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    The Beast Barnett Tuesday Night Power Party

    in Sports

    From the ashes of Da Lounge, The George Mack Show, and The Joe From Philly Show has arisen The Beast Barnett Tuesday Night Power Party. Beast plans to get right to buisness and try to answer the question on everyone's mind. That's right. Is a hot dog a sandwhich, simply in a class by itself, or something else? This long argued point gets looked at in depth and we'll try to get to the bottom of it as this power party is launched.

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    The Beast Barnett Tuesday Night Power Party episode 3

    in Sports

    Beast Barnett brings his power party to Tuesday night yet again. There's sure to be a variety of topics thrown around this week such as human and walrus marriage rights, why Tyson Kidd was a sucker for marrying Nattie Neidhart, and oatmeal.

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    The Beast Barnett Tuesday Night Power Party episode 2

    in Sports

    Beast Barnett is back on Tuesday night to bring you his power party for the second time. His discourse about hot dogs being sandwhiches has turned into the most heated debate in the country today. Will more people chime in on this issue? He's also coming off a trip to Chicao via a train which will probably get mentioned. How much negativity will Any Petition Jonak try to spread this week? Will QT be running track as he calls into the show? Find out on Tuesday night.

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Lisa Barnett

    in Books

    The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records ~

    The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records is an extraordinary book filled with unparalleled tools for transformation. Accessing the Akashic Records is one of the most powerful paths to self-awareness and personal change currently available. Lisa carefully and lovingly guides you through the Akashic Knowing Wisdom Prayer System, a five-step system with three vibrational keys to directly and easily access your Akashic Record. You will also become skilled at:


    The art of formulating questions to receive life-enhancing answers.
    Releasing karma, soul contracts, and vows that bind you to negative life patterns.
    Gaining clarity about personal situations by practicing exercises.
    Learning new healing tools from the Akashic Lords to assist you in further releasing old issues and aligning with your life purpose.

    Author Lisa Barnett has gathered all her most successful techniques, strategies, shortcuts, and wisdom into this one book so you can do it yourself--anytime, anywhere.

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    Authors Supporting Authors with Flo Barnett

    in Youth

    This week's author: Flo Kolton Barnett

    During her professional career, Flo Barnett was a preschool administrator and daycare provider. She also taught kindergarten and elementary school for many years. Now retired, Flo writes hilarious tales for, and sometimes based on, the real-life antics of her seven energetic grandchildren whom she loving refers to as Grammy's Gang.

    More recently, Flo is directing her focus on publishing chapter books geared for older children, ages 9 to 99. She explores serious topics such as abuse, bullying and loss of a loved one in a sensitive manner in order to empower youngsters to face adversity with courage and conviction. Flo lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her hubby, Barry, and her dog, Shadow.

    Visit Flo on www.Facebook.com/FloBarnettAuthor .

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    Author N. M. Barnett discusses her literary journey on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Motivation

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author N. M. Barnett to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her literary journey and to discuss how the book The Beautification of Gomer McLinn came about---and what she hopes you take away from it. 
    The book is available on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U3Z55B6/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb  

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    Everything w/KathyB, Steve,WillReeve, Dr. Dick Barnett,Edd J. Hayes, Craig Curry

    in Sports

    Source Nation! Join us for an amazing night of Sports Tuesday with Host Steve Manderson and Black College Sports with Host Edd J Hayes.

    Source Nation! Join us tonight for Sports Tuesday & Black College Sports.
    At 6:15, Steve welcomes back Will Reeve Jr of AWF to discuss the NCAA Final 4.

    At 7:15, Join Steve as he welcomes Former NY Nicks, NBA Great, Dr. Dick Barnett. Dr. Barnett played with greats such as, Walt "Clyde" Frazier, Bill Bradley, Phil Jackson and Willis Reid.  Tune in as Dr. Barnett discusses his amazing career, the championships of 1969 and 1973 and an upcoming project that he is involved with.

    At 8:15

    Source Nation! Join us tonight at 8 for a dynamic episode of Black College Sports with Host Edd J. Hayes. Tune in at 8:15 as Edd welcomes the Legendary, 1st Black Quarterback for The Miami Dolphins, Craig Curry into the studio to share his amazing career and to share how he is making a difference in communities world wide. Call in and be a part of the conversation at 619-924-0933. You've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.


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    Former Professional Football Player Jay Barnett on JOTU & GEMS!

    in Self Help

    Jay Barnett is an actor, author, inspirational speaker and former NFL and AFL football player. He has recently been featured in films such as, “Hyphen,” and “Order in the Court.”  He was also featured in VH1′s Reality TV Show, “Wedding Wars.”  Jay will star in the inspirational film entitled “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered” which will be in theaters nationwide. In addition to his experience on the big screen, Jay Barnett is the author of “Find Our Lost Kings and Queens,” and “Letters to a Young Queen.”   Also, he is the founder of the training and mentoring program “Beastmode”, which geared toward training young men to be both physically and mentally adept.

    Jay graduated from Tarleton State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Business Management. While attending school, Jay interned as a strength and conditioning coach organizing sport specific workouts for basketball, tennis, and football teams. The skills and knowledge of these specific workouts are the foundation of his organization, Beastmode program.


    For Media and Business Inquiries
    Contact PRTeam@epimediagroup.com
    For Media and Business Inquiries
    Contact PRTeam@epimediagroup.com

     Social Media


    www.twitter.com/kingjaybarnett www.facebook.com/JayJ.barnett

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    The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records w/Lisa Barnett

    in Spirituality

    Lisa Barnett is the Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom and an internationally recognized teacher with more than twenty years of experience in the spiritual healing forum. Through her school, Lisa has created resources to share this ancient yet accessible Akashic Field. She accesses the healing guidance of the Akasha for her clients using sacred prayers and healing tools,providing her students with the knowledge to enter their own personal soul record.Lisa specializes in empowering individuals to find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance,health, and ease by aligning with their Soul Path, realizing Soul Contracts,and completing Karma and Vows. This is all possible by incorporating information from their AkashicRecord into daily life.The tools and prayers of the Akasha help her clients and students at asoul level to create the life their hearts and souls desire.Lisa has developed an amazing program that helps ordinary people experience lastingtransformation, and her special healing technique called “Pain Body Release” energeticallyhelps to release accumulated emotional pain from this or past lifetimes. She has written fivecourse manuals, produced dozens of audios, and currently leads frequent webinars to teachpeople around the world how to access their Akashic Record.

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    Developing Resources in Your Church?

    in Christianity

    In this monthly series (April 2015), we're still focusing on where the RESOURCES are ... in your community ... in my community ... in my church ... in your church. 

    Isn't it easy to look at Acts 2:42 - 47 and 4:32 - 36 and see how there was no lack of resources?  But have you ever wondered how they got there where ... "nobody was in need"?  Do you think this happened by itself?  Did God do it without the people doing their part?  Can you imagine have a resourceful mindset as an individual and as a church and then as a community of churches? As a leader, have you asked the people what they need?

    Central question: What can be done to develop resources within the church so as to live as an Acts 2 church?

    PRF Table hosts: Rev. Nate J.r. Dunlap, Adia Sanders, Mary Ann Barnett-Williams, Shatara Sherwood, and Warren Feaster.

    Facebook: Possessions.Resources.Finances

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    Agitator Radio

    in Politics Progressive

    Host Robert Dawkins discusses: progressive politics, race relations, American politics, African American, culture, demographics, social justice, economic justice, racial disparity, justice, American history, society, social change, law enforcement, police, labor, labor organizing, organized labor, North Carolina, community action, community organization, and more!

    Robert's guest is John Barnett; the topic is police misconduct and citizen oversight