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    Hidden Hunger Global Has Launched in Hawaii! You Can Do Well by Doing Good!

    in Social Networking

    Sandy C and J Michael will be sharing this new movement about Hidden Hunger Global and how their mission is to save the lives of children and  also impact  families here in  Hawaii and beyond!

    J Michael Smith had a very successful career in the restaurant industry having managed, owned and operated restaurants on Oahu and Maui from the mid 70's through 2007 . He lived on this beautiful island for 17 years, and  currently resides in the state of Texas.  He is going to share his experience about being a previous business  owner here in the state and also the realization of how expensive it is to live in paradise. From his experience working with the people of the island and seeing first hand the struggle that people have financially here in this state, you can understand why he is on a mission to help the families of Hawaii make a better life for themselves.  He is also very passionate about saving children and has lived in Ethiopia when he was a child. Africa is very dear to his heart and you can understand his passion to help those who are in desperate need. He has seen this with his own eyes and lived among those less fortunate. He is very aware of the current conditions around the world and will be sharing his knowledge on the show. 

    Sandy Conway has lived on Maui for the last 15 years and loves the culture of this great state of Hawaii! She is the Co-Founder of Maui Women Live Out Loud whose mission is to share, care, and pray for the women of Maui. When she learned of Hidden Hunger Global, she was so inspired by the movement of this organization. She has been searching for a cause-based organization to join forces with to save the lives of children, but also to make a better life for herself. Her mission is share the news with the world about Hidden Hunger Global and the difference it can make for everyone.

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    Maui and Dr Rob Bell

    in Sports

    In this episode we will be talking about Purdue's first round loss in the Maui Invitational, as well as discussing mental toughness with Dr Rob Bell. 

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    Maui Flight Academy Chief Laurence Balter

    in Travel

    Pilot Laurence Balter, chief pilote and owner of the Maui Flight Academy, describes the best way to see the Hawaiian Islands—flying a plane yourself! Most people who want to see an aerial view of the island choose a helicopter. Instead of renting a helicopter, why not take things into your own hands? With trained professionals at your side, the Maui Flight Academy let's you get the best views of the island. Laurence Balter discusses the beginnings of his adventurous business, and how improved radar technology has increased the span of when his company can do. 

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    Dr. Barbara Maas - Voice for the last 50 Maui dolphins

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    NABU International’s Head of International Species Conservation Dr. Barbara Maas will be our special guest. Dr. Maas and world's marine mammal scientists urge immediate action. Under current protection levels, Maui’s dolphins will become practically extinct by 2030 as a result of fishing.

    In a letter to New Zealand’s Prime Minister, the Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) urges the government to ban gillnets and trawling in Maui’s dolphin habitat immediately to avoid their extinction. With a membership of some 2,000 scientists from 60 countries, the SMM is the world's largest professional body dedicated to research on marine mammals and the ecosystems that support them. The letter highlights that fishing nets alone kill about nine percent of an estimated population of 55 individuals over one year of age, which will render Maui’s dolphins virtually extinct in less than 20 years.

    Barbara took up the position as Head of International Species Conservation for NABU International in 2009. Her current conservation work includes snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan, tigers in India, elephants in Africa, lions in Tanzania’s Serengeti, and Hector’s & Maui’s dolphins in New Zealand.

    She was appointed Secretary for the International Buddhist Confederation’s (IBC) Standing Committee on Environment and Conservation in 2013.

    On October 30th Dr Barbara Maas and Maui's dolphin expert Dr Liz Slooten from the New Zealand's University of Otago hand over petitions signed by 150,000 concerned people from around the world.

    Extinction is forever, once they are gone the species cannot be brought back.

    Please sign the petition: http://www.change.org/p/save-maui-s-dolphins-from-extinction

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    Maui Urgent Care's Dr. Norm Estin

    in Travel

    Doctor Norm Estin of Doctors on Call, Maui’s pioneer in Urgent care, joins Peter Greenberg at the Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel. We learn that Peter and Norm's friendship stems back to Peter's childhood, when Norm was a doctor on Fire Island. He talks about sea urchins, dehydration, and vacation injuries. Most importantly, he gives us his number one tip for avoiding having to see a doctor on vacation. We also learn about volunteer opportunities on the island from  Greenberg and how travelers can stay involved in the area.

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    K.W.E.E.D Da 420 Show Vol. CCXXXV "Island Maui Haze"

    in Music

    Da 420 Show hosted by DJ RoC and DJ BiG FLIP.

    Tuesday September 9 10pm to 12am CST

    Vol. CCXXXV "Island Maui Haze"

    Artist Interview "Casius-K"

    Da 420 Show plays music from all over the world.

    In the second hour DJ RoC interviews some of the best Artist in the world.

    Listen to the #1 Underground Internet Radio Show.

    K.W.E.E.D The Station With The Green.


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    Self Love - What the Heck Does That Even Mean?

    in Relationships

    Awakening Coach Carole Lewitski asks the powerful question, "How does one love themselves without taking it away from someone else?"

    Jeannie Selda joins Carole on the show to find out, together, what Self Love even means

    Jeannie Selda is a lover of life, mother of twins, student, teacher, and Agent of awakening.  She has been on an awakening journey of expansion for the past 15 years and this path has taken her on some of the most incredible journeys around the world; from swimming with the wild dolphins in Bimini, to climbing the ruins of Machu Picchu, to kayaking with the humpback whales in Maui.  Her mission?  To emanate her light and passion by leading by example for her 10 yr-old twin boys and those around her of what it looks like to dance fully with what presents and to share whats available in this lifetime when you leap into and through your life.

    Jeannie was immersed in the corporate telecommunications world for 15 years before her current leadership position at The Wide Awakening where she assists people to fly forward with their lives   At TWA, she is affectionately known as "the Zookeeper", because she is a key player at overseeing the business , it's staff and the people who come to play.  Jeannie's passion lies in documenting the infinite beauty of this adventure called Life and the freedom and fun of all that is possible through her camera lens.  She shares her life adventures through her facebook page www.facebook.com/TickettoBLiss

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    Attaining Christ Consciousness Through the 12 Aspects of Spiritual Love

    in Spirituality

    Spiritual Intuitive Master Teacher, Author and Activist, Alana Kay will be discussing the Ascension process and obtainment of Christ Consciousness through 12 aspects of Spiritual Love. Alana will do mini readings and taking listener's comments.

    Alana's contact information is: 

    Email: alana@alanakay.com     Website: www.alanakay.com    


    Heaven is Here: Our Ascent into the Fifth Dimension  

    Mastering Ascension: The 12 Aspects of Spiritual Love    

    How to Receive a High Quality Intuitive Reading    

    Pre-Order 144K: A Guidebook for the Legions of Archangel Michael 

    Available on all outlets in all formats

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    Dec. 1: Purdue loses Bucket; Maui wrap

    in Sports

    On Gold and Black Radio, we examine the Boilermakers' loss to Indiana on Saturday and what it means for the offseason. What are the priorities as Purdue rebuilds? Plus, a review of the basketball team's performance in Maui. 

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    Aloha with Big Maui D #1

    in Wrestling

    Talk about wrestling and whatever else.