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    iBloom Radio Presents Blooming into your Purpose with guest Marcella Moore

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    I am your Host La Deema Burns, Throught out the month of March your will get to hear powerful Story's how the Women used the pain of their past to push them into their purpose today!

    Listen in to hear her story how the pain in her life pushed her into her purpose!

    You will be encouraged and empowered to Bloom into your divine purpose God has for you.

    Join us on our face book group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/780062502088310/

    Or connect with me La Deema Burns through my website http://www.ladeemaburns.net to the iBloom Movement/Radio page and summit your information there to get the iBloom Newsletter also stay connected through my personal facebook https://www.facebook.com/la.deema.burns

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    The mandate on the Church of Jesus Christ has never changed. We must go and we must tell this lost and dying world that there is a way out and his name is Jesus. We must preach Jesus and not an agenda, an ideology or any other thing. In concert with the Holy Ghost of God we must work to win the lost. My fellow laborers please listen and join us.

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    Nebraska Author, Marilyn Coffey Joins Kori on the Back Porch

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    Great Plains writer Marilyn June Coffey has written three books, 600 poems, and dozens of articles and stories. A trained journalist (B.A., University of Nebraska, 1959) and creative writer (M.F.A., Brooklyn College, 1981), she has produced work that includes a popular memoir, a record-setting novel, and a prize-winning poem. Her poem, Pricksong, reviewed in the Los Angeles Times Book Review and Newsweek, won a national Pushcart Prize. Coffey's novel Marcella made literary history. It was the first novel written in English to use female autoeroticism as a main theme. Gloria Steinem called it "an important part of the truth telling by and for women. In 1989, Coffey's memoir, Great Plains Patchwork, appeared. The New York Times called it entertaining and insightful. Atlantic Monthly featured a chapter as its cover story. Natural History bought two chapters, American Heritage one. Harper & Row, McGraw-Hill, Macmillan, and Harcourt Brace Jovanovich printed excerpts. Known as a prose stylist, Coffey received a Master Alumnus award for distinction in the field of writing from the University of Nebraska in 1977. Since 1987, the UN-L Archives has collected forty boxes of Coffey's papers in its Mari Sandoz room. In 1991, Coffey investigated the orphan train movement, developing three programs for the Nebraska Humanities Council. One became the second most popular of the 232 programs underwritten by NHC and spurred her to write Mail-Order Kid. Now retired, Coffey taught writing at Boston University, Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and Fort Hays State University in Kansas for thirty-four years, twice earning tenure. She became an interpretive reader/performer, appearing on local radio stations, statewide TV, and before more than 130 groups in twelve states, from Maine to Texas.  

    Her new book, Thieves, Rascals, & Sore Losers is available for pre-order.

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    Marathon Of Hope Kingdom Ministry Open Chat w/ C. Maria Wall

    in Women

    Reinventing Ourselves" and the FAITH, strength, courage, and the boldness needed to do so. Whether it's after a divorce, a loss, a disappointment, etc. 

    SPECIAL GUEST tonight: Bhuvaneswari Devi,
    A spiritual (but not religious) teacher, a mystic, a mother, an artist, a shaman, a healer and Founder of Bhuvaneswari Teachings, she is committed to empowering human values and to reducing social stress

    We have all recovered from something and since we are all still seeking after God and are allowing HIS ministry to flow through us, we have obviously not just survived but are thriving. Not perfectly at all times, but doing it nonetheless

    Thanks to Ann Thomas For suggesting this topic that ties into this years Marathon Of Hope Kingdom Movement event coming June 6, 2015

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    Women On The Rise presents Laurie Battaglia

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    Featuring Laurie Battaglia

    Laurie has spent the last 17 years of her career working for some of the nation’s largest investment and banking companies. She is Vice President for Wells Fargo in Phoenix, where she manages a team of Learning and Communication Professionals. Laurie is a former leadership development facilitator for Vanguard, the nation’s largest mutual fund company.

    Join Host Celeste S. Duckworth, for the Women On The Rise Program with guest Laurie Battaglia and lets talk about the Challenges, Successes, and how Laurie cracked the code to follow her dream.

    8:00PM EST - 7:00PM Central - 5:00PM Mountain/Pacific

    Dial In or SKYPE (646) 564 - 9798 to listen, comment or ask questions.

    Join Chat @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikallifemagazine/2015/03/24/women-on-the-rise-presents-laurie-battaglia

    Guest Business Sponsor is Marcy Sherman, Owner of Marcella of Italy in Scottsdale AZ.

    www.marcellaofitaly.com or contact her at marcellaofitaly@gmail.com


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    CDC Cover-up: Assessing the Damage ~ Marcella Piper Terry ~ Host Sallie Elkordy

    in News

    Guest on "The Mary and Sallie Show" today: 

    Marcella Piper Terry of VaxTruth.org

    Host Sallie O. Elkordy

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    Episode 30


    A Radio Talk show about topics no other would dare to touch. Tune Every Sunday from 7-9pm with your host Michelle Kiyoko. Post your questions & your experiences at the following: IG: @thebottomline845; FB: thebottomline845 or you can e-mail us @ thebottomline845@gmail.com!


    Today we have two amazing women coming in that are mothers of children with special needs. Marcella Luppino and Elisha Littles will be opening up about their lives. Marcella's daughter has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy and Elisha's son has Autism. They will give advice, share their stories and answer any questions you may have. If you are the mother/father of a child with a disability or a disease I encourage you to listen in !! You are not alone eventhough sometimes you may feel like you are. Feel free to call in with your questions and to share your story.


    Call in during Live hrs @ (602) 753-1767


    & Thats The Bottom Line



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    HEALing THrough Hurt Show Updates and Happenings 2015!

    in Women

    Join us for this abbreviated update show to hear about upcoming shows, guests and events!

    Upcoming show schedule

    1/24 Chat Box LIVE

    1/25 SUNday Morning INspiration (The Discerning Eye)

    1/31 Dianne Bischoff James Author of The Brass Ring

    2/7 The Musical Mystic Himself Bob Sima

    Special Congratulations to Marcella D. Moore and her Motivate and Pray show on their 2 year "BIRTHDAY"

    I will be sharing other information on events and happenings with the Marathon of Hope Kingdom Ministry, HEALing THrough Hurt and The Wall Foundation too


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    Who Is The CDC Whistleblower ? 646-716 7259

    in Politics

    Today we are discussing the CDC whistleblower , Dr. William Thompson and what that means to you . Have you heard of the CDC Whistleblower ? What does that mean for you and your family - Plenty . If you wish to call in you may do so - call in @ 646 716 7259. African American boys are effected the most but it is across the board - A increase in autism with the timely adminstration of the MMR vaccine. My own child recived 4 shots containg 9 vaccines - within 6 hours she was admitted to the hospital . Her brain was swelling, she was having seizure after seizure , and her intestines were bleeding - Listen and find out how to protect your famiy from medical assault. Every day I say - I wish someone had told me - now is your chance to hear what I never had the chance to hear - . Then perhaps your famiy will have a fighting chance.




    Vaccinetruthnews@yahoo.com for questions and booking information. 



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    The Vaccine Agenda Internet Radio Show

    in Health

    Join Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips as he talks with founder of VaxTruth.org Marcella Piper-Terry about serious vaccine adverse reactions in herself and her daughter, and about her website, VaxTruth.org; and research scientist Dr. Theresa Deisher discussing the moral and health problems of human DNA in vaccines--in particular, the clear connection between vaccines and autism, and the cover-up of that connection driven by financial motives and fact that vaccine manufacturers have virtually no liability  for the many disabilities and deaths caused by their vaccines (more information available at www.soundchoice.org). You can sign up for the Vaccine Rights E-Newsletter at www.vaccinerights.com/newslettersignup.html, and get vaccine news at www.pandemicresponseproject.com/news.html.

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    Medical Assault On The African American Population 646 716 7259

    in Politics

    646 716 7259 is our call number. Tonight we will be discussing the medical asault on the African American Population - the most vulunerable - the infants and children.  With the advent of the CDCwhistleblower new information has come to light. Worse than the Tuskegee experiment is the 2004 MMR study published in the Journal Pediatrics. One of the co authors of this 2004 study - Dr. William Thompson is known as the CDC whistleblower. He revealed that the CDC has known about a increased rate of autism for African American boys when given the MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months. 13 years later Dr. Thompson decided to go public with his information. Incidently he won a national award for this 2004 MMR Study . From the cradle to the grave African American men are being targeted. Lets discuss what can be done. It is time to organize a protest to protect the most vulnerable - the children. Let us discuss the possibilities . As a additional note - with the announcement of the Eric Garner Case - that the Grand Jury said no - I will take calls on this matter . It is good to have a platform to process information . Let us learn from one another . All calls taken - please keep profanity down due to minors that might be listening. 


    CDCwhistleblower from The Autism Media Channel


    Marcella Piper Terry 's article - How Many African American Boys Will Have Autism As A Result Of The CDC's lies.




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