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    Denise Griffitts Interviews Lon Safko

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    Lon Safko is an author of remarkable breadth, writing nine innovative best selling books, which have shown corporations how to master social media marketing, how to Fuse traditional, digital, and social marketing, how to train managers to think creatively, detailed the secrets of launching a successful on-line business.
    His bestselling book by John Wiley & Sons 'The Social Media Bible', hit #1 on Amazon in both their Marketing & Business categories, unlocks the mysteries of the hottest new Internet wave, Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube for business. This book is transforming corporate, government, and non-profit marketing strategies and how they use these new media to reach their desired audiences with powerful messages and efficiency and is now in its second edition, which hit #1 on Amazon in both Business & Marketing categories. Lon is also a professional blogger for Fast Company, appointed the first Ambassador for SCORE, and the USA Today CEO Advisory Board.

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    Lon Safko on the Fusion Marketing Bible

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    The Fusion Marketing concept and the Safko Wheel is so revolutionary that it has been accepted by the United States Patent & Trademark Office as “Patent Pending”!


    Lon Safko is the author of the bestselling, 800 page book, The Social Media Bible, the most comprehensive book ever written on social media, now in its Third Edition and four languages, Lon has invented a brand new form of marketing called, “Fusion Marketing”. This new form of marketing takes everything we’ve always done in traditional marketing, integrates it with the entire world of digital and social media marketing and exponentially amplifies your return on advertising investment without spending a cent more.

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    The Fusion Marketing Bible by Lon Safko

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    Author and strategist, Lon Safko, joins Successipes host Lori Wilk for this show about fusing traditional, digital, and social media marketing into one integrated plan. Lon's last book, The Social Media Bible was a huge bestseller. Join us and bring your marketing questions 347-237-5638

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    The Social Media Bible with Lon Safko

    in Social Networking

    Lon Safko is a remarkably creative person. He is the creator of the “First Computer To Save A Human Life” as coined by Steve Jobs, Apple, Inc.. That computer, along with 18 other inventions and more than 30,000 of Lon‘s papers, are in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. He has created numerous hardware and software solutions for the physically challenged, developed the first CAD software for civil engineers, designed the archetypes for the Apple Newton & Microsoft’s Bob Operating Systems, and is also responsible for those handy little Tool-Tips help-balloon pop-ups!

    Lon is the founder of 14 successful companies, including Paper Models, Inc., which developed Three-Dimensional Internet Advertising and Virtual-Electronic-Retailing “V-E-Tailing” for business, promotions, and education, for which Lon holds three patents.

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    Over the Top Cycling - Lon Haldeman discusses the Ghana and Elite PAC Tours

    in Fitness

    Ultracycling legend Lon Haldeman joins us to talk about his recent PAC Tour in Ghana as well as the upcoming Elite PAC Tour.  

    The fastest transcontinental bike tour ever! PAC Tour's first Elite Tour was in 1995 and has been going strong ever since!

    Daily miles range from 140 to 196 miles per day. Riders completing 100% of the tour will qualify for the Race Across AMerica.This extremem cross country bike tour intended for the most serious riders who are looking for a very challenging ride across America.    All riders must routinely ride 200 miles in 10-12 hours in training. An Elite Team Division is being offered for two riders to share participating by individually riding 80-120 miles each day.

    This Elite Tour begins in San Diego, California with moderate daily distances the first three days while crossing the desert.  We hope all riders will be able to gradually work themselves into shape before they begin the longer days for the remainder of the tour.  The route will use a combination of good cycling roads we have ridden for many years.

    This is not an easy cross-country route following the boring flat lands of the Southern states.  We will intentionally climb many steep mountain grades in Arizona and New Mexico.  In the eastern states we will ride many hilly days including the notorious Talimena Parkway which includes many 15% grades.

    This cross country bicycle tour is only for the best riders. Do not come on this tour if you are looking for an easy ride across the country. Even the fastest riders will be tested to their limits on most days.

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    Social Media ROI with Lon Safko

    in Business

    Host Lori Wilk will interview Lon Safko, Co-Author of the Social Media Bible, an 800 page content-rich guide to everything you need to know about social media from the experts around the globe who have contributed to its growth and innovation. Live show from Las Vegas and you're invited to call-in and speak to Lon at 347-237-5638. Send questions or comments to lori@successipes.com . Follow us on Twitter@Successipes or Twitter@LVpublicity

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    Cryptids and "Phantoms and Monsters"w/Lon Strickler

    in Entertainment

    Lon Strickler is a cryptid reseacher and intuitive who writes and mentors on a variety of fortean subjects.

    Lon was born and raised in Hanover, Pennsylvania and later relocated to the Baltimore, Maryland metro area in 1976. At an early age, Lon realized that he had the ability to sense spiritual energy and found this useful in the field when conducting investigations. Most of his early field work concentrated on spiritual activity at historical locations in Maryland and Pennsylvania, in particular locations where traumatic events have occurred.

    In 1981, Lon experienced a "Bigfoot" encounter near Sykesville, MD while fishing on the south branch of the Patapsco River. As a result of the incident, he included cryptid studies as an important part of his research. He continued to work regularly in the field until 2001, when physical limitations forced him to scale back.

    Lon started the 'Phantoms and Monsters' blog in 2005, which has steadily grown in popularity and read daily by thousands of paranormal enthusiasts, investigators and those seeking the truth. Lon was a co-host on 'Beyond The Edge Radio' from 2010-2014. In 2014 Lon and Sean Forker founded 'Arcane Radio' in which they both host.

    Lon's research has been featured on hundreds of online media sources. He has also been a guest on several radio broadcasts, including 'Coast to Coast AM' and featured on Destination America's 'Monsters and Mysteries in America' television show.

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    SMB Roundtable: Social Media Expert Lon Safko

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    The SMB Roundtable welcomes best-selling Author Lon Safko, who fits the true definition of "Guru".
    Social Media is not a ‘fad’ or something “for the kids”. SMB owners who do not keep up will be left behind & will lose marketshare.
    Lons’ latest best-selling book “The Social Media Bible,” unlocks the mysteries of Social Media for business (#1 on Amazons Business & Marketing list.)
    Best selling Author, award winning Engineer, Inventor, Creator, and Entrepreneur, Lon’s inventions and work are featured in the Smithsonian. He designed the archetypes for Microsofts Operating Systems and Apples Newton.
    Lon is a professional speaker in over 100 cities & privately coaches Fortune 1,000 companies on “Innovative Thinking and Social Media Strategies”.
    Founder of 14 successful companies & recipient of many prestigious awards, including The Westinghouse Entrepreneur of the Year, Arizona Innovation Networks Network of the Year, twice nominated for Ernst & Youngs/Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the year.
    Lon has been featured in Entrepreneur,PC Novice, Inc., & Popular Science just to name a few, & recently selected by the Smithsonian to represent “The American Inventor” at their annual conference.
    Lon is also a professional blogger for FastCompany, the first Amassador for SCORE, and is on USATodays CEO Advisory Board.

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    PMP: Homemade Magick with Lon Milo DuQuette

    in Spirituality

    Thelemite, musician, and author Lon Milo DuQuette returns to visit with KaliSara and RevKess about his new book Homemade Magick: The Musings and Mischief of a Do-It-Yourself Magus. Lon and your hosts will talk about his book, his music, and other topics as they come to mind. In particular, they will talk about some of the topics in the book:

    Choose your magical motto
    Perform a self-initiation ritual
    Make your own tools
    Raise children in a magical home
    Perform the Rite of Earth
    Learn how to make your whole life magick

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    Lon Milo DuQuette - Understanding Magick, Tarot, & The Universe

    in Radio

    Rex Bear welcomes author Lon Milo DuQuette

    Lon is an American writer, lecturer, musician, and occultist, best known as an author who applies humor in the field of Western Hermeticism.

    Lon was an aspiring studio musician and recording artist in the 1970s, releasing two singles and an album, Charley D. and Milo, on the Epic Records label. He and his partner Charles Dennis Harris (now Charley Packard), opened for Hoyt Axton, Arlo Guthrie and performed with Sammy Davis Jr.

    In 1972, he quit the music business and for the next 25 years he pursued his interest in mysticism, particularly the work of Aleister Crowley (1875–1947). DuQuette began writing professionally in 1988 and has since published 16 books.

    A 2005 gift of a ukelele re-ignited his interest in music. Two self released CD's and a new record contract followed. In March of 2012, DuQuette released I'm Baba Lon on Ninety Three Records, his first studio album in 40 years.  He followed up with Baba Lon II in September 2012. 

    His third CD, Gentle Heretic, released Halloween, 2013, included the single, Bernice, which won First Prize in the 2013 Competition Alley US Open Mic Singer Songwriter competition.

    Lon's latest release is the controversial single I'm Scared.

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