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    No More Yellow Mac N' Cheese; Ice Cream Listeria; Starbucks "Coconut Milk"

    in Food

    R.I.P. Childhood: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Won't Be Bright Orange Anymore

    What is listeria? Bacteria found in Blue Bell ice cream

    What Exactly Is Happening When Your Knuckles Crack?

    Starbucks Debuts Coconut Milk That Isn’t Coconut Milk

    Kind Bars Aren’t Healthy Enough for ‘Healthy’ Tag, FDA Says

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    Have you ever wondered why RAW milk is illegal?

    in Health

    While the main argument by the FDA is that it has a higher chance of havingSalmonella, E. coli, or Listeria bacteria, the same can be said for many types of sushi and unpasteurized cider, believe it or not. Yet they say nothing of the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by correctly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs each year and they are still legal.

    Are we not trusted enough to make our own decisions about our health? RAW milk was legal until 1986 & today the ban is based on mainly one study that we will discuss and compare to Real Truth beginning at 7PM Wednesday Sept 23, tune in for the Rest Of The Story.

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    Salmonella, E. coli, listeria in almonds/walnuts

    in Education

    Salmonella, E. coli, listeria, yeast and mold, FFA/POV, aflatoxin in almonds and walnuts production with Pamela Sweeten, P. Sweeten Consulting. She is the owner of P. Sweeten Consulting, since 2006 to present, Greater San Joaquin Valley, CA. Pamela worked with Ryan-Parriera Almond Company, from 1992 to 2005, Los Banos, CA. Experience: • Experienced professional with skills in sales and marketing services to potential clients • Proven ability to manage key account relationships and large-scale projects • Experience presenting to senior management • Representing senior management in discussions with clients • Product  training and assisting clients in set up of recordkeeping • Deep understanding and effective management of product price fluctuation; knowledge and application of computers for increased productivity; and great planning skills with extraordinary goal setting ability, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Education: California State University Stanislaus.
    Agenda: 1. Intoduction. 2. What are the bacterial contamination issues for almond and walnut producers? 3. Which human pathogens are of interest: Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria? 4. Is yeast and mold a challenge? 5. What is Free Fatty Acid (FFA) in nut products? 6. What is Peroxide Value (POV) or rancidity? 7. What are the current methods to screen products for these issues? 8. Are there government standards? 9. New methods on the horizon. 10. Conclusion.
    Contact: Pamela Sweeten P. Sweeten Consulting 209-606-1418 www.trackmycrop.com Twitter - @trackmycrop Facebook – P. Sweeten Consulting Pamela@trackmycrop.com

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    Curtis Harwell Discuss's Can Natural Supplements Help Fitness and Health?

    in Fitness

    Dried Red Pepper

    The compound capsaicin puts the heat in chilies. It may lower the risk of skin and colon cancers; studies show it also helps people eat fewer calories. Try hot pepper on pizza or in pasta.


    Nutmeg contains antibacterial compounds that may help fight listeria, E. coli, and salmonella, according to research. Try nutmeg in soups or chicken dishes or on sweet potatoes.


    Turmeric contains an active component called curcumin, which may stop cancer from spreading and help prevent type 2 diabetes. Try turmeric in soups, stews, or curry dishes.


    Natural, Clean Nutrition for Performance

    We provide natural supplements for athletes because we ourselves are athletes. We understand the healthy choices needed to be made by athletes, runners, and body builders. Our nutritional supplements are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, providing you with clean fuel for your athletic performance. Unlike other dietary supplements, APS keeps athletic performance in mind (and is the first and only all natural supplements for athletes).


    Natural Vitamins

    Our natural vitamins (Daily Multivitamin, Immune+, and Omega 3 Fish Oil) are loaded with the nutrients your body needs. Fish oil supplements are known for their Omega 3 nutritional value and fatty acids. For optimal health, taking a multivitamin will help your diet remain well-balanced. Vitamin D deficiency, Vitamin E deficiency, and more can be avoided with multivitamin nutrition supplements. 



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    ENCORE EPISODE: May Week 3.5 REVIEW (Part 2: Best of the Rest)

    in Current Events


    Live Broadcast of Part 2 Week #3.5 May 2014 in Review. We talk about several eye-opening issues such as: FRANKEN FOODS, FRANKENSTEIN FEATS, HUMANIMALS,HUMACHINES, CYBORGS, ROBOTS, IMPLANTS, BRAIN CHIPS, BIG BROTHER, ROAD RAGE, ROAD WRECKS, ROAD POLLUTION, PESTILENCES, DISEASES, COSMICS SIGNS and more, on this exciting week ending updating episode! JOIN IN ON THE LIVE BROADCAST!...

    On this Live Sunday Evening Broadcast, we talk about several eye-opening issues such as FRANKEN FOODS like GMO's; Toxic Dogfood Treats; Hepatitis Hamburgers; Listeria-infected Walnuts; Paul Ehrlichs SOLENT GREEN SOLUTION; and also FRANKEN FEATS such as the ERA OF CHIMERAS with Lab-made HUMANIMAL HYBRIDS. Then we tackle even more HUMACHINE STORIES from the TWOFOLD MOVEMENTS OF CYBORGS & ROBOTS with the STORIES OF THE WEEK being "The Proposed Magna Cortica" future bill of rights for Artificial Lifeforms; and the NEW RICE-SIZED BRAIN IMPLANTS POWERED W/O BATTERIES! More updates on European DRIVERLESS CARS and the PUSH TO REPLACE HUMANS W/ ROBOTS IN WAREHOUSE & FAST FOOD JOBS! Also new Tech Start-up called Place-A-Vote wants to REPLACE ALL OF POLITICAL CONGRESS MEMBERS W/ COMPUTER SOFTWARE SYSTEM instead! Are these signs that THE ROBOTS ARE RISING UP TO TAKE OVER, as many writers & movie makers have predicted? Then we talk about more BIG BROTHER TECH updates. We also discuss several ROAD RAGE & ROAD WRECK prophecies coming to pass this week! We also give many updates on RISING PESTILENCES & NEW INCURABLE DISEASES! We hope to bring the latest updates on COSMIC SIGNS in the Sun, Moon, and Stars; as well as, a Host of other prophetic topics, on this exciting episode!.. DONT MISS THIS LIVE BROADCAST! CALL IN AT ANY TIME DURING THE SHOW! ALSO CATCH ENCORE EPISODE OF THIS SHOW LATER THIS COMING WEEK.. Join in and enjoy the show!...

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    Government Censorship of Organic Food Benefits with Mischa Popoff, B.A.

    in Education

    Government Censorship of Organic Food Benefits with Mischa Popoff, B.A. (Hons.) Univ. of Sasketchewan.

    Mischa Popoff is a former organic farmer and USDA-contract organic inspector.
    Bachelor of Arts from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon
    Author of “History of nitrogen for warfare and fertilizer”
    Author of “Is it Organic? The inside story of the organic industry”--Some people won't like this book, but you will.
    Policy Advisor for The Heartland Institute.
    Research Associate for The Frontier Centre for Public Policy
    He exposes the practice of the lack of field testing in the global organic industry and how it may have contributed to foodborne bacterial outbreaks.
    He has contributed to many outbreak investigations, including listeria, E. coli and salmonella, in organic food.

    1. Introduction
    2. What is organic marketing labeling?
    3. What types of testing protocols prove organic labels?
     a. Chemical testing
     b. Biological testing
     c. Process documentation
    4. Government censorship of analysis of organic labeling.
    5. Testing Analysis efforts of Organic food products.
    6. Conclusion


    Mischa Popoff
    Greenville TX US

    For public speaking engagements or consultations, please contact the National Speakers Bureau
    Sawa Matsumura, 1-800-661-4110 ext. 311, smatsumura@nsb.com

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    Pantry Paratus Radio

    in Entrepreneur

    Wilson interviews Joel Salatin from the movies Food, Inc., Farmageddon, and more.

    "I had arranged a long time in advance to actually get to speak with Joel Salatin himself. From that time together, we bring you this great interview. I always thought that Joel was inspirational and pretty cool from the books and Youtube videos, but I have to admit that he is even cooler and more inspiring in person. Relax and take a listen to this great interview with one my personal heros, Joel Salatin.

    We talk about:

    Joel loves what he does, and likes to share the kind of things that they have learned over the years in farming

    Polyface Farm mission statement: “We develop environmentally, emotionally and economically enhancing agricultural prototypes and to facilitate their reproduction around the world.”

    Things that I did NOT see at Polyface Farms

    Plants an animals are biological not mechanical

    Need for disturbance in the progress cycle

    E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, Campylobacter, MRSA, C. Diph, food allergies—all this is part of Nature saying, “Enough!”

    Redemptive Farming

    Churches turning lawn into farm land

    Leveraging portability, profitability and fertility on the small scale homestead (stacking functions—Permaculture)"

    Read Wilson's blog post Day at Polyface Farm

    Visit Preparedness Radio Network

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    Environmental Risk Concerns-The Dangers of Pallets:Karl Kolb

    in Education

    Environmental Risk Concerns: The Dangers of Pallets with Karl Kolb, PhD., Chief Science Officer of the High Sierra Group.
    Karl Kolb, PhD., Chief Science Officer of the High Sierra Group which provides nation’s largest purveyor of food safety products and services.
    Agenda: 1. Introduction. 2. What are pallets used for in food production? 3. What materials are used in their construction? 4. Environmental risk analysis concerns. 5. Listeria and pathogenic transmission characteristics of pallets. 6. Floors, pallets and trucks as transmission vehicles. 7. How do pathogens prosper on pallets? 8. How do pallets transfer bacteria? 9. How long can bacteria survive on pallets? 10. Why is a 3rd party important? 11. What are the concerns for organic production and agricultural sites? 12. Why is testing difficult for the average facility? 13. What can be done to eradicate the problem at the time of receipt? 14. Conclusion.
    Contact:   Karl Kolb PhD. Chief, Science Officer The High Sierra Group 715.723.4915 (office) 715.723.4956 (fax) 702.523.2068 (cell) http://highsierracorp.com/ karl@highsierragroup.com
    Listen to AME Food Testing Show podcasts: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ames-food-testing-show-blog/id447337326 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ame-foodtestingshow.rss

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    USDA FSIS Verification Tests Beef Trimmings E coli O157-H7

    in Education

    United States USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) Verification Testing Program of Beef Trimmings for E. coli O157:H7 with Jim Byron, CEO, Xgenex LLC.
    Jim Byron graduated from Boston College with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.  His career of over 30 years progressed from water treatment and industrial chemicals sales management to biotechnology, food testing systems and food testing laboratories.  In addition to several patent applications in process, Jim has authored several articles for Food Safety Magazine, including articles on Listeria Testing and STEC Testing.
    In 2012 Xgenex was formed by a group of biotech executives, food industry insiders and investors appointing Jim Byron as CEO.  Xgenex executives have strong relationships and networks with owners, executives, regulators and decision makers in the food industry.  This network includes academicians and leading consulting organizations.  Xgenex is focused on bringing New Technology and Innovative New Scientific Discoveries to the food industry to advance outdated routines, enhancing results and improving financial performance of food manufacturers and companies working in the food industry.

    1. Introduction.
    2. What is E. coli O157:H7?
    3. Why is it important to screen beef prior to shipment?
    4. What is the current technology and process?
    5. What is the FSIS?
    6. How does the FSIS test beef?
    7. What are the challenges?
    8. How can the program be improved?
    9. Xgenex other products and projects.
    Jim Byron
    Xgenex LLC.
    (484) 356-7283

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    A Primer on Molecular epidemiology- Stephen J. Knabel, Ph.D.

    in Education

    A Primer on Molecular epidemiology with Stephen J. Knabel, Ph.D., Professor of Food Science, College of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State University.

    Iowa State University, Microbiology and Food Technology, Ph.D., 1989, M.S., 1986, B.S., 1973.

    Dr. Knabel's studies: Detection, tracking and control of foodborne pathogens: Listeria monocytogenes, E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella and Campylobacter. Development of novel methods for the recovery of injured foodborne pathogens and detection by conventional and molecular methods. Contamination of raw animal foods by gram-negative foodborne pathogens and destruction by high pH. Understanding and enhancing the mechanisms of action of foodgrade microbial inhibitors. Metal ion interactions with spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms. Role of heat shock proteins in induced thermotolerance. Research on the long-term-survival phase of Listeria monocytogenes and its effect on changes in barotolerance, thermotolerance and cellular morphology.
    1. Introduction
    2. What is a bacterial pathogen?
    3. Which technologies have been employed to detect them?
    4. What is molecular epidemiology and how is it different than detection?
    5. What is the goal of molecular epidemiology?
    6. How has molecular epidemiology evolved (from biochemical testing to DNA fingerprinting to DNA sequencing)?
    7. Listeria discussion.
    8. What recent advances have been made in your lab in the area of molecular epidemiology?
    9. Overall conclusions and wrap-up.


    Stephen J. Knabel, Ph.D.
    Professor of Food Science
    College of Agricultural Sciences
    Penn State University
    437 Food Science Building
    University Park, PA 16802
    Phone: 814-863-1372

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    The Kyle Kulinski Show

    in Politics Progressive

    *Stimulating political talk* American Ambassador to Libya killed by fundamentalist Muslims, Mitt Romney politicizes the tragedy, Where do we place the blame for this tragedy? Sarah Palin babbling on facebook about Obama, Rep. West of Florida blames Obama for killing of Ambassador, Romney talks down to Putin ~ leads to retaliation, Beck gets his own TV channel, New Economic Poliy Institute #'s, listeria outbreak from cheese, Rand Paul compares US Government to Nazi Germany & more!