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    Dr Mark Faber: "The World Bankers Are Going To Bankrupt the World's Economy"

    in Finance


    In this incredible interview with Dr. Marc Faber, Patrick MontesDeOca from Equity Management Academy  http://ema2trade.com/ talks  about how world central banks could potentially create a major world economic collapse!
    Faber is the author and publisher of the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report, which highlights unusual investment opportunities, as well as several books on investment. He was managing director of Drexel, Burnham Lambert, and has lived in Hong Kong since 1973.

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    Cavity Search

    in Entertainment

    Episode 128
    "Cavity Search"
    Marc and John make major "oral" announcement, share big show news, play an hilarious round of "If Animals Ran the World" involving elephants with their pants on the ground! Also, Elsie has a surprise End of Show Food.
    Guest: Comedy writer, actor, producer and blogger Alex J. Mann, known for his work on the Fuse TV show Billy on the Street as well as SomeEcards, BuzzFeed,Nickelodeon, Mad Magazine,  Funny or Die, Conversations with a Twitter Feed  and Startup Diaries.

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    Hoops Lounge 027 - Rose and MVPs

    in Basketball

    Phil, Marc, and Mota (all in red) discuss what Rose's loss means to the Bulls, MVP's so far, a few disagreements on player's worth's, and Jordan getting into trouble again.

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    412 Sports Talk 11/27/13 (Special Guest: Mayor Peduto, of Pittsburgh)

    in Sports

    In this special Thanksgiving edition of Pens Initiative's 412 Sports Talk, "Mad Chad" Nolan and Mike "the Buzz-saw' Asti gives thanks (just not to the buffoons or yinzers) with a distinguished guest.

    Pittsburgh Mayor, Bill Peduto, stopped by to shed light on his personal connections with the city's illustrious sports culture, as well as, his analaysis on the current state of the Pittsburgh Penguins, a franchise he's loved his whole life. 

    Mayor Peduto even accomplished the rare feat of stumping the guys with a trivia question (you wouldn't have got it either). 

    The gold quality program closes, as Mike and Chad are joined by PI's own, Beth Myncin. Thoughts on Kris Letang, Marc-Andre Fleury, and transitioning to the new life of the Steelers, rounded out the show. It's a trifecta of unpopular opinions for all the haters to enjoy. 

    412 Sports Talk via PensInitiative.com is on the Radio: PI Podcast Network. 



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    Join us Live Wednesday 8P EST - Call in Skype or Chat at blogtalkradio.com/usaebn or www.usaebn.org

    Each week the experts will pick one disaster scenario and equip you with the gear and tactics to research and develop to survive and thrive.

    Knife Purveyor Marc Lacrimosa has been collecting and selling custom knives for several years. He views each knife as an individual work of art with each knife maker being an artist and steel being his or her canvas.



    http://madtownpreppers.blogspot.com/p/knives-and-blades.html - NebShip Survival Shop


    A wise man prepares for the darkness, while a fool plays. Don’t get caught playing.

    Listen to USA Emergency Broadcasting Network – An American Readiness Program at usaebn.org


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    USA Emergency Broadcasting Network Alerts are for informational use only. These alerts purpose is to inform you of news events in order for you to adjust your family preparedness programs. We believe that knowledge is power and in order for you to make informed decisions, we try and bring you verified information, not to increase fear but to inform you. We do not endorse any of the sources we link to in any article. 


    Remember: Research everything before you believe anything!!

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    New Pathway To Healing: An Interview With Marc Kuchner

    in Spirituality

    It's not rocket science. That's what some people say about country music. But Marc Kuchner, country songwriter and NASA astrophysicist, has a different point of view.
    "Deep down, songwriting and astronomy are similar; they are both about seeking the truth," says Kuchner. "In astronomy, the answers are out there far away. When you are writing a song, the truth is hiding inside you."
    Kuchner's songs certainly seem deep and cosmically significant; his song, "Fired", sung from the point of view of a loving wife whose husband has just lost his job. His song, "Curiosity", about a failed romance between a boy and a girl of different races, resonates in a country that's just elected its first black president.
    Kuchner's scientific work is a bit farther from everyday life. He says, "I work on understanding images of planetary systems around other stars." Kuchner has a Ph.D. in astronomy from Caltech, and a reputation for scientific creativity as the inventor of "Carbon Planets", hypothetical planets that can have thick layers of diamond.
    What's it like competing in these two fields, traditionally considered to be challenging tests of intellect and perserverance? Kuchner says, "Astrophysics is not easy. But I think songwriting is harder." In any case, the odds of success in either field are similar. There are roughly 30 new jobs each year in the United States in the whole field of astronomy (including astrophysics). That's about the same as the number of new hit songs each year.
    Kuchner doesn't have a number one yet, but two of his songs received airplay this year, and his song "Start Now" was chosen as the best demo of 2008 by Music Connection Magazine. You can hear Kuchner's songs on the albums of rising country stars Taryn Cross, Chelesea Music, Brynn Marie, and many others.

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    Singer/Songwriter Rolan Bolan

    in Entertainment

    Being the son of a rock legend has its highs and lows, but for Rolan Bolan, son of the late glam-rocker and T-Rex frontman Marc Bolan, one of the coolest things is hanging out with other members of his unique fraternity. He’s jammed on the beach with Roy Orbison’s sons Roy Jr. and Alex, hung out with Zoey Bonham (daughter of John Bonham and sister of Jason) and has had Planet and Sierra Swan, daughters of ‘70s pop singer Billy Swan, do backup vocals for him. Rolan was also excited a few years back when “Born to Boogie,” the Magical Mystery tour-like 1972 concert film of his dad, T-Rex and Ringo Starr at Wembley Empire Pool directed by the ex-Beatle himself, was released for the first time on DVD by Sanctuary Records. Ringo said he wouldn’t approve the project, originally released on The Beatles’ Apple Films, unless Rolan was involved. Rolan helped restore the film and presented many of the special features on the new release, which went to #1 on the DVD charts in the UK.
    Currently emerging as a rock/soul artist in his own right, the Los Angeles-based Rolan—whose father died in a car accident in London in 1977, two weeks before his 30 birthday—has forged an exciting studio chemistry over the past few years with veteran producer Dito Godwin, whose vast resume includes Black Sabbath, No Doubt, Great White and members of KISS and Motley Crue.

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    Celebrity Gossip & New Music

    in Music

    you know what time it is..... it's time for another edition of celebrity gossip an new music. find out whats going on this week in entertainment. word on the street is that out favorite lady of royalty is in a rocky time in her marriage (BEY).  what did jada pinkette smith say on twitter to get the so call christians in an uproar?  Has our favorite say what she feel talk show host ELLEN been using aging creme? which 90's r/b group member has a completely different look? what baby mother of marc anothony is going after his for child support? Is chill really a hoodrat whore/ find all that an much more. i got u on the ratchet.

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    The Originals - Bloodletting

    in Entertainment

    Hayley becomes concerned for herself and her baby when someone from her past makes a revelation. Klaus has a dngerous and unexpected encounter. Rebekah recieves an enticing offer from Marcel. Join Lucia (@heroinetv) and Amanda (@AmandaInGA) discuss last weeks episode.

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    D and Davis Show

    in Sports

    Part Two. In studio we have WARR.com editor-and-chief, Kyle Means, plus Mike Bradford’s manning the updates and coproduction. Also, checkout the Matt Barnes N-word debate, plus Obamacare. Sit back and enjoy the sports talk. Follow us @DAndDavisShow; listen to D and Davis Live every Saturday at 11:00 am on Chicagolandsportsradio.com

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    The Magical Path with Marc Allen

    in Self Help

    Marc Allen is an renowned speaker, entrepreneur, author, and composer and co-founder of New World Library. Today we’re going to focus on magic, which is the subject of his latest book, The Magical Path, Creating the Life of Your Dreams and a World that Works for All. This is the kind of magic that is the instrument of manifestation in the world of everything from health and relationships to dreams and abundance. Marc speaks from a lifetime of practical application that took him from poverty to being a successful publisher and multimillionaire.
    Find Marc at marcallen.com

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    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review

    in Movies

    AreYouScreening.com host and BFCA film critic, Marc Eastman, and co-host extraordinaire, Shane Leonard, review The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

    We'll also have some interview clips with the stars, and we have a couple of interesting announcements, including a podcast-specific giveaway!