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    John Bradshaw on Mature Love and Intimacy after the Romance

    in Current Events

    John Bradshaw, visionary counselor, theologian, bestselling author and addiction specialist, will be sharing his new book Post-Romantic Stress Disorder:  What to Do When the Honeymoon is Over.  If only people had a little more direction, guidance and support to understand mature love perhaps there might be more marriages lasting a lifetime.  Love changes but no one really speaks about those changes and how to keep the flame alive in a relationship that spans decades. 

    Are you thinking more about what you don't have in a relationship rather than all the great reasons you are with another person?  Has the glamour and glitter worn off from your marriage and no parties, vacations or fancy intimates are going to rescue it?  Perhaps a little talk about what love is, how you can appreciate the good times and support each other when the going gets tough is needed in every relationship.

    For more information visit www.JohnBradshaw.com

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    Are You Sure You're Mature?

    in Spirituality

    What! You have grown any?

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    How Mature is Your Analytics Program?

    in Technology

    Everyone is investing in big data analytics. Do you know how well you are doing it compared to your competitors?

    Even if you feel extremely confident in the hard work and millions of dollars you’ve invested in your analytics programs, there’s probably one thing that keeps you up at night—just how hard is the other guy working? You can keep working in a vacuum or you can find a tool to help you see just how far you’ve come. INFORMS has developed the Analytics Maturity Tool to give you more peace of mind (or scary truth) about just how you are doing.

    INFORMS, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, is the largest society in the world for professionals in the field of operations research, management science, and analytics. It serves students, managers, analysts, and consultants, and publishes 13 scholarly journals.
    INFORMS members, Norm Reitter and Aaron Buciaga will be joining the A2 community to discuss the tool as well as best practices to make your analytics program more mature. You will learn:

    About the INFORMS tool and whether it can help your organization
    How to figure out where your analytics programs is right now
    How to set new analytics goals for your organization
    What you should be doing to improve your analytics efforts

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    For the Mature Music Lovers Only!!

    in Entertainment

    Lights Cameras Fashion Radio Presents "For the Mature Music Lovers Only!!!An hour of music that only the mature ears could apprieciate. If you was jamin back in the day you dont want to miss this hour of GREAT MUSIC.

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    Habits of Spiritually Mature People

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Mind Right Radio! Tune in every Sunday at 11 AM (EST) as we weave consciousness with reality for spiritual self-development.  

    The goal of the Mind Right Radio is to provide information and techniques to those who are interested in how reality works and  those who want to elevate from a player in the game to a god in their own innerverse.

    Prepare to expand your mind for personal development and spiritual evolution!

    This Week: What does it mean to be spiritual?  Is it true that we are spiritual beings having a human experience?  Can you be religious and spiritual at the same time?  Many people claim they are spiritual and not religious but what do highly spiritual people do?  Being spiritual is one thing but being HIGHLY spiritual is another.  In this episode, we will not only define characteristics of highly evolved beings but also break down what a habit really is.  Tune in for another show full of information and tips to help you evolve beyond human limitations.

    Call in number is 858-365-5534 - We will open lines for questions and comments at the end of the show!

    Visit 3rdEyeActivation.com - for metaphysical & spiritual information, products, and services.

    4-Week Ultimate Spiritual Development Workshop

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    Dirty After Dark Episode #15

    in Lifestyle

    This show like all the others are a listener driven show.. Their grown & sexy topics will be discussed with a mature audience..No HOLDS barred on the mature tip. So sit back and get ready to be entertained and informed... 924 network ...

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    TEST YOURSELF: Are You More or Less Mature than Others?

    in Spirituality

    Ready to take a personal maturity test today? Emotional, mental and spiritual?  Do people tell you to grow up?  To think of others?  To be less emotional?  More dependable?  To get it together?  To learn some manners?  That they can't take you anywhere?   I was sobered as I considered areas where I have progressed but also need improvement. Bring pen and paper and let's hear what Holy Spirit says. You will be able to list your maturity goals by the end of the program.  Please call in and share you definitions of maturity or immaturity.

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    Resources For Mature Women With Natural Hair

    in Women

    Diva Deb is one of the vloggers for the Mature n Natural channel on YouTube.  She has been natural 4 years and loves everything aboutempowering mature women to learn, listen and love the hair texture God gave them.  Deborah is a native Houstonian and loves to read and makeYouTube Videos.Prettiuneek Hair is one of the vloggers for the Mature n Natural channel on YouTube. She enjoys inspiring others to embrace their curls, kinks, andcoils and started vlogging on YouTube in July of 2009 when she did herbig chop. Originally from New York, she now resides in New Jersey with her family.

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    Growing to be a full and mature believer

    in Christianity

    Are you full grown in your faith and walk with God? Join Bishop Lawrence F. Wright with special guest Chief Apostle Mithchell Long founder of Christian Defense Center & Sr. Pastor of Jesus Loves America Ministries on Greater is in YOU radio #GodStrong

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    THE HONEY SUITE: Krushin' After Dark - "What's The Kink?"

    in Entertainment

    It's the third Full Of Flava Tuesday on Phone Fantasy Radio's The Honey Suite. Join us for a stimulating exploration into "What's The Kink?". We will have a discussion on the different body part worship fetishes. Seems like anybody part can be a fetish from penis, buttocks, tongue, feet and more. What are the dynamics in which they satisfy the desires? and much more. MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY!!!

    CALL-IN LIVE 805-830-8320

    CHAT LIVE www.PhoneFantasyRadio.com

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    Makeup Tips for Mature Skin—Look Gorgeous in Your 50s & Beyond!

    in Women

    Paula and Nathan join forces to bring a professional perspective on makeup for the aging face. Whether you’re just seeing first signs of aging or are contemplating a surgical procedure to take 10 years off your face, this show will give you the straight scoop on what to do and what to avoid when shopping for and applying makeup from your 50s and beyond. Get in the know about what works and what doesn’t so you will feel beautiful and confident!

    For more beauty tips, visit the Expert Advice Section of PaulasChoice.com.

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