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    Yogananda with Matt, Phil and Sara!

    in Spirituality

    I am VERY excited to welcome back my 'ol Co-Host of the Matt and Phil Show as well as a previous repeat guest of the Matt and Phil Show, Sara Exley to discuss the beautiful Yogananda Spiritual Teaching that he brought to the US almost 80(?) years ago.

    I Love Yogananda!


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    Black Lives Matter Co-Founder, Alicia Garza speaks to Nikkole & Amir Esq.

    in Education

    Join the conversation with Black Lives Matter co-founder, Alicia Garza and hosts, @NikkoleSalter and Dr. Amir Whitaker Esq.

    11 Big Accomplishments Black Activists Achieved In 2015
    Learn more here http://bit.ly/BlackLivesMatter_Top10

    Save The Date.. Join the conversation with Black Lives Matter, Co-Founder Alicia Garza and hosts, Nikkole Salter and Dr. Amir Whitaker on The Gist of Freedom January 7th at 3pm ET. Call in # 347.324.5552
    www.blackHistoryblog.com | www.blackHistoryUniversity.com

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    Matt Classic joins Turnbuckle Turmoil

    in Sports

    Matt Classic is the voice of authority when it comes to the AIWF. Whenever there's big news out of this group it comes from Matt Classic. He'll be joining us to discuss this very prestigious affiliation and let us know what the latest is with them. The AIWF is one of the oldest organisations running today so there's a lot of history to be shared as well. Pull up a chair and learn from Matt Classic.

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    in Sports

    We are back again with a new apporach, concentrating on Michigan and Midwest sports, a look at who we think will win the Super Bowl as well.  We will also look at all the happenings in college, pro and high school sports, from Basketball to hockey, to football.  In the second hour, we will turn our attention to the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania.  We are going to be there live in April, and we are going to get the road kicked off with the latest discussion and you can join in on all discussion by calling in live from 8 to 10pm at (646) 716-8036

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    Matt Towery, Ty Belknap, Mark Timm

    in Business

    Matt Towery nationally syndicated columnist, pollster, attorney, political strategist, and a former state legislator. He is the author of numerous books, including the bestseller Powerchicks: How Women Will Dominate America. He has represented multinational corporations, advised nationally prominent political leaders, and has served as CEO of numerous companies. He is an active investor and runs his family-owned investment partnership

    Ty Belknap became the lead coach at MyCoach.Life. With two degrees in Leadership, and a certified coach with the International Coach Federation, he works toward to helping businesses and individuals create their amazing tomorrow

    Mark Timm CEO of the most valuable business in the world – My Family. He is also the President and CEO of the company he co-founded Cottage Garden, Inc. They are the #1 supplier of musical gift products in North America. For years, he have been experimenting with innovative ways to leverage his business success to win at home.  It all fell into place a few years ago when he incorporated his family into a business and began thinking of his family as the most valuable business in the world. He share this journey with others at www.marktimm.com

    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com.
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    Need help with your business? Contact Bert Martinez.
    Have Bert Martinez speak at your event!

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    Sacred Journeys welcomes Reuben Garza and near death experiences

    in Spirituality

    Reuben Garza joins Sacred Journeys Radio to share his story of a near death eperience and how it changed his life! Join Lady Beth  and Barry White Crow as they interview Reuben about this Spiritual Journey to death and back again. What did he feel and see? How did this effect who he is today and how it has re-shaped his life? Have ever wondered whats on the otherside or have had a near death experience this is the show to catch! Tuesday November 3rd 7-9.  Call in to ask Reuben a question or share a story @ 347-850-8292 or just call in and listen. Listen on computer and join into the chatroom @ blogtalkradio.com/mysticalawakeningsradio then choose Sacred Journeys Radio with Reuben Garza

    Reubens Bio

    Since childhood I have tried so desperately to deny the most authentic and important aspect(s) of my life.  At the end of 2006 I had a near-death experience that changed my belief systems in more ways than I can count, being forced to learn everything over, my truth began to reveal itself in time. Almost nine years later I now realize there is more to life than what we can feel, hear, or see in the physical realm.   


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    The Matt Boland Show 1-26-2016

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight on "The Matt Boland Show", we'll be talking with Joshua Katz of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut.  We'll be discussing what the LP has been doing in 2016, and some of the important issues that they're involved with.  The show begins at 7 PM eastern....join us!

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    Matt Tremont joins Turnbuckle Turmoil

    in Sports

    Joining us again is one of the most notable hardcore wrestlers in the country today, Matt Tremont. He's wrestled all over including a very impressive run for CZW. He's known as "The Bulldozer" and he's definately bulldozed his way into the heart of the wrestling scene. Join us as we catch up with Matt and get the latest on his career.

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    Shredded Naked With Michelle Garza, and Author Stew with David Hayes

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to Wicked Little Things!  Join us as we try out a new format for the show, new features, and amazing new guests!

    Review Chamber: Featuring an honest book review by Catt Dahman

    Shredded Naked: An up close and personal interview with Michelle Garza

    Doc's Damned Diatribe: Doc Ferrel is given a secret word and we listen to him rant about it


    Special Guests:

    Michelle Garza: Michelle Garza and her sister Melissa Lason are Horror writers from Arizona. They're currently working on a Novella for Damnation Books. Their short stories have been included in WIDOWMAKERS a benefit Anthology of dark fiction and Promises to keep volume two from miles to go clothing. Michelle had a poem in the HWA poetry showcase volume one.

    David Hayes: I'm a writer/actor/filmmaker type that used to do stand up comedy and sometimes wrestle profesionally. I teach college as well, so be afraid for the future.

    Welcome to the life of David Hayes... the court jester of horror! David is an award-winning writer/actor/filmmaker/college professor/pro wrestler and all around hack! Here for networking and other filth, feel free to contact David if you're bored.


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    The Matt Boland Show 1/20/2016

    in Politics Conservative

    This week on "The Matt Boland Show", we'll be talking to Ray Neuberger of the Fairfield CT RTM.  We will discuss the GE departure, new tax plans from the governor, and other state issues. Tune in and join us Wednesday night at 7 PM eastern!!

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    Overcoming Life’s Obstacles with Matt Long

    in Fitness

    During this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, Hilary is joined by Matt Long, NYC FireFighter, who ran the NYC Marathon in under 3:13 in 2005 and had a stellar Ironman performance in Lake Placid. That same year, he was crushed by a bus during the NYC Transit Strike and within four years, after numerous surgeries and rehabilitation, Matt went on to become a marathoner once again and an Ironman at Lake Placid. Here, his inspiring story will help motivate you for the 2016 season. Matt will also be honored for his passion, dedication and his motivation to helping others at the NY Tri Expo in March.