based decisions. This is not just a compilation of evidence bemoaning the current state of the Canadian media. It is a call to arms for informed citizens to become active participants in the democratic process.

    Mark Bourrie holds a PhD in Canadian media and military history, is a National Magazine Award winning journalist and has written hundreds of pieces for most of the country's major magazines and newspapers. Mark lectures on propaganda and censorship at the Canadian Force's Public Affairs Branch, on media history and propaganda at Carleton University and on Canadian studies at the University of Ottawa, where he is also working on a Juris Doctor degree. Previously, Mark's book The Fog of War: Censorship of Canada's Media in World War Two was the first examination of Canada's news control system. Now, Kill The Messengers explores it in a time of so-called peace.

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    Calling all the messengers

    in Self Help

    Have you been called to something greater than this life?  Tonight we will hear a testimony from a man named Seth . After that we will be discussing what God has planned for your life. Touching on topics such as spiritual warefare . Host Odelia Tegan invites her guest to be apart of the conversation. Calling all the messengers!

  • Jesus Sends Us Out As His Messengers

    in Christianity

    Luke 10:17-24

    Looking at Jesus authority over our lives that protects us from harm as we do the His mission.  It is through His authority that we will see gives His people strength and protection from the enemy, the enemy has no power over the works of God's servants as He sends us forth.  


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    Letting Holy Spirit Show the Way Thru Angel Messengers

    in Spirituality

    As the awakening of souls gains momentum, we are called more and more loudly.  Many will ignore the call or resist answering.  The resistance brings angst and chaos. Be part of the force that listens, answers, and becomes part of the light, part of the healing, part of the solutoin that shifts our world to a better place - out of the suffering and into more lasting joy-- right here on this earth and in this existence that we are sharing.  


    As with so many recent shows, I will be open to general messages and presence from angels and Holy Spirit that will serve us all in seeking the light.  Lines will then be opened for callers to receive their own personal intuitive mini-readings for the best steps now on their spiritual journey. Taking those spiritual steps enhances everything that we do, and opens us up for abundance, joy, peace and being the light as we are intended to be.  

    This episode will last up to 2 hours, depending on discussions and number of calls. The last 2 shows have filled with callers and wonderful messages and connections. If you've been yearning for direction or to open more to your true purpose, call in to help you align with spirit and direct your path.  

    ALSO LISTEN for a very SPECIAL OFFER for a private, more in-depth intuitive reading - beyond the quick on air guidance -  for connection with angels and spirit in a greater way.  


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    The Lord Fulfills the Words of His Messengers

    in Current Events

    “This is what the Lord says—
        your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb:

    I am the Lord,
        the Maker of all things,
        who stretches out the heavens,
        who spreads out the earth by myself,
    25 who foils the signs of false prophets
        and makes fools of diviners,
    who overthrows the learning of the wise
        and turns it into nonsense,
    26 who carries out the words of his servants
        and fulfills the predictions of his messengers,