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    Mammograms and Breast Cancer - Early Detection Can Save Lives

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    What is a mamogram?  

    What are different types of mamogram and how do I know which one is the right one for me?  

    What is a breast ultrasound?  

    What is a breast MRI?  

    What is PEM?

    Join Dr. Sharon Johnson (Doctor of Business) on the Comtivate Show for your moment in motivation and stay in the Empowerment Environment.  If you have a story or a journey with someone, please let me know by email to http://info@comtivate.com

    For more information about mamograms,  or to schedule a momogram, you can contact Memorial Hospital WOmen's Imaging Center at 954-276-5500 or visit http://mhs.net

    Contact Dr. Sharon Johnson at http://www.comtivate.com



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    Ep#39 Fox and day day will be discussing Health issues

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    in this weeks episode we will be covering all the latest hot topics and how important it is to go and see your doctor why do people procrastinante. when is the right time \ age to get certain check-ups

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    Breast Cancer: Awareness, Treatment, Cure

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    October is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! Join us for tonight's re-broadcast of must-have breast health solutions: 8p ET/7p CT dial 347-850-8486 to join us on Wednesday, October 28, 2015. 

    Breast cancer rates vary among different groups of people, but is deadly more often-than-not to the African American women diagnosed with it. After the CDC's latest release of information on the dangers of mamograms, prevention and early self-detection tools are more critical than ever. 

    Symptometry's Root Cause TherapeuticsTM offers scientific and natural health solutions for you and your family at any stage and diagnosis. Root Cause Radio interviews Dr. Maxwell Nartey, founder of Symtometry to share: 

    what is the root cause of breast cancer
    what is best protection against developing breast cancer
    why certain birth control methods increase the risk of having breast cancer

       Access this show and all podcasts at www.RootCauseRadio.com.

    Root Cause Radio ~ Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health

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    Health Empowerment Day w/Peterson Foundation-Take Loved One to Dr. w/Nurse Burr

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    To help our community secure a path to better health and empowerment, Sonia D. Peterson Foundation is sponsoring:

    Health Empowerment Day in the Park
    1-5pm Sat 9.20.14
    Thomas R. Wussow Park
    500 Greens Rd
    Houston, TX 77060
    Kimberly Peterson 832.840.2749
    Renee Montgomery 832.431.2140

    Mammograms will be provided via health insurance (or 25 women by Sonia D. Peterson Foundation) for women age 30 and older & HIV/AIDs screening for the entire community. Special activities and snacks for children. Volunteer and sponsorship opportunities are available.

    The longer we live, the more chance something will happen, but we can prepare for life events we may very well anticipate and control them while we can.  We are bringing attention to how you can prepare for life events during Life Insurance Awareness Month.  

    September is  also:
    National Childhood Cancer Awareness  Month
    Cancer is on the rise despite early detection, and...

    Sonia D. Peterson Foundation is dedicated to informing the community of the importance of cancer screenings and has chosen to support cancer patients and their loved ones as they journey through treatment.

    Nurse Burr, The Walk Fitness Nurse & Fitness Enthusiast offers a recommended medical test checklist to share with your doctor on 'Take A Loved One to the Doctors Day' or your annual visit to help you stay on path to better health.

    Serving as Health Consultant, Nurse Burr shares reflections on the Health Fair sponsored by Wealthy Women Network this summer.

    One should watch over exposure to radiation generated by mamograms and other screenings and not overdo them as they can play an important part in identifying patterns that affect our health. We must be proactive and be empowered to live life to the fullest.

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    Desiree & Deborah Wright, Founder of Inner Images

    in Business

    Did you know that you can still get FREE pap smears and mammograms.
    Are you aware of the additional programs and services that are now available under the Affordable Care Act?
    Are you HIGH RISK?
    Do you know how your breast density can affect you?
    Are you aware of the TOP things that could keep you healthy?
    You may be thinking I've heard this all before, but take a moment and listen. It's your life and you're WORTH IT!
    Inner Images 310-628-4191 InnerImagesInc@yahoo.com www.InnerImagesInc.com Want to be interviewed on our shows? Just contact us at 818-865-8563 Member@AnEmpoweredWoman.com www.AnEmpoweredWoman.com

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    The Big Squeeze - Mammograms with Dr. Handel Reynolds

    in US Government

    THE BIG SQEEZE. An influential panel of medical experts ignited a controversy in 2009 when they recommended that most women skip breast exams until they are 50.  That kicked off an uproar about one of the least understood and potentially most important examinations of a woman's life .  Dr. Handel Reynolds, radiologist specializing in mamograms, will explore the political and social context of breast exams in our society. He explains the risks and the benifits of mamograms and the poltics behind the controversy every woman should understand.
    THE SUPREMES 2012. In Segment Two, Fairness Radio's Constitutional  updates us on the US Supreme Court docket that started this week.  Which of the 2000 cases before the Justices will they take, which ones will they ignore and what the potential changes hang in the balance?  From gay marriage to voting and free speech rights, Albert will illuminate the coming year and take your questions.

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    Empowering You Radio Presents: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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    Join your host Robin Hardy as she chats with 2 breast cancer survivors. Joining Robin live will be Leslie Haywood and Eric Dunlap as they share their story of survival, and yes men do risk breast cancer as well as women.

    During the month of October we are drawing the awareness to a real health issue that with early detection can be stopped. Here in the Inland Empire "Michele's Place" offers free mamograms for women. Check your local areas for groups like this.

    For questions regarding the show email Robin@RobinHardy.net and to listen to archived shows visit http://RobinHardy.net

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