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    Ray Charles' Daughter Sheila Raye Charles Live New Years Eve In New Bedford MA

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    The New Years Eve Concert Hosts, Patti and Jerome Chinn of New Bedford MA, will share how important this Sheila Raye Charles Concert is going to be and how you can participate if you in the area and how you can participate if you live in the US or outside of the country. Sheila will be perforning at Christian Faith Center New Bedford, MA

    www.breaknthechainz.com share about people who come to Break'n the Chainz  are seeking  a new way of life, Gods way of living. Break'n The Chainz is known as a place of safety and a sanctuary for people in trouble. 
         The healing the people experience is through the life giving power of Jesus Christ. The purpose of this ministry is to assist people in becoming free from lifes hurts, hangups and habits.
         Our mission is to break the chains of life controlling issues treating them as spiritual problems and restoring people to freedom and wholeness. 
    Our ultimate goal is to return men, who have been bound and stricken by life controlling circumstances back to their families and communities to live independently and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can call 508.922.8351 to get more information

    Tell everyone Get ready for an experience you have never seen before. If you are in the New Bedford area you will want to come to the Church to see Sheila live or see online by purchasing your tickets at www.breakingnewsjournal.net

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    Check out the Interview with Digital Underground- Young Ma$$ 6pm- CST

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    San Diego's energizing producer/rap artist Young Mass. Mass moved with his family from Chicago to the San Diego area over a decade ago. Since then he has worked diligently to establish his production, writing and rapping skills.

    In 2003, at the age of 16, Mass met Digital Underground front man Shock G, at “Gutfest”, an annual barbecue in San Diego’s Mission Bay Park. Shock G heard Mass' demo during the event and invited Mass to join the group on-stage later that night. For the next five years, Young Mass was introduced at Digital Underground shows as their newest member. Mass moved to Los Angles to continue his tutelage under Shock G.

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    Gamey Gambling at MA Crossroad

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    Settled, unsettled, out-for-bids, up-for-rejection, big-time gambling is up to MA voters on Nov. 4th. The legislature approve three casinos in the no-lnger-Puritan state (which by the bye makes billions on its lottery). A ballot question appears next month that cuold claw back that approval.

    Mike already had his say last week on the four ballot questions. He went with Yes on 3 to forbid casinos. The secretary of the commonwealth hs thke full text of the question here. 

    We'll kick around the issues and the likielihood of Vegas-style palaces here.


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    Guest is Melissa Goodblanket, mother to Mah-hi-vist Goodblanket, a Cheyenne-Arapaho teen who was killed by Custer County deputies last December, 21, 2013. A rally is being planned for April 16, 2014 at the North Plaza of the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Check out Touching Cloud Goodblanket Cause/ Mah hi vist/ Red Bird  http://www.facebook.com/TouchingCloudGoodblanket   for more info.

    Now that the autopsy was released Friday, March 21, 2014, Wilbur and Melissa Goodblanket await news on whether or not there will be any charges brought against two Custer County sheriff deputies who shot and killed their 18-year-old teenager son, Mah-hi-vist “Red Bird” Goodblanket, on December 21, 2013.  Ma-hi-vist's birthday is April 11.   The autopsy report findings indicate the teen was shot seven times with wounds to his head, torso, and right upper arm. Goodblanket was also shot two times by a taser gun. The manner of death is listed as a homicide in the autopsy report. Goodblanket had a blood alcohol level of .10 and no drugs were detected in his system.  The two officers were placed in leave after the fatal shooting. They have since returned to active duty.  http://nativenewsonline.net/currents/autospy-reveals-cheyenne-arapaho-teen-shot-7-times-deputies/


    Custer County District Attorney Dennis Smith said his office will announce its decision on whether the shooting was justified in a week to 10 days.  And still the family waits for justice.

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    MA Flooded with Ballot Questions

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    MA is not CA, but this elwection at least, we get a plethora of ballot questions. In our case, the excess is four votes that qualified for Nov. 4th. 

    Tune in for truth and knowledge (at least in our best cuts). 

    Three questions have roaring proponents and opponents. Legally granting earned sick time for employees is not so controversial; in fact, doing that seems like enacting child-labor laws. The others are hot.

    Question 1 is in the Taxachusetts fantasy world. It would stop the law that index gas taxes to inflation. The don't-tax-me-bro crowd really wants this.

    Questino 2 would expand our low-rent nickel bottle depost to include non-carbonated water and such. The veberage folk predict the end of the world if that passes.

    Question 3 would prohibit casinos in the commonwealth. The gaming (a.k.a gambl;ing) commission just awarded a license for one of three. The drama continues.

    The airways are clogged. Mailers clutter doors and slots. Rhktoric is sizzling. You might not be surprised to learn that we have opinions. 

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    RealPolitik MA & NJ Special

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    Join @Stevepolitik & @JoeDunn8 for a #RealPolitik Special covering the latest goings-on in MA & NJ politics. MA: State Representative Carlos Henriquez convicted of assaulting a woman in the back of a Zipcar. NJ: Latest on Chris Christie re: The Barbara Buono Vindictive Tour '14.  Your calls at (347) 826-9184 are welcome and live-tweet us! 

    Show airs live Thursday, January 16 10-10:30PM ET & is On Demand 24/7.  Thanks for listening!

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    Live In the Cage Monday Night With Josh Lawrence Christos Piliafis and Marcus Ma

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    Live In the Cage Monday Night With Josh Lawrence Christos Piliafis and Marcus Ma 

    We Feature Genesis FC Owner Josh Lawrence and Rising MMA Star Marcus Maulding along with Christos Piliafis and his event this weekend.

    Aggressive Fight League and the Leelanau Sands Casino and Lodge combine to provide the most action packed combination card ever in Peshawbestown MI.Ladies and Gentlemen, MMA fans of all ages, boys and girls!! We are so excited to bring MMA back to Peshawbestown for this limited seating engagement. Northwest Michigan's best MMA schools and fighters will be showcased that evening as they show off their hard earned skills and talent. This is truly going to be an exciting night for the AFL and Leelanau Sands Casino and Lodge. We have been working on putting together this supercard for a while. Ticket purchase Instructions... Tickets available by calling 231-590-7509 Tickets also available online by clicking this link https://www.facebook.com/AFLFIGHTS2014/app_190322544333196 Find the seating area you need for this event... After your purchase is completed your tickets will be sent to the casino and will be available at the ticket booth the day of the event..Tickets will be held under the last name of the credit card used in the purchase.Thank you and enjoy the fights. Seating chart and ticket prices are available by clicking the link below.. Get your tickets while they last. 

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    Goldberg and the power of MA Treasurer

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    From a clerk at Stop & Shop to MA's treasurer/receiver-general? That's not a stretch when we know that Deb Goldberg may have started at the bottom of the grocer, but that she is from the founding family. She picked up a Harvard MBA, has held numerous profit and non-profit executive positions, and has been on Brookline's Board of Selectman for six years (two as chair).

    Her campaign site does not provide a platform per se. Instead, her intro and videos speak of enhancing the security of the working and retired, of getting small businesses the resources to grow and to add jobs, and of greater transparency in the office. 

    We’ll ask how she differs from the current treasurer and what she'd keep, add and change. Of course, we'll go for how she differentiates herself from the other candidates and how she figures to win.

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    Halloween Show live from Salem, Ma

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    Well here we are, Salem, Ma home of the Salem witch trials and just all around scary. We will be out and about in this spooky city to learn the history and see if we can catch some ghosts. You never know what might happen on the show, so just tune in and get SPOOKED!! Our show will be live from Olde Burying Point Cemetery which is going to be scary!!! So if you are in Salem, come and say hello!!

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    Interview With MA Fish Guy

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    On this show, Alex is going to interview a man who surly enjoys the fish keeping hobby. Alex is going to interview Aaron who is also known as MA Fish Guy. Aaron was the fish room manager at Petsmart and Petco a while back. Aaron is very knowledgeable about fish. Alex is going to ask him about his experiences at Petsmart and Petco,  he is going to tell you how to pick out fish at the local fish store, as well as answer some of the host's questions. If you happen to have any questions for Ma Fish Guy please feel free to call in at 347-989-8142 with any of the fish questions. Enjoy the show!

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    Psychics Gone Wild Tuesday with Chris White & Renee Mollan-Masters, MA!

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    Chris White hosts super special guest Renée Mollan-Masters, MA on Psychics Gone WildTuesday, November 4, 2014 at 3pm EST - You Are Smarter Than You Think!  Plus Free Psychic Readings and All About the Mind, Body, Spirit and Brain!  Visit the Wild Web www.psychicsgonewild.com for More!

    You Are Smarter Than You Think: Adapting learning styles for adults, parents, youths, educators and business owners.

    Renée Mollan-Masters, MA teaches people that YOU ARE SMARTER THAN YOU THINK. Her internationally renowned book and teaching program help people discover their best way to learn and how to maximize it. Her journey began after learning that brains are different and need different experiences in order to learn - typical schools do not meet everyone's needs. She began lecturing and her You Are Smarter Than You Think program results are phenomenal:  98% stayed in school, students on probation improved enough to get off of probation, and those students that could not get into their major because of low grades were now able to do so.  If you’ve ever felt “stupid,” do not miss this eye opening interview!  http://www.youaresmarterthanyouthink.com/meet-renee/

    Chris White, extraordinarily gifted, years. He was intensely tested and trained by metaphysical masters a near death experience Chris began foreseeing the future at a young age .Chir  is known for his swift and powerfully accurate readings. 

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