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    Du Livre des Enchantements aux vortex 'cheminées'

    in Spirituality

    Nous partageons encore des phénomènes associés à la magie du Livre des Enchantements (Book of Spells) et les outils d'Almine pour faciliter le déplacement de certains phénomènes géo-biologiques qui peuvent perturber l'environnement domestique (les vortex "cheminées, qui peuvent avoir de  sérieuses répercussions suyr la santé des habitants d'une maison)). Ensuite Marc nous parle du Merkaba des dieux (la nouvelle étape d'évolution de ce véhicule de conscience qu'est le champ Merkaba) à activer ensemble dans le cadre d'un webinaire le 21 janvier.

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    Cosandra Calloway on the Red Carpet and the Runway

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    Cosandra rocked another amazing Red Carpet at the Red Ribbon Affair for the NCNW last Sunday!!!!!!!! Sheryl Lee Ralph, Bill Duke, Michael Weinstein, Rev. Dr. Cecil L. "Chip" Murray, Sonia Hooper, Ambassador Diane E. Watson and others as they came together for the cause of fighting HIV/AIDS with Awareness, Education, and Prevention Programs offered by the NCNW View Park Section of Los Angeles. We will be playing interviews from that great event!!!!!!!!

    Also, we will be pumping up Cosandra on the runway tonight for the LA MAISON DE FASHION'S CHRISTMAS RUNWAY FASHION SHOW WITH MAGGIE BARRY!!!!!!!! Cosandra will be the celebrity model for the night!!!!!!!!



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    Today's Show 7.31.14


    On the July 31st broadcasting of the Loisirslit’s Non-Profit Thursday Radio Show, we are sponsoring Smothers Academy Preparatory School For Boys while showcasing some of our city’s brightest movers and shakers in the literacy, arts, theatre, music, fashion, and healthy living. Our guests today include Smothers Academy Preparatory School For Boys Founder Damon B. Smothers and Board of Directors President Kemic A. Smothers, Esq.


    Additionally, we have the honor of chatting with Penelope and the girls from Maison de Cheveux Salon. Maison de Cheveux is a full-service salon in the CBD of New Orleans, LA. Also, joining Loisirslit today are Kathleen Christine Gasparian & Annie Johnston, Esq. from PB&J: Pro Bono and Juveniles. This organization recruits and matches pro bono attorneys with immigrant children who have recently crossed the U.S. border and who cannot afford legal services.  Parish President John F. Young, Jr. will also be stopping by to talk about great things that are taking place in Jefferson Parish. The musical guest today is Musician & Lady Drummer Jaz Butler. She will be performing with her new group GIRL POWER.


    As always, we are accompanied by our talented guest co-host Jennifer Pagan, our resident band, and Dj BLacK PeaRl.

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    Chaque Homme ça Maison

    in Spirituality

    Une lecon par Emma Curtis Hopkins

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    Priere Pour La Pluie d'Abondance (RDC)

    in Prayer

    This is a pre-recorded excerpt of our Prayer Room Intercession, focusing on the Democratic Republic of Congo.  This excerpt is in French.  Please note that we are not here posting the whole session from the prayer room.  Also, we are talking live calls during this very short broadcast.  We are just posting these exerpts to share with others. We are praying for the nations.  If you have a particular nation that you would like to submit to us and specific issues that you would like to focus on in our prayers on the nation, please send me a message.

    You may also visit our "Reaching The Nations" Portal on our web site.  We are gradually adding nations to the portal as the needs are presented to us.  You will also find information there to help you join us in prayer for the nations.  If you would like to join our team, please let me know.

    Visit our Portal at http://newwineinnewwineskins.org/prayer-room/the-worship365-prayer-room/prayers-for-the-nations/

    Thank you very much.

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    Le voyage de Solange

    in Spirituality

    Aujourd'hui, Solange témoigne pour nous de son expérience de récente retraite privée dans la maison d'Almine, en tout petit comité : trois participants ! Et nous continuons à partager les principes des fées pour vivre en harmonie avec la Terre.

    Chers amis de l'émission, nous vous encourageons vivement à nous rejoindre en direct pour poser vos questions, soumettre vos commentaires et témoigner de vos expériences, en composant le numéro de téléphone que vous voyez ci-dessus. Vous pouvez également intervenir par écrit dans la chat room de notre réseau social, ascension.net (après vous êtes inscrit).

    Largement reconnue comme la mystique la plus profonde de notre époque, Almine aborde sous un jour entièrement nouveau les sujets tels que les prophéties concernant 2012, l'Ascension de la Terre et de l'humanité, le rôle de la Déesse et de la magie blanche, et de nombreux autres sujets métaphysiques tels que les mondes invisibles des anges, des fées, des dragons, etc., et explique comment les changements dans les lois cosmiques ont renforcé l'efficacité des méthodes de guérison. Le but ultime d'Almine consiste à nous offrir la possibilité d'accéder à la vie dans l'Unité, au-delà des opposés du monde de la dualité.

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    Today's show 4.15.14


    On the April 15th broadcasting of the Loisirslit’s Non-Profit Tuesday Radio Show benefiting Help Free an Angel along with showcasing some of our city’s brightest movers and shakers in the literacy, arts, theatre, music, fashion, and healthy living. Our guests today include Help Free an Angel Founder and Executive Director Johanna Maison.


    Additionally, we have the honor of chatting with Missy Wilkinson of The Gambit.  Ms. Wilkinson is special sections editor at The Gambit and a freelance writer for Conde Nast's BRIDES, xoJane.com, Fodor's travel guides just name a few.  Also joining Loisirslit today are Extraordinary Make Up Artist Michelle F. Martinez (which happens to be her bday so we want to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!) and Ashley Guidry of Beso Makeup. We also have Nakia Sorina, up and coming fashion stylist and consultant of Diamond Eye Boutique, Mrs. Sorina is stopping by to talk about her passion for fashion and her vision for Diamond Eye Boutique. Today we are spotlighting two artists, a mother and a son, they are Corinne Christenson of NOLA Paint and Party and Kenzie Miller of McKMillsCreations. The musical guest today is New Creations Brass Band, the best band in the land and sharing it with the Universe!!


    And as always we are accompanied with our new talented host Jennifer Pagan and our resident band and Dj BLacK PeaRl.

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    Notre identité en Christ : une maison pour Dieu

    in Spirituality

    Dieu a un dessein pour votre vie qui va au-delà de ce que vous expérimentez en ce moment. Mon message a pour objectif majeur de vous faire saisir cette vérité. 
    De nombreux passages de la Bible parlent de la nouvelle création, de ce que Dieu a fait pour la race humaine à travers Jésus-Christ. La connaissance de notre identité en Christ affecte notre foi. 
    La question de notre identité en Christ relève d’une vérité qui avait été perdue et qui était restée cachée pendant plusieurs siècles : notre identification avec Lui.
    Il est devenu ce que nous étions afin que nous devenions ce qu’il est.
    Cette serie de message sur notre identité va accroître votre confiance en tant fils de Dieu et vous serrez encourager à marcher dans l'autorité qui est la vôtre en Lui.
    Soyez bénis.
    Yves Djiki
    Responsable du Centre Domaine du Royaume
    Montréal, Canada

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    Curious Times - James Luse, Clairvoyant Medium

    in Spirituality

    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.
    James Luse has been a practicing Spiritualist for 25 years.
    He has studied mediumship & clairvoyance at spiritualist churches around the country. His longest duration of study has been at The Farmington Hypnosis and Awareness Center under the tutelage of Althea De Pascale. James has also studied at LILY DALE, the centre of Spiritualism, in NY, as well as in Sedona, AZ, and participated at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Edgar Cayce Center in Va. Beach VA.
    James has been reader/clairvoyant/medium for: Psychic Fairs/PHD, The Magik Mirror in Milford, Sea, Earth, & Sky in Niantic, The Knight People in Middletown, and Maison Rouge in Bronxville, NY. Presently he is based out of TOUCH OF SEDONA in Ridgefield, CT, and SYNCHRONICITY in Brewster, NY. He also does Spirit Circles and fairs with Barbara DeLong at CT Psychics/PHD. (Programs for Human Development)
    Only the most high of energies; light workers, angels and celestial beings are contacted through readings with James, and his intention is always for the highest and greatest good of the person being read for.
    For a private reading with James you can contact him as follows:
    Phone: 203-255-0010
    Email: james.luse@gmail.com

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