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    Ascension Center Education - Lightworkers Roundtable

    in Spirituality

    Lightworkers Time on Earth for sharing the dimensions, realms, realities as we make our choices in challenges to explore and learn as both students and teachers. Join Diana McClintic, Tommy Hawksblood, Theresa J Morris, and Friends weekly! We want to share synergy and make a difference while in communication with each other in this world. We are being here now! Being-Doing-Having Time to share and become aware of each other spreading unity! We are now about that which lies beyond our universal laws and thoughts that are included in the topic of cosmology. Cosmos beings observe laws. This makes for a better universe. We are only one being inside the cosmos inside this universe inside other universes inside the outer film of the all. We are all cosmos beings and the future will unfold that which we recognize as unchartered territory of the cosmos. Just like we learned over time of continents across oceans on the planet we will now recognize universes in the cosmos. There is more than just energy, matter, space, and time. This universe is vast and we will learn of space travel out among the many universes of the cosmos beings.

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    BEWARE of Roma Downey & the Lightworkers

    in News

    Tonight on PROPHECY QUAKE, we will look at the New Age movement and so-called lightworkers like Roma Downey who are trying to hijack Christianity and substitute their false Jesus and false gospel. We will also look at other ways Hollywood is trying to change the stories in the Bible to suit their gnostic anti-God/anti-Christ beliefs. Most don't understand the New Age religion or recognize it when they hear it preached by celebrities and politicians, but it will be the message of the Antichrist and the False Prophet. Join us LIVE at 8:00 PM CST.

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    Spirit Therapy Radio - For the Lightworkers

    in Spirituality

    We have come a long way, Lightworkers!  Now, it's about fine tuning your skills and following your inner guidance with confidence. Join me for ways to get deeper attunement with you Spirit.  Therein lies the key to your successful enjoyment of what you came here to be: Light for the world! 

    Visit our Website: www.spirittherapynyc.com Contact Nicole: spirittherapynyc@gmail.com

    Spirit Therapy is a holistic approach to Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness. As we learn to balance our own energies, we see how the vibration we are putting "out there" is creating our world and effecting our experience of life. The goal is to achieve peace within yourself and therefore, peace with all that happens around you. Spirit Therapy also addresses Manifestation and how we all can create our desired reality.  

    Nicole Tomassini is trained in Psychology, Education and the Intuitive Arts. She is the founder of Spirit Therapy NYC and has dedicated many years to the science of Happiness and Well-Being. 

    Sponsered by Daughtersofisis.com -- Daughters of Isis creators of essential oils, flower essences and Spirit tools to aid you on your life journey.

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    Empathic Seeker: Dating Tips For Lightworkers

    in Spirituality

    Join the Bougie Girl as she gives dating tips for lightworkers.

    Check out her blog on http://www.BougieGirl.com

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    ERA COP -Law of Lightworkers is Change

    in Self Help

    The one constant in the universe is change.Join Thomas Becker, Tommy Hawksblood (Thomas A Sinisi), Diana McClintic, Theresa J Morris,  & Bill M Tracer for a PANEL for ERA COP Education Research Association of Friends as a Community Online Practicing Skills of People as Friend. We share what our ancestors left us to comprehend and recognize in words and teachings. Knowledge Discussions on: Law of Thinking, Law of Supply, Law of Attraction, Law of Receiving, Law of Increase, Law of Compensation, Law of Non-Resistance, Law of Forgiveness, Law of Sacrifice, Law of Obedience, and the Law of Success are referred to as the forgotten laws. The observation that there are underlying regularities in nature dates to prehistoric times, since the recognition of cause-and-effect relationships is an implicit recognition that there are laws of nature.Recognition of regularities as independent scientific laws was limited by entanglement in animism, and by attribution of effects that do not have readily obvious causes—such as meteorological, astronomical and biological phenomena—to the actions of various gods, spirits, supernatural beings, and extraterrestrials. Observation and speculation about nature  bond us with metaphysics and morality. We share the universe with those who are millions of earth years older than us all. Many of us who have passed only to return again know that we can return. Some call this reincarnation. Is this the review we return after experiencing life after death or what some call a near death experience? The Law of Divine Oneness - everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us. What we call laws may or may not be exactly the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God.

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    Lightworkers & StarSeeds

    in Spirituality

    Let's connect and talk about how you can start to connect with the energetic vibrations of the planet and all those around you and become a better lightworker and starseed.
    It is the time of awakening and your help is needed to heal the earth.  Lightworkers, inspired souls, and anyone who loves being happy!  Listen in and add to our amazing energy! xo Joanna

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    Empathic Seeker: 8 Tips For Lightworkers Manifesting Your Dreams Into Reality

    in Spirituality

    Join the Bougie Girl as she discusses ways for Lightworkers to manifest their dreams into reality.

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    Empathic Seeker: Lightworkers Coping With The Aftermath Of Psychodrama

    in Spirituality

    Join the Bougie Girl as she discusses the "Lightworkers Coping With The Aftermath Of Psychodrama".

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    Twin Flames and Instructions for Lightworkers

    in Spirituality

    Lightworkers must prepare themselves to receive their twin flame .  Twin Flames are the other half of your soul. Lightworkers must clear darkness from their egos and streghten their vibrations. Clearing negativity and getting on the path for the mission you selected is paramount to reconnecting with your Twin Flames. Join the discussion call in with your questions.   Peace Love and Light ! 


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    ACE Metaphysicians Lightworkers Truthseekers Meeting

    in Spirituality

    ACE Metaphysicians ACE Nonprofit INC Meeting – Register on Paypal with email account TJMorrisET@gmail.com. TJ Morris dba ACIR-ACO-Tarot Readings and Educational Research Association (ERA) Community Online People (COP), ACO Ascension Center Organization, and ACE as both Ace Folklife Historical Association and ACENonprofitInc.com. Fostering educational excellence in spiritual fellowship growth, education, and continued research for the communication of truth. To promote student achievement in preparation of global competitiveness in communication online practicing skills. We specialize in art, culture, education, and research. We provide a spiritual gathering place online for private and group counseling, classes, seminars, publications, video tapes, and media of spiritual education, research, in products and services. Classes, events, radio shows, seminars, are formed to discuss workshop materials, revelations, teachings, and experiences of transformation. Share the healing of the planet and species with love and light in a trusting environment contunually supported in a spiritual journey path of enlightenment. Assisted in our community online as what we call the Internet to spiritual and educational self-growth, self-improvement, communication skills, speechcraft, and leadership abilities as both students and teachers in this world. Donations are welcomed and accepted as we are set up as a nonprofit education and research organization called ACE Nonprofit Inc. for Art, Culture, Education and Research. Theresa Janette Thurmond, Monroe, Louisiana, USA, December 26, 1951 married, had four daughters all born in Texas. Became a private investigator, legal investigator, then worked for DOD, DON and GS status for US government. Studied arson, fraud, subrogation, personnel information security and Ascension Center and Psychic Network 1989 -1994.

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    Lightworkers Overcoming Fear

    in Spirituality

    Overcoming Fear is mandatory for lightworkers. Fear stops you form reaching your goals, Fear stops you from taking that extra step. Fear stops you from knowing who you are and what you are suppose to be doing.

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