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    Brain Mind Power Dr. Vie Dr.Gray part 2

    in Health

    Dr. Vie talks to Dr. John Gray, Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus,  about their favorite focus, the brain, the mind and super-consciousneslife energies our brain, decrease stress, prevent autism, depression, handle ADHD and handle addictions, alcoholism, drugs, parkinsons, alzheimers, memory loss. Topics they discuss in their new books, Taming the Female Impostor  and Staying Focused in a Hyper World. Why 4 cups coffee does not prevent parkinsons?  Learn why over stimulation damages your brain. What stimulates dopamine? Rediscover the uniqueness of butter! Why blood sugar can make the difference between good or bad sleep. Rediscover the wonder of being alone and quiet. Why rhythm is vital to energize. This is the 2nd Radio Show in a series of 3. If you missed the previous shows, get the links below this show in the archives.  Register for Dr. Vie's Awaken Your Energy program....and get the preview. Win monthly gifts by entering at DrVie.com..send your questions for these shows...last month's winner was Ashton from USA who won the on-the-go water flask. This month's gift is an Ayurvedic massage oil. Join us, subscribe our shows here and on YouTube and benefit everyday...lots of love, Dr. Vie

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    WE HAVE ALL BEEN LED TO believe that cholesterol is bad, not TRUE.

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    If you are taking a cholesterol-lowering statin drug such as Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor or Pravachol and want to add to the body what is being robbed that the heart must have, then we have important news to share with you today.

    WE HAVE ALL BEEN LED TO believe that cholesterol is bad and that lowering it is good. Because of extensive pharmaceutical marketing to both doctors and patients, so we think that using statin drugs is proven to work to lower the risk of heart attacks and death.

    But on what scientific evidence is this based, what does that evidence really show?

    Roger Williams a theologian; once said something that is very applicable to how we commonly view the benefits of statins. “There are liars, damn liars, and statisticians.”

    Tune in this Wednesday evening September 10, at 7:PM to hear the rest of the story.

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    The Experience with Alex Exum - Episode 5

    in Fitness

    Alex Exum experienced a series of life changing events in 2012 that set him on a new path of spirituality, self improvement, health and fitness.
    Today Alex and Carlton discuss a friend with high cholesterol and some of the alternatives other than statin drugs like Lipitor.

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    Inflammation, Testosterone, and the Female Pot Belly

    in Health


    Welcome to Stark Naked Radio, episode #6.  We'll be discussing the effects of inflammation on your health and fitness, testosterone cream (does it work?), and the difficult-to-lose female pot belly.  We'll also review lipitor and women, and bullet proof coffee.

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    Holiday Season and Your Health & Wellness

    in Health

    Tis the season to be jolly........... Join on us on today's Health & Wellness Show as we explore all things in the health and wellness world :-)
    Latest recalls The New Flu Strain  Update Dr. Oz reports on Arsenic in Juices and what health experts/officials now say Lipitor - what you need to know Listen in and invite everyone you know as we work to improve on our health and wellness! 

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    High Cholesterol

    in Health

    CELEBRITY HEALTH CHALLENGES: REAL PEOPLE REAL STORIES: In this series Bobbie looks at health issues in the media spotlight. Today Bobbie looks at the widely reported yet largely misunderstood topic of cholesterol, its relationship to heart disease, healthy and unhealthy fats in the diet.and its management using traditional drugs and alternative therapies.
    Former President Bill Clinton had heart bypass surgery due to life threatening issues with high cholesterol. USA Olympic Gold Medalist Peggy Fleming, figure skating's first bonefide celebrity, shows us all that even worldclass athletes can be challenged with cholesterol issues; and with her long family history of heart disease Peggy is today a vocal proponent of health initiatives to raise public awareness of cholesterol self management.
    Enjoy today's interesting episode and learn what you can do to to manage your blood fats in healthy ways and avoid becoming dependent on expensive prescribed cholesterol lowering drugs such as Lipitor - alarmingly America's number one most prescribed drug.

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    Motley Fool Money: 12.02.2011

    in Finance

    The unemployment rate falls to its lowest level in more than two years.  Retailers report big sales numbers.  Pfizer loses its patent protection for Lipitor.  And pop music group Hanson taps into a new business opportunity.   Our analysts discuss those stories and share three stocks on their radar.  Plus, James Rickards discusses his book, Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis.





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    To Your Health With Dr Dave Schneider

    in Health

    Today's topics were: Meridia withdrawn from the market; hands-only CPR removes the "yuck factor"; Lipitor recall; sleep and weight loss; dietary fiber; breast cancer.

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    The Investiation with Liam Scheff

    in Nutrition

    Join Liam as he tells true stories from life as it’s lived. Liam recounts a chance meeting with a certain doctor Chupacabra, (or, perhaps “Chopra”), now on the road, selling his book and the FDA-approved Nazi medicine* that we’re all supposed to love and trust…

    Dr. Chupacabra wants you to hate the vitamin industry, because, he feels that all vitamins are useless! Especially Vitamin C! But he wants you to take more Lipitor, get more vaccination, and never trust anything you read online – except him!

    * “Nazi medicine” is what happens when fraudulent, orthodox dogmatic science is used to bully, harm, and even kill people.

    Read more at LiamScheff.com

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    Take Control of Your Health

    in Business

    Lil Robinette’s mission for her business, Lifestyles In Life, LLC, is to be of service to women, men, and children who want to Take Control of Their Health. For Lil, this started 16 years ago when her husband decided not to have by-pass surgery and he and she had to take control of making their bodies healthier by finding the right information, getting educated, and then taking steps to make sure they never returned to unhealthy lifestyles again!

    Lil states that her business, Lifestyles In Life, LLC, has evolved because “first I was a customer, then an educator, and finally an advocate for change in the Health-Care Industry. I think this career path chose me! I was on a mission to help my husband get off his meds (two blood pressure medications and Lipitor); and I became very passionate when I found out it could be done.”

    Lil is looking for Health Care Professionals who are looking to incorporate
    prevention and wellness into their practice; and individuals who would like to
    make healthy lifestyle changes, get off medications, and learn how to adopt a
    healthy lifestyle.

    Lil Robinette

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    Depression and Mental Health

    in Entertainment

    Did you know that medications for depression and other mental illnesses are among the three most dispensed, according to several prominent health insurance carriers? Medications for wellbutrin, zoloft, and the like rank up there with medications for cholestrol (lipitor) and diabetes.

    Depression is a silent killer within the black community. And with a troubling economy, there are likely to be more reported cases of people slipping off into these unwanted syndromes.

    Book author Sharon D. Denny will discuss her motivation for writing her debut novel The Baker's Dozen, which touches on this subject. As promised, The Maverick always comes with an edge and this latest segment will be no different!