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    231 The 2014 ASICS LA Marathon

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    Joe was part of the announcing team at the 2014 ASICS LA Marathon.  It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles as more than 25,000 runners ran from the LA Dodgers Stadium to the seaside finish in Santa Monica.  We'll take a short stop at the expo, talk with some old friends, a few vendors and the race officials from the San Francisco Marathon.  Joe caught up the the CEO of the LA Marathon and spent 15 minutes talking about the event, the bright future of the LA Marathon and the Olympic Trials.  At the end Joe shares some thoughts about what it's like to watch you finish a marathon.

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    A marathon odyssey

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    Don Kern has completed marathon adventures that most people can only dream of.  His story of running races around the world is remarkable and he's achieved records for his accomplishment.  It's an amazing story running, determination and endurance.  You'll enjoy this very much.

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    214 A Marathon Adventure

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    Yolanda Holder is known around the world.  She hold the Guinness Record for most marathons in a year by a woman.  Today she's on to talk about her 521 mile epic marathon over 16 days to raise money and awareness for diabetes.  She'll talk about getting sponsors, preparing and planning and her epic journey.  We'll talk about tricks to keep cool when it's hot, 93 marathons she doesn't even count in her life total, how many pair of shoes she brought and much, much more.  It's a great story.  Enjoy.

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    204 Spirit of the Marathon II

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    Gwendolen Twist is the producer of Spirit of the Marathon II and our friend Julie Weiss is one of the 7 runners featured in this movie that premiers next week. Gwen and Julie are on the show to talk about this amazing movie. Among many other things you'll hear how our sport transcends life, filming challenges at the Rome Marathon, get insights into some remarkable life stories and what the non-running entertainment industry thinks about our sport. There is much more and you're sure to enjoy this preview

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    197 Boston Marathon Insights

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    Gary Allen has run the Boston Marathon many times, he knows all the officials of the BAA and he has access most of us could only dream of.  He's on today to talk about where he was, what he saw and where he'll be in April 2014.  James Winston is a detective with the Chicago Police Department's bomb and arson unit.  James is also an active marathon runner.  James talks to us about his impressions of the blast, our safety and his outlook on the sport.

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    Marathon Crazy Weekend

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    Joe ran the 2012 Long Beach Marathon, but there were many other marathons the weekend of October 6 and 7, 2012.  We're shaking things up on this show.  Joe will take you to the expo briefly, then out for most of the course.  It's a shortened version of his typical race coverage as he's adding correspondent reports from the St. George Marathon, Minneapolis Marathon, Steamtown Marathon and the Chicago Marathon.  You'll hear from 4 people that ran those events.  They'll talk about the course, the fall colors, funny things they saw and what each race meant to them.  It's a nice change on a good theme.

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    213 The 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon

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    The Happiest Place on Earth become the happiest place "to run" on Earth.  It's the Disneyland Half marathon and it's the kick-off to marathon season.  We'll visit with Jeff Galloway and Joey Fatone at a special event.  On race day you'll hear from a couple who got engaged during a surpise event on the stage, Joe gets passed by women who is 31 weeks pregnant, we'll do some singing and dancing, talk about the funniest race sign at any race, interview our friends and much, much more.

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    209 Marathon Training with Bart Yasso

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    Bart Yasso of Runners World Magazine is on to share stories about running and to talk about his book, "The Runners World Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training."  Bart answers questions from the audience and talks about cross training, preparation for hilly marathons, common injuries, the Boston and NYC marathon, the Rolling Stone cover and much, much more.  Enjoy.

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    229 Run the Surf City Marathon with Joe

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    We're off to the Surf City Marathon today.  It's set in Huntington Beach, CA on the ocean on Super Bowl Sunday.  More than 20,000 people come out for these events each year.  This year we produced this show and filmed The Marathon Show for television.  You'll hear Joe take you out on the race course and talk about the experience of filming a marathon for the show.  Along the way you'll hear his Super Bowl prediction and meet some amazing people battling cancer.  You'll also hear him looking for the person who dropped the "Go Jesus" sign, he'll talk to a woman walking walking backwards pulling a jogging stroller and some of the comedy involved in using runners, spectators and volunteers as actors in the show.

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    The Marathon Show meets Marathon Talk

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    It's the British invasion! Not the Beatles. Marathon Talk in the U.K. is a hugely popular broadcast hosted by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams. Tom is on The "American" Marathon Show to talk about running in the UK, his worldwide audience and other fun running topics.

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    225 Run the 2013 Holiday Half Marathon with Joe

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    We're running with the holiday geniuses today.  It's the 2013 Holiday Half Marathon in Pomona, CA.  We arrive on race morning, visit with a few friends then broadcast while running the race.  Along the way we'll get passed by thousands of students, talk with a runner who is battling skin cancer, dream of England with some discussion of fell running, meet some first time runners, offer some advice on becoming a good hill runner, and much, much more.  It's the last half marathon of the year.  Enjoy