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    Wednesday Madness Wit The One LOK

    in Lifestyle

    We live and we arrived on a Madness crazy Monday as usual I am your host Lok hope everyone out their is havin a great day anyway halfway point

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    It's On Dat Friday Wit Lok Dog In

    in Lifestyle

    So we got through Monday and all the other days, now we at Friday pay day. So ya for everyone out their I want you to go and hit up a five stare resturant and spend like there is no tomorrow tell em Lok told you to do it anway yo boy Lok Friday

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    What is Manhood?

    in Culture

    What does being a man actually mean? Are men today afraid to be men today? When we look at society it seems as if society is disrupting the idea of what being a man is. A man's responsibility is to provide and protect for his family and community. In 2016, we see so many people disguising themselves as men but acting like women. When we look up the definition of the word "male" it reads, "Of or being the sex that has organs to produce spermatozoa for the fertilizing ova." 

    Todays show will feature special guest Bobby Glanton Smith, a native of Mufreesboro, TN. Bobby is the author of the book titled "Real Men Don't Play!" He has also worked with "Hall of Famer" Jim Brown's Amer-I-Can Program. Tune in as we discuss what manhood means to us and how we can continue to change the narrative for generations to come.

    "What is a man supposed to lok like, act like and be like?" ~Bobby Glanton Smith

    Will the Real Men please stand up?

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    "BroLife" The movie.....

    in Radio

    Tonight on DotMobRadio we're chopping it up about "BroLife" the movie which is out now on youtube definitely make sure yall check that out ft @9milly @MurdaMookez @PharaFuneral @yihaterex @TheRealTayRoc @Dot @DanBarz @Mrlouie13 music by @CooleyCash and more! Lok in with us family #Dotlove #DotMfMob

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    in Education

    Living in a westernized nation such as Canada, some of us might have forgotten our roots and are desperately struggling to keep the last bits alive. Then there are those of us who are connected with our culture but would like to continue to sustain it. To help us stay connected on a regular basis, with our heritage, we require radio broadcasting that will portray such traditional values that will keep our history alive.

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    Ah What Up It's Lok In Da House

    in Lifestyle

    Yeah whats up Amarica Lok hear late again but bout to drop da Saturday episode u already know my man Lite steppin in da neighbor hood doin his thing an we gonna do dis like we do every weekend, sit back and lets get crazy with it. Sorry in a bit of a bad mood today yall know goin through some personal issues ish dat I can't even explain.

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    Lite an Lok it's Saturday Yall

    in Lifestyle

    Get into it yall it's another throw down episode we gone get things situated in dis peice fo real. My man Lite dog gone be wit us but yall know if he don't da kid Lok gone have to regulate but we gone bring da noise like always real talk word is bond.

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    Thrusday Right On THe LOK Show

    in Lifestyle

    Ya boy doin it right on a Thursday, almost Friday can't wait but we gone have a crazy show like always. We definetly going to be bringing the Heat and talkin crazy and we going to talk about sports it's Lok in trhe morning we gets the job done!

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    Makin It Work Lok Morning Yall

    in Lifestyle

    Late but never out done wasn't feelin well yesterday but I am back today so we bout to rock wit it yu heard anyway Lok gone get to dat crazy cause we got the morning on lock an what one love.

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    none pop lok

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    Yo I tell her Lite Lok Wassgood

    in Lifestyle

    Yo I am late again yo I be on my Gungu pees yo any way Lite Lok we taken over da airways gone be a commone thread yall know every Saturday be wit us as we lite dis big head one

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