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    All Music Showcase from 'LOWER REALM' ft Zkunk- Powered by MetalPrintDesigns.com

    in Indie Music

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    DTong hosts this 10 track playlist w/ music from 'LOWER REALM' ft Zhunk. Coming out of the deep woods of Dallas, Texas, Lower Realm is FOR REAL! 

    Learn more about them & download their music at www.LowerRealm.net/music
    Also on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lower-realm

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    Song List:

    1 - My Eyes
    2 - Stay Home
    3 - One Day
    4 - Get Up
    5 - Go Outside
    6 - Smokin Again
    7 - Ten Things
    8 - Just As Long
    9 - Soul Purpose
    10- Thankful

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    Putin Bombs Syria & POTUS Is MIA, Reasons For Healthcare Costs & Trumps Dream

    in Politics

    REFUGEES FLOOD EUROPE.  Lt Col. Maginnis (US Army Ret.), author of Never Submit: Will The Extermination Of Christians Get Worse Before It Gets Better? and a Senior Fellow for National Security at Family Research Council explains.

    Dr John Patrick-Says, the reasons behind the high costs of healthcare, include fraud, waste, unnecessary tests, and expensive drugs.

    James Hirsen-Donald Trump Gets Legal Threat From Steven Tyler despite their friends and he sat in the front row of the first GOP debate.  Hirsen explains the irony.

    Rachel Alexander-Breaking News-HHS grossly negligent in overseeing Planned Parenthood’s actions explains Stream reporter Alexander.  Rachel is also the editor of Intellectual Conservative.


    Phyllis Schlafly-A national leader of the conservative movement since the publication of her best-selling 1964 book, A Choice Not An Echo says "SENATE REFUSES TO PROTECT INFANTS WHO CAN FEEL PAIN FROM ABORTION OR TO DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD."

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    PIJN News: Junior HIgh Student Threatened with Lower Grade for Belief in God

    in Christianity

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * A football coach is suspended for praying with his students
    * A teacher threatens a junior high school student with a lower grade because she believes in God
    * A church is threatened with a $500 per day fine because their choir is too loud

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    The View Up Here on #COP21, climate, costs and politics

    in Politics

    Canada and its environment. Its air, water, lands, coastlines and glaciers. The last ten years is not a very positive recent past. The Harper Government withdrew from the Kyoto Accord, did absolutely nothing at Copenhagen and stayed on message that climate change was fake. A ruse by enviroterrorists to deny "Canadians" the "benefits" of a resource economy on steroids and wearing a blindfold. A decade later and Canada is the poster boy for failure in environmental stewardship.

    COP21 in Paris promises to be different. The increase in major emitter participation in real planning has never been higher. There have never been so many public policies from nations on climate before. Have we heard this before? Well, yes and no. Despite the new level of urgency and co-operation, there will also be a massive corporate presence at the tables. How can one deny the inevitable industry being built to deal with this mess. And it won't be cheap even if it were.

    Prime Minister Trudeau will be joined by Premiers, Environment Ministers and scientists in Paris. A united front for action is the narrative. Alberta has led the way domestically with introduction of  "Carbon Plan". Astroturf lobbies and sycophantic politicians warn of the economy disappearing. Yet the industry says they can work with it and it is reasonable on initial appearance. Cue the CPC end of days fundraising videos. Apparently, change is still evil.

    Some regions are much better equipped for the shift from carbon to renewables than others and that's just domestically. Globally it's a much more visible issue. This is where our old friend Politics comes in. Recent events have basically outlawed protests of any kind in Paris. The efforts will now be dispersed around the world but may be even stronger given the access by all to be heard.

    Lots to look at in two hours, but we will do our best and you are invited.


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    Costs: Putting Your Business on a Diet

    in Business

    Join the show at 7PM ET
    Call (646) 668-2277

    When the market gets slim, so must you! To stay profitable in a weak market it becomes imperitive to watch your costs and  keep your expenses down. Do you know wheree the leaks are in your bank account? Let's talk about ways we can slim down our operations and keep ahead even when the market is against us. What have you done in your operation to keep costs down? Have you cut anything that you didn't really need? How about cutting back on products or services that you do need but are willing to sacrifice and move ahead without? Press 1 at any time to share your thoughts and experiences!

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    What are the limitations and variable costs of using "Big Data Information?"

    in Books

    This week discussion will focus on how leaders or team managers decipher variable costs and the limitations of the disruptive components of Big Data. There is limitation on to the insights of the “important data” gleaned from complex, structured and unstructured data that have resulted in about 75 percent of data ultimately becoming useless after 80 days (Leigh, 2013; Tamm-Daniels, 2013). Not only that the overwhelming data collated by DA, DS, IA, OT and IM does become unusable, the limitation are equally intertwined with the analysts, leader’s and manager’s emotional intelligent, intuitiveness, and above all, their prejudice experiences leading to whether or not the data will be skewed subliminally into achieving set organizational objective. Because the raison d’etre of any organization is to maximize profit. There is also this scalable hurdle to jump such as the Information Governance, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance now extended to the use of big data that was initially connected with certifying the accuracy of financial statements under Section 302, “Corporate responsibility and Financial Reports” (Eaton, and et al, 2012; Jarausch and Hardy, 1991). These variables are direct or indirect costs that needed to be implicitly measured in terms of ROI with respect to IoT and IIoT. And the aforementioned will be the topic of examination and lecture this week. Also read more about this discussion inside here at http://tinyurl.com/nky952l

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    Strange Things ~ Ten, Interview of Robert Oppenheimer in the Lower Astral Realm

    in Dreams

    Jake and Ernie "interview" one of the "fathers" of the atomic bomb in the Lower Astral Realm while he's awaiting the verdict from The Lords of Karma.. Our bet is it won't be a pleasant sentence for all that he's done to the Earth and many future generations.

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    Why Liberty Health Share Reduces Ridiculous Medical Costs

    in News

    We’re exploring medical cost sharing for you – as an alternative to the high cost of health insurance.  This segment is real important to understand why Liberty Health Share is so successful – not just for you as an individual but for the community and the nation.  We are reducing medical costs while making people healthy.  How do we reduce costs?  Dale Bellis, the executive director of Liberty Health Share, goes through the process with me. Listen carefully and you will get why medical costs are so ridiculous but they don’t have to be.


    Once you get the concept of being a self-pay patient, you understand how we are expanding the free market in healthcare.  There are more people pushing down costs – not just a few employers or insurance companies.  Again, medical cost sharing is allowable under the Affordable Care Act.  But it is not for everyone.  Many of you are comfortable with health insurance – as it is.  But if you are into independence and taking responsibility for your own healthcare, you would be cheating yourself not to join me – and look into this. For more information or to enroll call this number -- (888) 616-9443.  Also catch some of my other interviews with Dale Bellis right here.  Stay informed not inflamed. 

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    So Very Thankful Reflections with Host Susan Larison Danz

    in Spirituality

    Frontier Beyond Fear host Susan Larison Danz spontaneously shares her reflections on Gratitude.

    The Frontier Beyond Fear welcomes your gifts to support the ongoing costs of the show.  Visit FrontierBeyondFear.com for more information.  Thank you!

    Program music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer (LarrySeyer.com), included in this podcast with his permission. Visit FrontierBeyondFear.com to learn about the inspirational outreach of this program, now in its 6th year.

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    66 Days of PRAYER Revival

    in Lifestyle

    CALL TO ACTION: People of GOD, if we put more time into "PRAYNG", then we do complaining and pointing fingers; GOD through us would bring forth healing and "COMPLETE RESTORATION". YES! What we are witnessing in our world today is factual and real; but I have learned through practice that the TRUTH of the infallible WORD of GOD "supersedes" ALL facts. Make a quality decision "right now" to be a part of the solution and to STOP perpetuating the problems. How shall we become a part of the solutions? Simple, through "PRAYER". Didn't' JESUS tell us that we ought to ALWAYS "PRAY" and not faint (Luke 18:1)? Are we not admonished (counseled) in (Philippians 4:6) not to be anxious (in anxiety, distress, fear or worry) about or over NOTHING, but in EVERYTHING to "PRAY" unto GOD? Are we not further encouraged to "PRAY" without ceasing (1st Thessalonians 5:17), exhorted (warned) to supplicate (petition on behalf of), "PRAY", intercede (reconcile/RESTORE) and to give thanks for ALL mankind (1st Timothy 2:1-3)? Are we not told to "PRAY" for one another so that we may be healed (James 5:16)? Do we not remember that GOD has promised in HIS WORD in (2nd Chronicles 7:14) that if we (HIS people), who are called by HIS name would humble ourselves (come out of arrogance and pride and lower ourselves before HIM), "PRAY", seek HIS face (not HS hand) and turn from our own wicked ways (of doing and thinking) that then and only then will HE hear (listen to us), forgive our sin and heal our land? The number 66 symbolizes the reduction of or the loss of faith to the Divine Plan of Almighty GOD. It is through "PRAYER" that the Divine Plan of Almighty GOD shall be "COMPLETELY RESTORED".

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    Super Foods, The Good, the Bad, and the Vital

    in Health

    Super foods are billed as being: nutrient rich, high antioxident, with life enriching properties.

    This is true in some cases. Find out what super foods are worth the costs.

    You will find out about the untimate 7 super foods that I recommend!!

    Don't miss this life saving episode!!