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    Cheryl Ferris, Trenton Michigan Massage Therapist

    in Health

    Meet massage therapist Cheryl Ferris who practices as an independent practitioner at Ultimate Health Systems in Trenton, Michigan.  Cheryl is also a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Licensed (COTAL). Cheryl adds CranioSacral Therapy to her bevy of techniques and looks forward to telling you why as she is interviewed by host Kathryn Merrow.
    You may reach Cheryl at 734-771-1615.

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    Alice Sanvito, St. Louis MO Massage Therapist

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    Massage Therapist Alice Sanvito practices in St. Louis, Missouri.  You can find her at Massage-StLouis.com.
    Alice has extensive education in sports and medical massage including Russian Medical, Sports Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy. She also studied gross anatomy extensively under a professor who teaches at St. Louis University Medical School and has been a staff member of the NMT Center in St. Petersburg, FL.
    Schedule an appointment with Alice at (314) 609-2693.

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    Ron Nomura, Massage Therapist, South Lyon Michigan

    in Health

    South Lyon, Michigan, massage therapist Ron Nomura is the owner of Healing Solutions Massage Therapy. 
    Ron enjoys using a 'blended' massage technique and also a treatment called Bamboo Fusion.  Discover more about Ron and the services he provides in this episode of Massage Talk Radio.
    Host Kathryn Merrow also discovers something very special that Ron provides to members of the armed services so listen in.
    Here is Ron's favorite quote:  ""People May Not Remember Exactly What You Did or What You Said. But They Will Always Remember How You Made Them Feel."
    Ron's website is http://HealingSolutionsMassage.com   His phone is 248-446-2639.
    You can also find Ron May 2-5, 2013, at the International Women's Show at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan and discover how good massage can feel.

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    How Does Massage Help With Depression?

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    According to Dr. Patricia Burke, getting massages on a regular basis is an excellent way of caring for oneself. In her brief article published recently in the June-August JaVintee Massage Newsletter, she discusses the fact that massages help to release endorphins which are natural chemicals from the brain that relieve pain and makes us feel good.  Dr. Burke will be interviewed as a guest on the JaVintee Massage Radio Show, to discuss the benefits of massage therapy, and how it helps with coping with depression. Also on the show will be the lead Licensed Massage Therapists and Vice-President of JaVintee Massage, who will discuss some of the significant improvements she has noticed in her client's mood elevation as it relates to Massage Therapy.  We will address a variety of questions, as well as explain how you can set an appointment to come in for an assessment, and explore possible resolutions with the Massage Therapists.


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    Equine Body Balancing and Massage Class

    in Education

    Introduction to Midwest Natural Healing for Animals, The Amassage Method for Complete Body Balancing.

    What we offer at MNHA

    Courses Available, Instructors and their background, why MNHA is different from other Equine Massage Schools

    Also I will be interviewing people to give you information for your horses for farrier, dentistry, chiro, nutrition, essential oils, massage, rehab, etc.

    CERTIFICATION AS A CESMT Level 1 ($1175)
    The Amassage Method and Biomechanics Level 1
    Levels 1-3 (2 & 3 $1000)
    4 Day Equine Massage Class including Biomechanics/Saddle fit/Building a Topline/Under Saddle Therapy
    Correspondence Course (Home Study) $750
    Split Weekend Class (by special request only, must have at least 4 students to schedule)
    DVD for Basic Equine Massage ($40 + $5 s&h)
    Easy Payment plans with no credit Check
    Gift Certificates for Birthdays, Christmas, etc.***
    Internet Coaching-help with riding, rebuilding atrophied muscles
    REhab for EPM, Cold/swayback horses, Arthritis (also available in Internet coaching)
    Rehab at my Facility
    Continuous Mentoring after the Class

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    Meet Jennifer Kemp, Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist

    in Fitness

    Jennifer kemp is an Australia native who currently resides in Clinton.  She is involved in many communtiy activities besides being a yoga instructor and massage therapist. Her unique experiences have led her to a very special practice. Join us as we learn more about her.

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    Massage Your Cares Away

    in Paranormal

    Wed. Nov. 26 we are joined by Kimberly Miceli, LMT.  Kimberly will be discussing the benefits of massage and different forms of massage therapy.  Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays?  A massage is a wonderful treat!  Call in to talk with Kimberly and Nikki at 646-668-8212

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    Mother Massage Therapist Turns Out Daughter Into Prostitution Who Turns Up Dead

    in Self Help

    Rosie was turned out not by just some pimp off the street - but by her own husband.  When her parents found out they were shocked -but then figured out the money wasn't so bad after all.  She built her way up from turning tricks on the streets and out of casinos into the owner of her own massage parlor so big at one time she had 40 women working under her.   Her daughter saw the fast living lifestyle growing up and wanted it for herself.  She told her mom that she "was going to do it anyway you might as well teach me the ropes so I'll be safe".  Actually wanting to protect her daughter from the dangers she'd find on the streets working as an "outlaw" - this mother taught her own daughter the ropes about prostitution.  They even went on calls together sometimes.  Men pay extra for that sort of thing.  When her mother died from cancer - pain medication was left laying around.  The daughter had been using drugs by that time pretty heavy.  Next thing anyone knows the daughter is found dead from an overdose.  Accidental?  Who knows?  Having a complete mental breakdown from the guilt she was hit with - this woman reached out to Sex Workers Anonymous after being released from the psychiatric hospital.  Taking months to trust us just to tell us what happened - she finally opened up about carrying baggage that will never go away.   She was even now using drugs to cope with the death of her daughter due to drugs.  Now Rose is "clean and sober" as well as having almost two years out of the sex industry entirely.  She has a teenage son and a young daughter in her 20's still surviving she's now there for.  The years of lugging massage tables have caught up with her where she's now on disability so she can go through surgery and pain management to repair her feet and back from all the "wear and tear".

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    Massage Talk with Kathryn Merrow

    in Health

    Trenton MI massage therapist Kathryn Merrow helps you find the massage therapist or bodyworker who is perfect for you!
    In this edition of Massage Talk Radio you will discover:
    Different types of massage treatments Massage for cancer patients and more...
    You can also find links to all of Kathryn's natural pain relief websites at http://ThePainReliefCoach.com
    To schedule an appointment: (734) 365-4866.  Kathryn practices at the Muscular Therapy Clinic in Trenton, Michigan in the JFR Professional Building, 3133 Van Horn Road..

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    Comedic Therapist Dr. Katz

    in Entertainment

    The doctor is back in.

    Jonathan Katz has brought his hit 90's HBO show back (of sorts) as "Dr. Katz Live" has been released to iTunes and Amazon.

    The live shows were recorded in San Fransico last year, with comedians BJ Novak, Eugene Mirman, and Andy Kindler taking the couch.

    Katz is also the host of the "Hey, We're Back" podcast.

    We will talk to Katz about doning the therapist hat once again and the impact his show has had a decade later.


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    WTF - w/Kevin A. Phillips - TBI Massage Therapy

    in Self Help


    Massage therapy has evolved signifigantly over the centuries and for those who've had the ability to enjoy a good masssage, can attest to some of the benefits. Science, Physicians, Chiropractors and Naturopaths all concur that our bodies have innate ability to heal itself, if given the opportunity. 

    Join us tonight as we discuss how massage therapy can increase our FUNctionality with Special Guest: Jaime Smith LMT, Reiki Master and Spiritual Being having a Human Experience, discuss the top five reasons everyone should be getting a massage.

    Tune in this week to add another perspective to your daily repertoire.  If there is something in particular you would like to hear Kevin discuss, join us on Fridays and share in the chat room with the "Marvelous Maggie" (Kevin's 24/7 Partner and Professional Care Assistant)

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