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    The View Up Here - Winners, Losers & Losers Who Win

    in Politics

    Winners and Losers. Rather black and white terms. But there is more than meets the eye.

    Winners - Dwight Ball, Premier-Designate for Newfoundland & Labrador

                 - Perhaps Justice, for the people regarding the killing of Don Dunphy

                 - Edmonton Eskimos claim their 13th Grey Cup over the Ottawa RedBlacks

    Losers - Paul Davis, ex-cop surrounded by former and current cops in positions of undue influence,

                 as he cleans out the Premier's office

               - The "Conservative" brand which has been cleansed from Canadian governments in name if not intent

               - The Progressive Conservative party of NL that has broken protocol in the Dunphy investigation

    Losers that win - James Moore, bombastic narcissist that refused to get defeated at the polls,

                             who encouraged suppression of federal scientists, becomes Chancellor of a learning institute

    These issues and more, as well as a VITB Sports Update from @VinceInTheBay

    Join us!

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    GOP debate winners and losers - Trump Takes It all?

    in Current Events

    Kiran Chetry
    Journalist, TV Personality for CNN & Fox News

    Edward Woodsdon
    Host of The Ed Woodson show premiering on Genesis Communications Network

    Steven David Elliot
    Political Strategist & Historian


    GOP debate winners and losers

    Paul Ryan Betrays America: $1.1 Trillion, 2,000-Plus Page Omnibus Bill Funds 'Fundamental Transformation of America'

    Pat Caddell: Country Closer to Revolution Than Ever

    Pal of San Bernardino terrorists arrested on federal charges

    Vladimir Putin Praises Donald Trump, Says He's 'Absolute Leader' in Presidential Race

    Trump Tries to Convince Kimmel He Has Muslim Support: ‘They Call Me and Say Thank You’

    Yale Students Eagerly Sign Petition to Repeal the First Amendment

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    Long Tall Deb, Lucky Losers, Bey Paule Band

    in Music

    SHOW #283 – Live Uncut and Uncensored Conversations With “Musician You Should Know”

    Lazer Lloyd is known as Israel’s Blues-Rock King.  He is spreading that reputation around the globe.  His newest album, simply titled Lazer Lloyd is full of electric and acoustic material that will capture your soul. Lloyd will be in Israel, but agreed to call into the show to discuss his continuing journey in the Blues World and to speak in-depth about his newest release.

    The Lucky Losers are Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz and they released the album Winning Hand earlier this year.  Co-produced by Lemon and Berkowitz alongside Kid Andersen, the album contains 6 originals and 6 specially selected covers. I will speak with the pair and find out how their musical paths intersected and where they are heading in the future.

    Couch Kid New Music #1 - Anthony Paule last visited to talk about his other project, The Hound Kings.  Tonight he visits to share the latest release from The Bey Paule Band, Not Goin’ Away, the third album for this talented pair. He and I will discuss all that is going on in his life and talk about the new recording.

    Couch Kid New Music #2 - Long Tall Deb returns to bring us the new album she and her band featuring Couch Kid Colin John will be releasing, Street Of Mumbai. This album was born after the band traveled to India last year.  Can’t wait to share this one with y’all.

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    1DimitriRadio: 2016 Losers & Winners? CNN, Trump, Hillary, Cosby, Scalia, God...

    in News

    Who were the biggest winners and losers of 2016? So many names, so little time! OK, here goes ... CNN (multiple nominee), Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill Cosby, wife Camille Cosby, US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, God, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Bundy gang at the Oregon standoff, ...

    Well, the list seems endless, and it's only Monday, January 4.

    (Go figure)

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    in Sports

    In this episode Jeff and Dan discuss which NHL teams made the grade, and those that didn't.

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    Super Bowl Winners & Losers

    in Finance

    Hasbro’s holiday sales impress Wall Street.  Leapfrog and Apollo Education Group ride off into the sunset. Plus we analyze which Super Bowl ads might move the needle for businesses and their brands.

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    David's Biggest Losers - Part 2

    in Finance

    Wrapping up this two-part series on losers, David explores the lessons we should -- and shouldn't -- learn from investing mistakes.

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    Who were the Winners and losers from the fourth GOP debate?

    in Current Events

    Lisa Durden (www.lisadurden.com) is a sought after African American Pop-Culture/Political Commentator


    DEBATE with 

    Ringside Politics with a Punch with Jeff Crouere ..

    Joe Goldner
    co-host at The Truth Is Out There-Voice of the People Radio Show

    Debbie Georgatos
    Fox NewsRadio Political Analyst
    Host: Ladies, Can We Talk? Sunday 6-8PM 

    Winners and losers from the fourth GOP debate

    Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Maintaining Lead Over Bernie Sanders


    Fellow students rush to SUPPORT football player accused of raping unconscious girl, 16, at house party - even though police say he has admitted the crime

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    David's Biggest Losers - Part 1

    in Finance

    In Part 1 of this two-part series, David shares his five biggest losers. (And next week, he’ll talk about what we can learn from them.)

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    Winners, Losers and OMG's

    in Sports

    Derrick Henry Wins Heisman

    All America Team Highlights

    Robert Nkemdiche Falls 4 Stories, Marijuana Involved

    Warriors Streak Finally Ended

    Panthers Keep Rolling

    Patriots Back On Track

    Bengals in Trouble

    Johnny Football Having Success

    MNF Picks


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