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    Get it Real Time: Marketers Strive to Serve Content to Order

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    Today’s customers live, work and play in a real-time world. They get the content they want, whenever they want, on whatever devices are convenient to them at that time. And yet many marketing teams remain locked around old-school campaign calendars, led by internal processes and procedures that made sense in 1980. Web personalization and marketing automation were the top two top-of mind areas where surveyed, suggesting the critical need to shrink the lag between customer action and brand reaction. So how do marketers honor the customers’ preferences versus getting them to do something if and when they don’t want to ..or aren’t ready to do it?

    Additional References:

    Buying Process Acceleration – http://mopartners.com/consulting/alignment/buying-process-acceleration/

    Customer Profitability – http://mopartners.com/consulting/agility/customer-profitability/

    Blog Post –


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    The Professional E-mail Marketers 7 Step Checklist to Writing Emails that People

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    #1: Are you using ONE main concept or idea?

    Here’s the problem, you learned somewhere along the way that if one offer is good, then two is better. And if two is good, then 5 must be better.  If 5 works, then why not 12?

    #2:  Is your subject line compelling?

    Don’t be clever, funny, cute, boorish, or use double meanings. Those just dont’ work.

    #3:  Is your content interesting (and short)?

    Make your content interesting by writing the message to one person the way you’d explain it in person… and you cared about it.

    #4:  Is your message or offer clear?

    We’ve covered short but I have to make clear a separate category.  Clarity trumps almost all other considerations in your email.  If you have to stand on your head to come up with a clear message or offer, do it.

    #5 How are you using benefit statements?

    I’m on hundreds of lists… and I hardly EVER see a benefit used.  Here’s how you tell if you are using a benefit.  Tell me your message.

    6.  What is your you vs I count?--remember WIIFM

    Once you write your email count how many times you use the words, “I, me, mine, our” vs “you, you’ll, your, you’re.”  You’ll soon find you talk about yourself too much.

    7.  What is your call to action?

    Every single email should have a call to action in it.

    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs, career coaches



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    What Makes Things Funny & What Marketers Can Learn - A Chat with Peter McGraw

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    I'm Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping it Human, in the heart of Silicon Valley. We help marketing executives and teams tell their best and most important company, product and customer stories to the world. We are a jargon-monoxide-poisoning free zone. Our show is created especially for marketing execs and teams. Comment on the blog. Follow Kathy

    What's Funny: The Humor Code

    Research over the years has tried to answer the question: what makes things funny? Understanding how the brain processes humor can help marketers use it in a much better way (we hope, anyway!). Join us July 10 when we talk to Peter McGraw, co-author of The Humor Code, about his theory on what makes things funny.


    Dr. McGraw, a professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, is an expert in the interdisciplinary fields of emotion and behavioral decision theory. Most recently, he has been examining the antecedents and consequences of humor. He directs the Humor Research Lab (HuRL).
    McGraw holds appointments in marketing at the Leeds School of Business and in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. McGraw is willing to leave the ivory tower to  try his hand at stand-up at a dive bar, attending a funeral director convention, pose as a shopper at a gun show, or sing hymns at a Baptist church. His work has been covered by NPR, BBC, Scientific American, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Financial Times. With Joel Warner, he has co-authored The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny.


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    Transforming lives in Business and our Communities

    in Christianity

    ~~Greetings From Insanity to Sane I thank you for listening to this morning broadcast please help me welcome my friend and sister Fiona Lindsay to the platform. Fiona is personally committed to assisting other Network Marketers transform not only their own businesses, but their entire lives and those of their team and communities using tried and tested techniques.

    The purpose is to convert the high failure and transient rate of our industry, to operate in excellence at all times and constantly evaluate how we can best serve other Networkers Fiona is extremely passionate and motivated to bring professional training to the marketplace, putting an end to "amateurs training amateurs" and stand in the gap between those who are with me and those who still see our industry as stigmatized.I know for my personal being we can all benefit from her teaching. Come prepared to ask questions and receive true insight..

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    Who's Who Women in Business & Social Media to Know: Heidi Richards Mooney

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    Meet Heidi Richards Mooney, PUBLISHER & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of WE MAGAZINE FOR WOMEN, Founder of Women in Ecommerce™, parent company to WE Magazine for Women. The author of eight books and co-author of two including “Rose Marketing on a Daisy Budget.,” Heidi has written hundreds of articles on topics relating to women and business, maintains eight blogs, contributes to national and international publications, and hosts a series of national events focusing on issues of interest to women.

    Meet the Who's Who Women in Business and Social Media class of 2014! 

    100 Women, that’s how many WE are featuring in this issue of WE Magazine for Women. Women who are leading organizations, Growing their local economies, launching businesses, creating
    Jobs, serving as role models, reinventing themselves and Improving the lives of the men and women they lead and serve. Click Here

    They are accountants, actors, authors, business owners, coaches,Mentors, nonprofit leaders, jewelers, health care professionals,Teachers, global and local experts, community activists,
    Environmentalists, pet care professionals, safety experts, CEO’s Of corporations – large and small, internet marketers, social media Moguls, graphic artists and so much more. They are women who
    Have learned how to leverage the web to promote their Businesses, their organizations, their brands, their communities and their audience.

    Visit http://www.WeMagazineForWomen.com

    Connect with Deb at:  http://www.DebScott.com

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    How to Grow Your Twitter Flock – 14 Surefire Tips for Explosive Organic Growth

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    Ever wonder why all the media outlets use Twitter? Are you curious about how useful Twitter really is?   What happened?  Are you providing the wrong content?  Are you using the wrong posting schedule? Are you engaging your audience in a useful way? Are you wondering why you only have 300 people following you, after a full year’s worth of work?

    The real questions is:  Are you really looking to grow your Twitter following or are you just dabbling in Twitter because someone said it was cool?

    If you’re serious about growing your organic following then read on and learn our 14 surefire tips that will grow your Twitter flock.

    If you are one of the millions of website owners who are looking for the fast lane onto the Information Superhighway, this is the show for you.  Hosted by professional Internet marketers Carl Weiss and Hector "The Connector" Cisneros, every episode is designed to cover topics, tips and technology that can make or break you online.

    The show also features guests who have developed software, apps, schools or sites that are designed to help you take your knowledge of the Internet to new heights.  Best of all, this show is interactive and listeners can call in live with questions for either the hosts or the guests.

    Tune in, Turn on and Tweet your way to online success weekly, every Tuesday at 4 p.m. (Eastern).

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    Improve Your Social Media Listening Skills

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    The Tools You Need & What You'll Learn

    Pharmaguy interviews Leigh Fazzina, Principal, Fazzina & Co. Communications Consulting, Inc., who talks about her passion for social media listening for pharma and who within the organization is best suited for leveraging the learnings from social media listening.

    Questions/Topics of Discussion

    Define for us what you mean by social media "listening?" Are we talking about just Twitter or other social media platforms as well? Which are most important for pharma marketers and corporate communications professionals?
    What tools do you use for social media listening? Why?
    How do you recommend a pharma company start their social listening? Do they need a formal social listening program? How do they decide among the 20 or so that exist?
    Can you give us a "real-life" example of what pharma marketers/corporate communications professionals can learn from using the social media listening tools you recommend? How can these learnings be applied to solving specific marketing/communications problems and/or improve health outcomes?
    You have alluded to FDA's social media listening. Is FDA actively listening to social media? What about pharma companies?
    You seem to believe that communications professionals - create the most effective social media communications. Why do you believe that's true? What is a marketer's role?

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    Get That Email List To Stretch Your Business!

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    Sherri-Lee Woycik is a Facebook Marketing Expert and founder of Social Media Minder. Sherri-Lee started her company to help entrepreneurs learn how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to build their businesses, over 4.5 years of being immersed in the social media world, taking numerous programs and working with some of the best Facebook marketers out there and in 2013 Sherri-Lee focused her company to Facebook.

    She helps business owners, get more likes, engagement and clients/customers from Facebook using content strategy, Facebook ads, Facebook marketing funnels and by building email lists right from her clients Facebook pages.

    Sherri-Lee is a single mum to two kids who are homeschooled. They enjoy playing and adventuring together, their motto is #livelife!


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    National & International Roundtable

    in Current Events

    Leslie Wolff, CEO/Chief Marketing Strategist & Creative Tactician Smart Marketing Group, met Joe Frazier in early 2004 when he was $800,000 in debt and looking for some help. They worked as a team until his death 3 years ago and eliminated that liability, ensured he had a good living and strengthened his relationship with fans around the world.

    Manager of:

    *  "Creative Thinkers Forum" 

    *  "Celebrities for Marketing" 

    *  "Fearless Marketers" 

    Columnist: Philadelphia Business Journal

    Joe Frazier is a living legend.  Winning the Olympic Gold Medal as a Heavyweight boxer to winning the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship, Joe Frazier is an image synonymous with hard work, dedication, and durability.  His boxing record (32-4-1, 27KO’s) showed his ability to deliver in the ring.  His credibility with all segments of society enables him to deliver in the marketplace for the right marketing partners.  There is only one Joe Frazier.


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    The Magic Formula for Blogging Success: a Training Series for Bloggers

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    If you’re looking for the magic formula for blogging success, you’ve found it.  Ok, magic is a little bit of hyperbole, so we won’t portray it as magic. However, this formula produces impressive results if you follow the entire process, without trying to cherry pick its components.  So tune in and take notes as we as we explore how commitment can succeed when talent fails.

    At Working the Web to Win, we think of it as, “D.W.I.T.,” for Do Whatever It Takes.  We believe doing whatever it takes consists of 12 very important Elements of Commitment.  Together, they provide a system based on principles that always produce greater results when used together than when they’re cherry picked and used individually.   We believe these 12 elements create a synergy, which makes for powerful results.  Results don’t just happen; they’re forged into existence because their synergy exceeds the sum of their parts.

    If you're one of the millions of website owners who are looking for the fast lane onto the Information Superhighway, this is the show for you.  Hosted by professional Internet marketers Carl Weiss and Hector "The Connector" Cisneros, every episode is designed to cover topics, tips and technology that can make or break you online.

    The show also features guests who have developed software, apps, schools or sites that are designed to help you take your knowledge of the Internet to new heights.  Best of all, this show is interactive and listeners can call in live with questions for either the hosts or the guests.

    Tune in, Turn on and Blog your way to online success weekly, every Tuesday at 4 p.m. (Eastern).

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    Think Like a Marketer, Sell Like a Superstar, with John Jantsch

    in Marketing

    Joining host Kelly Scanlon is best-selling author John Jantsch, who wrote the classic business books “Duct Tape Marketing,” “The Referral Engine” and “The Commitment Engine.” 

    In this podcast, John discusses his latest book, "Duct Tape Selling." Find out why Jantsch thinks successful salespeople today must flip the traditional business model—where marketers owned the message while sellers owned the relationships—on its head. These days, he argues, marketers must get better at relationships and sales must perfect the message and delivery. He also provides several tools for doing so.

    John is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker and marketing consultant who specializes in assisting small businesses.

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