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    Rising Costs for Employees - Sport of Winning

    in Marketing

    Rising costs of employees is always a big concern for any business owner; and especially a start-up.  Listen in to Video Broadcast Services President, Marcia Hawkins and Vice President, Kyle Clouse and learn how to navigate the rising costs of employees.  Insurance, taxes, benefits, pay and time off are all aspects of an employee that business owners must consider.  Learn new strategies that will help you in making the best decisions when hiring new employees.

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    in Health

    Whether it's real estate or the human vessel, there are costs involved if neglected, including death. This podcast will reveal some of the unknown cost when we don't recognize the value or are unable to do the maintenance required to maintain the value.   One cost is "gentrification" which can affect the whole neighborhood or all the cells in the body.   This will be a life changing presentation!!

    Contact your host at www.yourholisticlifecoach.com 

    Autographed copy of Book available also at www.holistichomeandbodycare.com or

    Send email to viyahta@hotmail.com


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    Where's the Health IT?? The lower costs and better outcomes anyway?

    in Technology

    The relative high cost and poor outcomes of the US healthcare system as compared to the rest of the developed world is well documented.  In his first Inaugural Address, President Obama promised to “wield technology’s wonders” to improve the quality and lower the cost of medical care in America.  This hasn’t happened.  The benefits IT has brought to most every industry, hasn’t been witnessed in the medical industry. This may be because best practices for developing IT solutions simply don't take into consideration what needs to go into building successful medical products and treatment approaches.

    I’ve seen this gap – and the consequences it can cause – while building and deploying hardware-based tools and software applications, including EMR and ERP systems, for a variety of industries. 

    Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 4th at 6pm EST, we discuss what needs to be done to bridge the gap between IT product development and the medical community’s need for evidence-based research and clinical trials. 

    We’ll also discuss a project I’m working on in researching Personal Health Records, or PHR systems, as an effort to tailor IT product development best practices to meet healthcare’s intrinsic needs from new products and treatments.  If successful, the approach may change how Health IT solution are develop throughout the industry. 

    Join Us tomorrow @ 6pm EST right here! & Join the conversation on twitter @techtodayradio, our blog, or FB. Listeners are also invited to call us Live on Air @ 646-652-4385. 

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    in Politics

    It is impossible to comprehend the true costs of allowing corporate control of the US government without examining US foreign policy, whose interest it serves and who pays the price for endless wars and US-inspired chaos around the globe. In this episode, we talk with Siraj Davis in Jordan. He is American-raised and now  living in Jordan. Davis is a teacher and long time activist for refugees, 

    This show will be rebroadcast on June 27 at 2 PM PST/ 5 PM EST on the Star Com Radio Network.

    Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to explain the true costs of allowing corporate control of the US government.

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    Learn How To Tone Trouble Areas: Lower Body

    in Lifestyle

    Hello world! On Wednesday June 10th Y-CLAD CHAT begins its monthly fit series. As of next month the series will continue on the first Wednesday of each month. Expert personal trainer Glendon will take us through various easy at home yet effective workouts that will get you fit and trim in no time.

    We’ll discuss eating healthier and life style practices you can continuously use to help facilitate a healthy and fit body. This episode will specifically target those stubborn areas on your lower body. So if you’re looking to tone your butt, hips and thighs, then you don’t want to miss this episode.

    Glen will put hosts KC Benain and Cailin Burke through his work out so that after the show you have a visual tool to complete your workouts to. He’ll direct Y-CLAD CHAT listeners step by step, so not only will you be able to visualize each movement, but also effectively channel his voice as you try each exercise on your own. The video will be posted on Y-Clad’s Hidden Gem YouTube channel as well as both our websites www.y-cladshiddengem.com and www.y-clad.com. 

    We’ll also give you the opportunity to call in and ask Glen anything you like at: 516.453.9170. Hold on to that number because you’ll want to use it!

    Designer Feature: Gladiator Earring by Designer CC Skye

    Gold spike earrings with pave crystal stones and push back enclosures. The Gladiator Earrings are the quintessential statement piece! Not much else is required when wearing these.

    We’ll also bring to you industry news for both the events and fashion industries. Catch you on Y-CLAD CHAT!

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    Liberty Health Share: Lower Costs with Law of Large Numbers and Algorithms

    in News

    As I was looking into Liberty Health Share I wanted to know how they could keep medical costs down and reduce my out of pocket expenses, and yet stay solvent?  Dale Bellis is the Executive Director of Liberty Health Share.  He told me about the law of large numbers and computer algorithms.

    And yes, he said last year every members monthly share fee that they pay dropped 50-dollars.  For more on the 3 medical cost sharing programs offered by Liberty Health Share, go to liberty health share dot-org slash John Daly.  Stay informed Not Inflamed.


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    10 Minute Miracles: How to Stabilize and Actually Lower Your Blood Sugar Now!

    in Women

    10 Minute Miracles: How to Stabilize and Actually Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels for Life Right Now!

    Do you have to prick your finger 2-3 times a day to make sure that your blood sugar is under control? Has your doctor threatened to place you on medication, or is prescribing medication for your insulin problems? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of this nagging health issue? Are you like most people want to take control, but are afraid that you will create more harm by taking risks? I hear you. I had blood sugar issues and my doctor told me to get it under control or I'd be taking medication when I got older. Well, I am older now, and my blood sugar is normal now. You too can take control of your health, have more energy, slow down the aging process and stave off medications if you want to. You have the power. You just didn't know what your options were. Are you ready to get educated and live life to the fullest today and for the rest of your life? It all begins tomorrow at 12:00noon PST. (657) 383-0470 or log in to: blogtalkradio.com/nancykerner


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    The People to Avoid at all costs

    in Motivation

    There are some people who you need to avoid - SIMPLES! 

    This doesn't mean that you have to cut them from your life entirely - but sometimes limiting (or controlling) your interaction with these set of people will do you a whole lot of good. And they are everywhere. They are at work, at school, in Church, in the gym, at the Community Centre, in the barber's shop, on TV, at the Railway Station (or on the Underground), and even on the football field. 

    Listen to this show and I will tell you who these people are, and why you need to avoid them

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    Selling in a Skirt with Reaching Healthy Financial Freedom

    in Women

    Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman and her guest Jim Jones & Megan Tull:

    Jim Jones is a visionary leader with an eye for emerging markets in a changing healthcare environment. Through Jim's 30 years in the insurance and healthcare business, he has developed a business model that integrates insurance products and healthcare services for individuals and small businesses to manage their costs and coverage with customized plan options. Jim is Co-Founder and President of Wellspring Benefits Group, LLC, located in Colleyville, TX.

    Megan Tull is a wife, a mother of three and an entrepreneur. She owns two companies, Silverlining Concepts, LLC and Ultimate Bodies Pilates. Megan is an Entrepreneur Success Strategist, a Transformational Leader, Speaker, Author, a Certified Life Coach and a Comprehensively Trained Certified Peak Pilates Instructor.
    Megan has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and has built 7 businesses from the ground up, so she knows a thing or two about business. She has also helped 100's of small business owners reach their financial goals.

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    Brunch w Apostle Dobbins-Jesus Is The Best Thing

    in Religion

      You are invited to join in on our show today at 10:30am... "What's Really Going on Around Here"...Apostle Desmon Dobbins will be our speaker. You are invited to come In Person at 10:00am Today Sunday June 28, 2015. 
    We are located at :
    2538 West Washington St. Indianapolis, In 46222, (on the lower level) 

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