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    Fuck if I Know

    in Entertainment

    The one where we talked about gross food and how fictional characters would be in bed.

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    Short & Junk: Multiple Plot Lines

    in Entertainment

    Jilly asks: I don’t know if this question has come up, but what’s your strategy for managing multiple separate plot lines in a story? Whether it’s the more extreme version where you have one storyline happening on Earth and one on another planet, to minor secondary storylines.

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    Short & Junk: Control is a Myth

    in Entertainment

    Wynnebat asks: How do you deal with not having control over your works? I post on AO3 and it’s generally good. But my fics got onto that ebooks site a while back, have been translated and reposted without permission, got mentioned and linked in some idiot’s college essay, and all this shit. I usually like posting online, but sometimes it really gets to me just how little control I have over everything.

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    Short & Junk: Authors Who Inspire Me

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    Yzba asks: We all have books (fiction or not) that inspired us, for good because of the subject matter or the writing, or badly because they were absolute crap. What are yours? Are there books you reread over and over again because you fell in love with them?

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    Bitch Craft: The Second Draft & Harry Potter Plotting

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    Au Says: You’ve said before that the original Harry Potter and the Soulmate Bond was written when you were younger and the current version is an updated, re-written version. And the version of Sentinels of Atlantis you’ve published is very different from the version you lost in the data crash. So my question is, when you enter into these situations where you are taking stories that you’ve already written before and decide to rewrite them, how do you go about deciding what to let go of, what to keep, what to change? So basically, how do you approach the process of rewriting something you’ve already written?


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    Bitch Craft: Protecting Your Inner Writer & Fandom Stuff

    in Entertainment

    Silverf0x said: My desire to write died six years ago, same time my brother died. Last week i had an idea that wouldn’t go away until i wrote it down. And What do you know, I actually enjoyed myself I wasn’t expecting it. Point is what do i do to ease myself into this so i don’t lose the enjoyment? And I’ve forgotten most of what i ever learned about craft So how do i pick up those skills again?

    Tall Poppy Syndrome: https://youtu.be/Og6BWd0z5-4

    Required Short Pitch: I hate this fucking short pitch thing (Where does thing even show up?).

    Special Guest: Jilly James

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    Cowgirls Softball I

    in Sports

    #198: Kenny Gajewski, Head Coach, Oklahoma State University.  The Cowgirls enter the 2016 campaign with a wealth of returning talent, including 13 returning letter winners and seven position starters.  Oklahoma State also boasts a revamped coaching staff, highlighted by Gajewski, Stacie Pestrak and Charlotte Morgan.  OSU kicks off the 2016 season on Feb. 12 at the CenturyLink Classic in San Marcos, Texas, where the Cowgirls will take on Texas State, DePaul, Northwestern State and Abilene Christian.  The tournament marks the beginning of a 16-game road trip for Oklahoma State, which will host its first home matchup of the year on March 4 against Dartmouth.  The 56-game slate also features contests against four members of the 2015 Women's College World Series, including Michigan, who advanced to the championship round against Florida. Overall, the Cowgirls will take on 20 different opponents who finished in the top 100 of last year's RPI and nine teams that advanced to the Super Regional round of the NCAA Tournament. Cowgirls Twitter, Cowgirls Facebook, Coach Gajewski Twitter, TCRS Twitter, TCRS Facebook

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    Bro Marcos-"Star Wars Witchcraft"

    in Movies

    "The Antichrist religion must be in place before the Man of Sin can arise. People must be expecting him as the most spiritually evolved man. That's the mission of movies like Star Wars, to prepare people to follow this gnostic belief."

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    RA: Interview with Sarah Hager on deterioration of human rights in Angola

    in Radio

    Rádio Angola (RA): We had the honor to interview Sarah Hager, Chair of Southern Africa - Coordination Group in Amnesty International - Washinton, DC, to discuss issues of human rights in Angola. Ms. Hager expressed her couserns about the deterioration of human rights in Angola. Accroding to Ms. Hager, 15+2 are political prisoners. In addtion, the angolan government is using its criminal justice system to silence dissidents (e.g., 15+2, human rights activist José Marcos Mavungo, angolan journalist and human rights activist, Rafael Marques de Morais...) said Mr. Hager.

    According to Sarah Hager, the U.S. Government is monitoring human raighrs situation in Angola very closely. She also shared the steps taken by Amnesty International towards questionable angolan human rights trials.

    Interview conducted by Serafim de Oliveira
    Rádio Angola is one of the projects of Friends of Angola in Washington DC. Questions and suggestions can be sent to: info@friendsofangola.org.


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    Bro Marcos-X-Men Movie & DNA Lies

    in Religion

    "Satan's next trick is to sell his gnostic doctrine that we can become gods by activating unused DNA through occult practices. The coming X-Men movie is an example of this propaganda, which depicts God Jehovah as the evil guy who prevents our evolution. Learn to recognize and expose these lies."

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    Life Lessons presents Raphael Travis debuting The Healing Power of Hip Hop

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons presents The Healing Power of Hip Hop by Raphael Travis Jr.

    Offers a passionate look into existing tensions aligned with Hip Hop and demonstrates the beneficial quality it can have empowering its audience. His unique perspective takes Hip Hop out of the negative light and shows readers how Hip Hop has benefited the Black community.

    Organized to first examine the social and historical framing of Hip Hop culture and Black experiences in the United States, the remainder of the book is dedicated to elaborating on consistent themes of excellence and well-being in Hip Hop, and examining evidence of new ambassadors of Hip Hop culture across professional disciplines.

    Connects the latest research conclusions about Hip Hop's influences with actual examples of its practice and applied value in action. Identifies education, health and mental health, and afterschool settings as key to promoting health and well-being. Disentangles arguments about whether Hip Hop culture is more of a tool for empowerment or a tool for risk promotion. Explains Hip Hop's ongoing contributions to health and learning, with attention to the Black community.

    Raphael Travis Jr., DrPH, is associate professor of social work at Texas State University in San Marcos. His published works include the articles "Rap Music and the Empowerment of Today’s Youth: Evidence in Everyday Music Listening, Music Therapy, and Commercial Rap Music"; "Empowerment-Based Positive Youth Development: A New Understanding of Healthy Development for African American Youth"; and "Ethnic Identity, Self-Esteem and Variability in Perceptions of Rap Music’s Empowering and Risky Infl uences."