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    Practical Exercises for Manifesting Miracles

    in Lifestyle

    Goddess Allison is a Manifestation Mentor who specializes in Soulmate
    Matchmaking and Abundance Development. She has over ten years of
    experience in the holistic field and her guidance has helped many
    manifest miracles- attain large amounts of money, find love, live a
    dream career, lose weight easily, heal depression, cure negative
    patterns and habits, and so much more. Her work focuses on subliminal
    reprogramming and brain entrainment so you can reprogram your reality
    from having what you've got, which may not be ideal, into experiencing
    all your divine desires.

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    Monday Morning Miracles w/The Miracles Coach: Top Tips for Manifesting Miracles

    in Self Help

    Tiffany Vanderhorst, known as The Miracles Coach, will be sharing her insights on the Law of Attraction, how she's used it to change her life, and her top 7 tips for manifesting miracles.

    As a Miracle Mindset Coach & Law of Attraction Specialist for Women Entrepreneurs, and your go-to-girl for all things MIRACLES!!, she works with women all over world and supports them in starting and growing their own thriving coaching businesses, increasing their bank accounts, and transforming their minds and themselves in the process.

    Tiffany is super passionate about helping you learn how to effectively apply the principles of the Law of Attraction so you can gain the confidence and clarity you need to own your unique power and create everything you've ever dreamed of with your thoughts.

    To learn more about Tiffany or how to set up a transformational coaching session with her, please visit her website at http://themiraclescoach.com.

    Also, to receive the recordings of Tiffany's Monday Morning Miracles message every Monday to your email so you never miss an episode, please visit:


    You can also connect with Tiffany on Facebook:




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    A Life of Miracles: Unfolding journey

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to A life of Miracles radio with your host Denise O'Regan and Linda Iversen, airing each Thursday at 7pm est.

    This week we share our miracles and blessings from Almine's teachings. Linda offers a recent writing that is sure to

    inspire. This is our second last show, so please enjoy. We welcome your comments and participation.

    As the surfer becomes the wave and the skier becomes the mountain, as a dancer becomes the drum, so the master becomes one with the currents and flow of the river of life. Flowing fluidly around the rocks in the river, cooperating with the whirls and edies along the way, the master becoems a skillful epitome of ultimate grace.: Almine.

    To learn more about Almine visit www.spiritualjourneys.com

    Praise, Love, Gratitude and Trust




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    MIRACLE MANIFESTING MIRACLES - Passover, Easter, Renewal, Protection, Grace

    in Spirituality

    This is Spring Equinox, replete with Eclipses, and, yes, Passover and Easter.  What can we gain from any of this?  Renewal.  Grace.  Resurgence.  Resurrection of Spirit.  Release of the outmoded.  Celebration.  Community.  Commonality.  Individuality.  Forgiveness.  Grace.  What do you bring to the table of life?  How can you benefit from any and all of this?  What is your takeaway?

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    A Life of Miracles Radio: Finale Show

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to A Life of Miracles radio with your host Denise O'Regan and Linda Iversen airing Thursday 7pm est.

    Please join us for our last show of sharing Almines teachings, miracles and magic. 

    It is in endings we find new beginnings.Tonight we share information on the mystical realms and a power meditation recorded at the Red Deer retreat in 2014 with Almine. 

    To learn more about Almine please visit www.spiritualjourneys.com 


    With the natural wonderment of a child, the master approaches the newness of the moment, unencumbered by the accumulated debris of lifetimes that has shaped itself into personalities. Divinity Quest #22.

    Thank you to all our listeners and guests who have joined us on A life of Miracles. Our beloved Almine for the opportunity,Sandra Saradesi and Linda Iversen for your amazing presence. Immense praise, love and gratitude to ALL.

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    A Life Of Miracles: Book of Runes

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to A Life of Miracles airing each Thursday at 7pm est.

    This week Denise is joined by a wonderful new host Linda Iversen from Red Deer, Alberta. Please join me in welcoming Linda to the show. Tonight we talk about the upcoming "Book of Runes" from Almine. Linda shares one of her writings, valuable insights and some laughter. We also have a beautiful chakra clearing by Almine. Join us for this magical hour. 

    For more information on Almine visit www.spiritualjourneys.com .

    Asanech-spahurat-skravi You are the artist creating the living work of art that is your life, and the tools that shape 

    your environment are your attitudes. Divinity Quest #19.

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    A Life of Miracles: The unfolding journey of life

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to A life of Miracles radio with your host Denise O'Regan and Linda Iversen airing each Thursday at 7pm est.

    This week we share the synchronicity of our week and the seven perceptions of the unfolding journey of life. Linda also shares some of her Inspirational writings !!!

    Please join us for this sacred hour.

    These seven perceptions we share are given by Almine and can be found on www.Iampresence.com.

    To learn more about the seer Almine please visit www.spiritualjourneys.com.

    The Bird song changes every two hours of the day, providing a frequency clock for those who work in the world of miracles and magic to cooperate with. Almine



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    A Life Of Miracles

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to A life Of Miracles radio with your hosts Denise O'Regan and Sandra Saradesi. We share the miracles and magic unfolding as we walk this journey with Almine and our light family.


    Do you have a miracle with Almines work that you would like to share on the radio? please contact us denise@almine.inof or sandra@almine.net

    For more information on Almine please visit www.spiritualjourneys.com

    Love, praise,gratitufe and trust

    Have a magical week.


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    A Life of Miracles: Self Awareness

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to A life of Miracles radio with your host Denise O'Regan and Sandra Saradesi.

    This week we share a recording by Almine talking about Self Awareness and the blue ball of light. This recording was taken

    on the cruise retreat of 2014. We hope you enjoy.

    To learn more about Almine visit www.spiritualjourneys.com.

    Bitrevar-arekstu. Create happy experiences,like lighting candles along the journey of eternity, so that you may bask in their

    collective glow when the darkness of discouragement threatens your well-being. Elfin Quest #44 Almine



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    A Life of Miracles Radio: Inspiration from Charla

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to A Life of Miracles radio show with your host Denise O'Regan and Linda Iversen, airing each week at 7pm est.

    This week we are delighted to have a special guest join the show. Charla Langevin from Red Deer Alberta. Charla is a Belvaspata Grandmaster, healer, and student of Almine. Please join us as we share the miracles of Almine's teachings in our

    daily interactions and be inspired to live a life of miracles.

    To learn more about Almine please visit www.spiritualjourneys.com.

    All of life is your temple. If there is something that you find unholy, there is something of yourself that you reject.Almine