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    Who made this mess?

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    When you walk into messy room do you wonder who could have possibly created this mess or do you look for the beauty of a child-at-play?  

    If you look for the smallest details you might see that the child took everything out to find the right material to create something very special.

    Did you look for ways to make things when you were little?  Did you find happiness playing or were you happier pretending to be a grown up?  What kind of a mess did you get into when you grew up?

    Let's talk about the messy world we live in today, shall we?

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    Turning Your Mess Into Your Message

    in Christianity

    "Letting God Lead"

    Join host Erica DiCarlo as she discusses the importance of giving God control of all aspects of ourselves and our lives.

    So often we get ahead of the Lord and think we are making the best decisions possible, but without God in the forefront that simply is not possible.

    Erica reads her post The Art of Letting Go and Letting God from her blog, My Message , and shares her recent mess which God has again turned into this message!


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    da mess is back

    in Entertainment

    2012 is here and new season is on 

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    Turning Your Mess Into Your Message

    in Christianity

    "Don't Talk About It Be About It"

    This week Erica discusses the big difference between being a Christian versus just calling yourself one. So many people claim to be followers of the Lord when in actuality they are quite the opposite.

    It is imperative as Christians that our actions speak louder than words. We must demonstrate the love and life of Christ not just dicatate it.

    Erica reads from her blog, My Message and gives reference to key scriptures that help us live more like Christ.


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    Turning Your Mess Into Your Message

    in Christianity

    Overcoming Grief By Growing 

    This week, Erica focuses on the topic of change and shares with listeners how God has kept her strong in the weakest points of her life. Death is one of the most challenging experiences we face, but with God's love and the hope we have in Jesus, we can smile again in time. 

    Erica reads her new blog post Metamorphosis from her blog, My Message, and shares with her listeners the many different passages God gives in His word to help stay strong and move along. 

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    Turning Your Mess into a Message with Writer and Poet LaCretia Lewis

    in Radio

    In this episode of GaptoothDiva Radio, we discuss the journey of turning your mess into a message. S many of us have endured struggles and challenges in life, but very few of us use those obstacles as an opportunity to uplift and inspire others.

    We are on the air with our special guest, LaCretia Lewis, also known as "Forepleasure". A 36-year old Richmond, VA native and a proud mother to three daughters. Having become a single parent at the age of 16, LaCretia holds a special place in her heart for young women that have endured a similar journey.

    LaCretia’s passion is to empower young people, who much like her, have been and are facing daunting challenges. Today's youth grapple with abuse, depression, peer pressure, pregnancy, and sexual issues ranging from harassment to identity, at a much earlier age. Through her organization, BRANDED, LaCretia aspires to provide the "village" and offer young people a safe space, and wise counsel, in addition to tangible tools for success, as they navigate life's rocky terrain.

    Listen in as we come back with more of the off the cuff entertainment but with real and honest conversation surrounding topics related to you. Using Fashion, Music, Culture, Entertainment, and Lifestyle.

    Featuring new music and interview with singer Vega Shaw - https://twitter.com/VegaShaw

    Tweet us @GaptoothDiva during the show. Contact us to submit music or inquire about artist at Teamgaptoothdiva@gmail.com

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    Turning Your Mess Into Your Message

    in Christianity

    " One Day At A Time"

    This week, host Erica DiCarlo discusses the importance of living in the present. So often we get so caught up in the possibilities of tomorrow that we fail to see the purpose of today.

    Erica revisits key scripture in helping deal with anxiety and reads her blog post, Where Does My Help Come From" from her blog My Message. 



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    Turning Your Mess Into Your Message

    in Christianity

    God Is Greater Than Your Circumstances 

    This week host Erica DiCarlo discusses the importance of faith. These days are dark, but none the less we can be sure that God shines brightly upon our lives. We are never beyond God's loving hand and when we feel far from Him, it is not because He has left. It is because WE HAVE. 

    Step out of fear and into faith in this week's powerful episode featuring Erica's blog post The Mirage and more! 


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    da mess

    in Entertainment

    music entertainment sports show live from brew city

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    The Big Perm Show #56 - Bloody Mess, John Williams, Dan The Man & Erich Wildeman

    in Entertainment

    Holy Smokes Gang !! We have got an awesome show coming your way this Sunday night at 8pm CST / 9pm EST !!

    Joining us at 8:20pm will be former guest and Peoria native, Bloody Mess !! We'll be discussing his newest CD " Transcend ", a spoken word and musical adventure. Lot's of things are new and exciting in Bloody's world !! 

    Then at 8:50pm we'll be joined by John Williams of The Way Down Wanderers !! John plays upright bass in the band, for those that aren't familiar. We'll cover everything from Summer Camp 2015 to their forthcoming EP due out in May. The Way Down Wanderers are busy, busy and representing Peoria well !! 

    The trainwreck keeps rolling into hour two !!

    At 9:20pm we catch up with former guest and Midwest Impact Pro wrestler, Dan " The Man ". Dan takes on Scotty Keyes at Midwest Impact Pro Wrestling's " Pick Your Poison " in Bellevue, IL on Friday, April 17th. Last time we heard from DTM he was battling the rednecks. When we hear from DTM on Sunday we'll see just where he stands with those rednecks and find out more about this upcoming match-up with Scotty Keyes.

    We're not done yet !! At 9:45pm things get will get a lil bluesy as we catch up with Peoria blues man, Erich Wildeman !! Erich is an East Coast native with a real feel for the blues. You can find him at Kenny's Westside Pub on Wednesday nights and Peoria Pizza Works~Peoria Heights on Thursday nights, jammin' with some of Peoria's finest musicians. We'll talk to Erich about his roots and where his career is headed. We may also spin a track or two to give you a taste of the blues.

    You don't want to miss this extravaganza that we have prepared for you !! Tune in this Sunday night at 8pm CST / 9pm EST !!

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