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    Live With the Dementia Whisperer

    in Caregiving

    New Dimensions in Dementia Care

    Common Myths About Dementia

    There are many myths surrounding dementia that can obscure our understanding of the issues facing our loved ones who suffer from one or more of the 70+ causes of dementia, such as the leading cause - Alzheimer’s Disease. Tune in to discover just what is true and what is not!

    And our guest will be talking about the importance of changing the dementia care culture of trying to traverse your dementia care journey and learning to the importance of  "building a team of care champions" and the essential reality of reaching out for help, support and encouragement- all focused on the approximately 16 million caregivers-family members and professionals who are caring for a loved one, client or resident with any cause of dementia.

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    Who is The Dementia Whisperer?

    in Caregiving

    It has been said that life is a journey. If this is an apt metaphor, then dementia and Alzheimer’s comprise a divergent road with twists and turns that make navigation incredibly difficult.  The signposts are unclear and the markers confusing.  We may take a certain path and think it is the right one, only to find that the path has changed.


    Laura Wayman, the Dementia Whisperer is a guide to help you navigate this divergent road.  Based in California, Laura is a gerontologist, trainer, advocate for, and best-selling author on dementia disorders and care protocols.  Her methods are unique, compelling, and highly successful. 

    Tune in to find out everything you wanted to know about dementia-but were afraid to ask.

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    Dementia Care and the Holidays

    in Caregiving


    Claire Day, our dementia care expert, shares tips to help manage dementia care during the holidays.

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    Another Brilliant Voice of Someone Living With Dementia - Mary Kay Baum

    in Caregiving

    Alzheimer's Speaks loves hearing everyone's opinions and insights to living with dementia.  Today we all have the great honor to speak with Rev, Mary Kay Baum who is not only diagnosed with dementia, but who is doing amazing work to improve lives.  In fact, I personally got the chance to meet her and interview her the other week at the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association 1/2 intensive preconference on building Dementia Friendly Communities and Businesses.

    I promise this will be a wonderful conversation and you will walk away some brilliant new insights on how to live with the disease gracefully.

    Check out Mary Kay Baum's website

    Call her at (608)935-5834  or send her an email.

    For more information on Dementia and Caregiving go Alzheimer's Speaks Resource Website.

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    Awakened Living Radio with TJ Woodward: What is Wholeness?

    in Spirituality

    TJ Woodward, author of the book Conscious BEING and spiritual director of Awakened Living in San Francisco, speaks about a spiritual topic.

    This Week's Topic: What is Wholeness?

    Conscious BEING is an insightful guide for rediscovering your essential nature and living an intentional and awakened life.

    Awakened Living is a 21st century movement for people who consider themselves spiritual, but not religious, and have a deep hunger for personal and global transformation.

    Our mission is to encourage and inspire the awakening of human consciousness.



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    Coping with Caregiver Holiday Stress-How to Make it Through the "Holi-DAZE"

    in Caregiving

    While the holidays are a joyful time for many, they can be extemely stressful for caregivers providing dementia care, as well as those diagnosed with any cause of dementia. This week The Dementia Whisperer and her guest discuss some of the challenges you may be facing as a caregiver with the holidays fast approaching, as well as tips on how to make it through the "Holi-DAZE".  And to assist with this essential topic and conversation, Laura Wayman, The Dementia Whisperer and co-host Scott Cluthe with be joined by their guest this episode, Ms. Alicia Murray.  Ms. Murray is a contributing author for The Dementia Whisperers best selling book-A Loving Approach to Dementia Care, published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Ms. Murray is also a professional working in the dementia care field as a dementia trainer/expert, but even more importantly, she is Ms. Wayman's daughter!  Be sure to tune in and hear this amazing mother/daughter team share vital information about their own dementia care journey and tried and true suggestions to help support and inspire you to make it through the most stressful time of the year for the already beleaguered family and professional dementia care providers.

    We look forward to you calling in as this is a live show and we want to hear from you, or download this episode later to listen at your convenience.   

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    Intentional Living presents"Public Success....Private Struggle" Corretta Doctor

    in Christianity

    We live in a society filled with dreams and  aspirations of wealth and success; never realizing true success comes fromemotional and mental wholeness and wellness.  Living with painful scars of destructive generational cycles: abuse,neglect, abandonment, and rejection can  have long term damaging effects if not properly confronted. And although buriedbeneath life’s trophy’s of accolades and accomplishments they will resurface in outward manifestations and behaviors. Corretta Doctor transparently shares her battle with Success, Stress, and Suicide to aid others in intentionally taking control of their lives. Join us today at 10:00am CST  657-383-0095

  • Dementia vs. Alzheimer's and how Alzheimer's affects Blacks differently prt 2

    in Entertainment

    Friday October 16 at 11;30 pm come join Sasha and  Da Crew as we have part 2 of our talk about Dementia and Alzheimer's and how the disease affects blacks differently. We will also go into discussion about caregivers and how taking care of a loved on that has these diseases.

    Dementia can occur in ways from vascular issues to even strokes where Alzheimer's is dementia that worsens and has a buildup of plaques and tangles in the brain. We will talk more about the different ways that a person can get Dementia and how Alzheimer's can truly be diagnosed only AFTER an autopsy of a person's brain. We speak of how to identify if your loved one has Dementia and what medications can help slow the process but there is no cure for Dementia or Alzheimer's. If you have a loved one that suffers with Dementia or Alzheimer's call in and tell us how you deal with it as a caregiver at (215)383 -3929. For all other comments or questions CALL in at (215)383 -3929  or to hear the show LIVE! 

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    Better Living Home And Garden Expo On Flavor Living

    in Food


    Flavor Living Radio visit Better Living Home And Garden Show Tune-In to hear us speak with Jim Cantrell of Lifetime Stainless Steel Cookware, Pamela Jenkins of Vitamix,David Cook of Click It Hot, Oscar Farley for Diamond International Resort and David Stewart Cutco...New innovations, home comforts travel. How can you go wrong with so much to feel your everyday life...On the Flavor


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    This Week in PA Independent Living

    in Lifestyle

    PA Independent Living Radio Show host Karla Porter and guest co-host Michael Supey will discuss current news and events of interest to the disability community in Pennsylvania. 

    Do you have news and events you would like to share? Call or Skype in!

    PA Independent Living Radio Show is brought to you Fridays at 12:00 pm EDT by The Arc of Luzerne County. Please consider a donation in support of our work to help improve the quality of life for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families.

    Visit PA Disability News to stay up to date on news and events of interest to the PA disability community. Thanks for listening!

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    Overcome Dementia | K8377

    in Parents

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