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    John Carver Show - Piece of Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

    in Self Help

    Today's Radio Show/Podcast is called "A Piece of Blink."

    Malcolm Gladwell redefined how we understand the world around us. Now, in Blink, he revolutionizes the way we understand the world within. Blink is a book about how we think without thinking, about choices that seem to be made in an instant-in the blink of an eye-that actually aren't as simple as they seem. Why are some people brilliant decision makers, while others are consistently inept? Why do some people follow their instincts and win, while others end up stumbling into error? How do our brains really work-in the office, in the classroom, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom? And why are the best decisions often those that are impossible to explain to others?

    Order a copy of the entire audio book at


    A STRONG AND SUCCESSFUL LIFE NEEDS A SOLID FOUNDATION! Whether you are just beginning to lay your foundation in life or you've already built your life but need to shore up some weak spots these broadcasts are designed with YOU in mind! Don't give up on yourself! So many people have gone through struggles and wish they had someone to stand alongside them and give them that little nudge they need to keep going. I want to be that ONE for YOU!

    Have you ever needed a little encouragement? I am leveraging more than twenty five years to LIFT YOU UP to a position of HOPE and COURAGE!! You have more potential inside you than you realize! You were born for GREATNESS!


    Let me help you TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE into one of EXPECTATION and PURPOSE!


    John W. Carver, LUTCF


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    Zimbabwe, Soros, Black Lives Matter, & Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    The wicked agenda to undermine the progress of Afrikan people worldwide and ultimately commit genocide against our Race is becoming more and more public every day.  No single european better exemplifies the demonsim of the white spirit than that of the notorious smallhat George Soros.

    Not only has he been intentionally funding efforts to overthrow the Government of Zimbabwe and the Lion of Afrika, President Robert Mugabe; but he has also been undermining the development of the Afrikan continent for some time now. 


    Transcript of the report "Zimbabwe: Election Scenarios" that was compiled by the International Crisis Group, funded by George Soros. 


    Proof that Soros is funding this effort and is on the board of Directors or Trustees:



    Not only is Soros working to undermine the Afrikan continent and destabilize Afrikan nations, but he is funding psuedo-Black, pro-homosexual organizations, like "Black Lives Matter," "Malcolm X Grassroots Movement", and many others.  Now, they are fighting to undermine the "Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM)." 

    Tune in on Monday night to enjoy this program and help to organize and fight Soros' attempts to undermine Zimbabwe's government and push "homosexuality" on the Black community.

  • Why do most black men & women wear weaves or perm their hair

    in Entertainment

    Livelinks Chatline - 917-268-8884
    There is a lot of talk of blk women wearing weave and perms  for some odd reason no one talks about blk men doing the same thing. Prominent blk men like louis farrakhan, Al Sharpton, James Brown, Malcolm X, Sugar Ray Robinson , and many other have permed their hair . 


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  • Kurtizent Productions "Presents" High Standards Radio Battle League

    in Indie Music

    3 way elimination battle: ahpasit vs ozp dizzy vs fresno savage

    king tony vs t spittah

    rematch: lady mirc(miracle brown) vs genuisdakidd

    dabeast vs goobythebaby

    main event: king malcolm jahmal vs family man

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    Black Thoughts and Theory: The Radio Show- Melanated Self-Defense

    in Culture

    Melanated Self-Defense

    Some of you believe that we cannot defeat those who would subdue or slaughter us. Well, I do not share such cowardly and ridiculous thoughts. Sure we have to be smart because they are formidable, but if I may paraphrase Garvey, the power that holds African Americans is not divine ... it is flesh and blood. 

    Join Alex Primo, Asha Zuri, and Zhe Levels Scott Thursday October 1 at 9 PM EST as we discuss not only what is possible in regards to Melanated Self-Defense, but we will explore and examine what our great forerunners did in the past to protect one another. We will look at a Black Doctor who knew he had to take up arms to protect his family and people. We will look at a brother who believed in shoot first and shoot last. We will also look at Indigenous Americans fighting the Klan and more. 

    And of course the good brother Dennis Jefferson will be bringing us another fantastic episode of Healthy Matters.

    This is going to be a HOT one so get ready to tune-in.

    You can call-in at (917)889-2830 to speak with your Hosts


    You can log on here to listen LIVE.

    And Remember Always Keep It On-Point and Keep It Real.

  • Gilbrando Acevedo

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we'll be talking with Gilbrando Acevedo. He's been in a number of Fuzz on the Lens productions, including two of my favorites, "Mama's Boys" and "Like Father, Like Sons" opposite Johnny Collins.

    Born in Brooklyn, New York, Gilbrando Acevedo is an actor who studied acting at HB Studios in New York City. With a passion for academia, he garnered a baccalaureate degree in Philosophy and Political Science, as well as a Master's Degree in Exercise Science, which informs his performances. His technique focuses on human motivation and honest self-expression while utilizing his physicality to bring a palpable intensity to his roles. No stranger to TV, he created, directed, edited and acted in his own bi-weekly television show entitled "Philosophy, Art & Fitness," which aired on Brooklyn Community Access Television. Experienced in theater acting, having performed at many off-Broadway venues throughout New York, including New York City Center, he made his film debut, as The Vampire Lord, in the original independent film "Prey Love Eat," directed by Michael Leavy. Although he has collaborated with many diverse, talented and creative production companies, he presently has finished his 5th film, "Catch of The Day" with Fuzz on the Lens Productions, in which he plays the lead, Detective Sam Hynes. However, starting in the summer of 2015 he will be filming another Fuzz on the Lens Production, in which he plays The Genie, in what will be his biggest film to date, "AA," and stars a stellar cast including Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane, Eileen Dietz, Leslie Easterbrook and many, many more. Look for these films, his appearances on television, YouTube and web series.

  • Terrific Minded Thursday-Rapping For A Change Bars Cannot Confine Your Greatness

    in Education

     713-955-0708 6:30pm CST/ 7:30 pm EST 

    Join Brother Curtis Wise Jr and Sister Deja on P.O.P. S Movement Radio Terrific Minded Thursday 10/1/15 as we welcome our Special Guest  Keith Wallace & Maurice Jackson. Kieth Wallace once known as Full Klip, was born in the heart of Miami FL. Just like most young men he dreamed of leaving his mark on the world. However, one bad decision at a very early age took his life on a six-year detour behind bars. The confinement of bars could not rob him of his dream. In fact, this isolation from society allowed him to fine tune his skills as a rapper. Whatever greatness God instills in you can’t no prison take from you unless you allow them to.

    In 2004, Full Klip left prison with more than he went in with, just like Malcolm X, he gained knowledge, Societies knowledge that 1 + 1 = 2 but 1 + 1 = whatever he wanted it to. He learned that you have the ability to create your own definition. Since then he and his Manager and close personal friend Maurice Jackson have been motivating the mind with truth in bars that go beyond the typical to promote positive lifestyle and overcoming challenges.

    Join Us tonight and let your voice be heard and free your mind to a whole new Terrific Level no matter what your circumstance!


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    Tell the Truth Tuesday: Loss of Innocence

    in Entertainment

    Tonights show Im going super mama. My son has had issues with the same kid for the last 3 years. As a brown male child Im trying to NOT get him started on a bad family trait....fighting. At this point Im ready to show up to the school everyday to watch this kid try my son so I can go off on the teachers that allow it. What really upsets me is the issue with the PARENTS of this child. To call my son a racial slur last year, spit on him another year (I almost saw God that day) and to call my son an asshole yesterday are things he has seen in his home obviously. My son was prompted by the racial slur to write about it in his book we published last year called ,"Journal of a Kid Waiting to be King" available on amazon as well as my website. Although I teach my son to fight with his words at some point after the shoving and taking of my sons books or lunchbox it might just be time for Malcolm X not Martin Luther.

  • Are You Smarter Than Your Pastor : Vision Church Atlanta

    in Religion

    In these difficult days and times we often look to spiritual leaders for guidance and instruction in our lives. As Christians (followers of Christ) should these leaders speak from their mind, or from what is written based on the word of God? This show will examine things said by men and woman claiming to be Gods ministers to reveal whether or not they are speaking Gods word and doing his will. 1Pet 4: 11 If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through JesusChrist, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.We hope you tune in and listen to our show. We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am all eastern time.

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    Malcolm & Tracey

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Tracey Brown the worlds most Currently Popular Online Psychic talks about this weeks current hot topics! Join me each week at 12n every Saturday for a fun and enlightening 2hours! This week we will have join us April 5th on my new segment-MALCOLM,THE ORDINARY SPORTS/POLITICAL GUY! http://t.co/8q7TDnpFn0

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