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    ​LITERATE NATION Dr Rich Long on Making Literacy work for All

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    Dr Rich Long on Making Literacy work for All

    ?www.literatenation.org  @literatenation?



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    Centro Latino for Literacy congratulating 129 newly literate

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    Centro Latino for Literacy is congratulating 129 newly literate adults at their 7th Annual Manos Amigas/Helping Hands Celebration.   Event is being co-chaired by Paul Garza, Jr., Centro Latino for Literacy Board Chair and Gil Vazquez, Principal at Vazquez & Company, LLP. For twenty-two years now, Centro Latino has been transforming lives by teaching literacy skills to non-literate Spanish speakers.   These 129 adults will graduate from the Leamos and Listos courses, where they learned reading and writing, math, grammar, and financial literacy.   Thanks to our major sponsors First Credit Bank Community Bank, Barker Management, Inc., CHAPA (CA Housing Assistance Program), Wells Fargo Bank, Telemundo, Union Bank, Southern California Gas Company/Sempra Energy, California Bank and Trust, The California Endowment, and Jeff Tsuji Design & Photography. Their support not only impacts our students’ lives, but it also impacts their families, workplace, health and the entire well being of the community. 

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    A Vegan Novel - "Off the Reservation" - with Glen Merzer

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    Today Laura Theodore the Jazzy Vegetarian welcomes Glen Merzer who is an author, playwright, and screenwriter - to discuss his recent novel, Off the Reservation - a comic narrative about a quirky vegan congressman who undertakes an unconventional quest for the presidency; actor Jason Alexander called it “as politically savvy and poetically literate a book as I have read in a long while…. a completely gorgeous and rewarding experience.” 

    Signed copies of Laura Theodore’s Cookbooks and the Best of Jazzy Vegetarian DVD are available at jazzyvegetarian.com and Jazzy Vegetarian on Public television continues to air nationally – check local listings for airings in your area.

    ABOUT GLEN MERZER:  Glen began his career in book-writing as co-author, with Howard Lyman, of Mad Cowboy (Scribner, 1998) and No More Bull! (Scribner, 2005).  Merzer is also co-author of Unprocessed (2011), by Chef AJ; Food over Medicine (BenBella Books, 2013), with Pam Popper; and Better Than Vegan (BenBella Books, 2013), with Chef Del Sroufe. Merzer has had dozens of productions of his plays staged throughout the country, including two productions that toured to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.  Three of his plays have been published by Samuel French. Merzer is currently at work on a children’s book and his next novel.

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    Does the Internet Scare You with Pam Ross

    in Entrepreneur

    Do you avoid speaking with your tech people?  How many times have you felt like your computer hated you?  Do you ever find yourself screaming at the computer screen because a program won’t do what you want it to? 

    For the average person technology is complicated and something most people try to avoid as much as they can. When we try to get help often we are made to feel stupid.  Worse is when the person you ask for help seems to literally be speaking a whole other language.  But you do need to know and embrace the importance of technology in our business in the 21st century.  You need to have the ability to be digitally fluent.  To communicate, collaborate and connect using the tools that are now available to us.    

    Sadly for an entrepreneur the failure to embrace technologies, especially the things like social media and your online presence can be the death of your business.  In order to not just survive but THRIVE in your business you need to speak geek.  You need to be digitally fluent.  In other words you need to know what you are doing online and more importantly… why!

    Special guest Pam Ross is going to teach you today how to test and learn new technology so that you can grow your business online like never before. 

    Pam’s specialty is teaching women entrepreneurs how to be literate and effective in this computer driven digital age without having to go back to college and get another degree just to survive.  Steve and Pam will also help you learn what you have to learn to be competitive in modern business. Discover today how easy it is to be digitally fluent and make the internet your friend.  

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    The Main Secrets Of Relationships Parts 1 & 2 (619-768-2945)

    in Relationships

    Today on "The PLUG" radio program we shall discuss the "Main Secrets Of Relationships". This shall be covered in two parts.

    During Part #1: Olivia A. Floyd along with co-hostess Tamara Thorpe will get us started on this topic. Please feel free with your questions or comments during this portion of the program.

    In Part # 2: of our program today we shall delve even deeper into the topic of relationships so that anyone listening can become more "Relationship Literate".

    After today's podcast we are sure that many of our listeners will see relationships from another point of view. Make sure that you have materials available either online or offline to take notes.

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    The Wars of Olden Gods Before Mankind Emerges

    in Music

    A person that are brainwashed by the A.D. Anno Domini religion, without a chance of failure, have a shallow and illogical mind. They live with clouded imagination, and are always cynical, unable to see the glorious life of their divine antecedent ancestors.The only way to understand the world we live in,  is to be sober, literate, and intelligent. It means don't go to any church, it is a  foolish believers joint. Because mankind has an intelligent origin, and to know how life began, requires the ability to read and comprehend issues. To just read words in this cultural way where most people do not respect the deeper property of word elements--puts one at a serious disadvantage. They are two important points to bare in mind, we will never meet the living ancestors to tell us what happened in their days gone by, and so we must read to understand the messages they have left behind for us. When we cannot read to  know what they say to us,  we are left out into the abyss of ignorance, and that ignorance has you can see has brought down our culture, so that it is now sitting in the psychological ruins today,  because of the holy bible which sedated it.  

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    "Keys for Success Monday" Building Assets for your Future

    in Finance

    “If you want to be rich, simply spend your money buying assets.” 

    A fundamental factor that differentiates the rich from the poor can be found in their patterns of spending – namely the accumulation of assets versus liabilities. To put it plainly; rich people generally spend their life buying assets whilst poor people continuously purchase liabilities. An asset is anything you own that puts more money into your pocket or bank account, and a liability is anything that you own that continuously takes money out of your account.

    One of the dimensions of becoming more valuable as a person is that you become more astute in your financial literacy. That means that you understand the impact of where your money is going; after all, you’ve worked hard for your money so why shouldn’t you learn to make your money work hard for you? That’s why it’s not uncommon to see individuals and families still struggling to make ends meet after 5, 10 or even 20+ years. It’s not that they’re not hard working – many of them are some of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet, but very often we either haven’t been taught or haven’t been diligent in learning how we can become more financially literate.

    When you receive your income, be it weekly or monthly you’ll undoubtedly have the basic necessities of life to cater for – food, utilities, transport, etc. But what happens after that? Are you building up assets or liabilities? Below I’ve listed examples of some of the assets and liabilities that can have an effect on your wealth:

    Property and Real Estate
    Intellectual Property (patents, royalties:music, books etc)
    Financial Education

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    Social Capital Law Clinic.....

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House"  we shall discuss the connection between "Social Capital" and basic legal concepts. Social Capital is very valuable............however years of relationships or even new ones can go up in smoke over night if simple mistakes or misunderstandings could have been avoided or cleared up quickly have both or all parties in a social or business setting had been "law literate".

    We shall be discussing the topics of "torts" and "alternative dispute resolutions" that people should know to MAINTAIN their social relationships for "relationships are more important than money".

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    Legal Literacy: R U Legally Literate Or Legally Illiterate ?

    in Real Estate

    As you take a look at real estate owners who have been victimized by squatters or home owners who feel they have been victimed by their mortgage holders, the banks, or the government we discover one consistant element.

    All of the (so-called victims) were Legally Illiterate.

    The definition of "illiterate" is: (1) Not knowing how to read or write. (2) Having little or no education.

    The definiton of "Legally Illiterate" is: (1) Having little or no legal education. (2) Lacking knoweldge in "legal vocabulary", "legal writing", & knowing the basic rules of the various courts.

    Not knowing your legal rights means you do not have any.

    This podcast will be your first step in empowering yourself so you can increase your legal awarness via becoming Legally Literate.

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    A Conversation with Literate Nation

    in Education

    Literate Nation is a call-to-action grassroots organization comprised of cross-discipline team of literacy advisers that support community grassroots organizers. We are parents, teachers, advocates and policymakers who want all children to have the gift of literacy.
    What is Literate Nation's purpose?
    To help communities and states drive a seismic shift in their students'literacy outcomes so that all children grow to become literate, educated, and career ready.
    Why is Literate Nation different?
    We are different because we are mostly an all-volunteer not-for-profit organization of parents, teachers, scientists, and policymakers, that allows communities to take advantage of nationwide and global research, tools and expertise to benefit our children and make a difference near- and long-term for our country.

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    Do you need to be computer literate?

    in Self Help

    Are you computer literate? Do you have to be?
    Today Shirley Gutkowski talks about the importance of computers in our lives and whether you can get along with one. If you're planning on moving from your industry to another, computers are even more important. You'll be needing to find out information on your new industry. You'll need to know how to bridge between a computer, tablet, and phone. 

    Over 70? Over 80? you'll find computers to be an awesome friend, as long as keep up. 

    Host: Shirley Gutkowski
    Producer: Shirley Gutkowski


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    www.xybody.com use the code M01107

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