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    LIVE! with Cathi-"Change the Way You Eat"

    in Fitness

    Want to be healty-HEART HEALTHY...TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOUR PLATE.  Yes, the one that' filled with your choices of nourishment.  Are you digging your grave with your knife and fork?  Believe it or not YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT and the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH CAN BE FOUND ON YOUR PLATE.

    There'a a movement that will radically change the way you eat.  PICK UP A PAN AND JOIN THE REVOLUTION.  More are turning to REAL, HEALTHY FOOD, NOT JUST TO LOSE A FEW POUNDS BUT FOR PLEASURE TOO.

    BACK TO BASICS...the simple best advice is COOK REAL FOOD AT HOME!


    Home cooked meaks contain fewer...etc.

    Eating out costs more than...etc.

    Cooking gives you...etc.

    THE CULPRITS...etc.



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    In The Plug "Special" - GOSPEL EDITION

    in Entertainment

    In The Plug radio... presents a Gospel Rap special!! This show is featuring Meeks, a phenomenal Gospel rap artist from Charleston, SC. You will hear her talk about her music and her testimony. After her interview, you will hear new music from Gospel rap artists from around the country.
    Gospel music... the message is being delivered to the masses. May God bless you all...
    Hosted by F. khristopher Blue