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    Episode 185 - Open Discussion and Q&A (02/09/16)

    in Education

    Open Discussion and Q&A regarding credit reports, debt collectors, unwanted calls, credit card debt, and foreclosure related issues. Call in and feel free to ask any questions about your specific situation(s).

    Become a member to have access to our entire library of related information, along with access to the moderators via the members forum and live members only webinars. Go to http://www.whatliesinyourdebt.com and "Join Now"!

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    Lizard Liars

    in Spirituality

    The Civil War in America is a prime example of the conspiracy to cause mankind to turn on its self. One main plan is for racism to be the dominate downfall of America. Behind every plot to destroy mankind is the devil called Satan who is the main orchestrater of the evil plan. So are the reptilians in cooperation with this conspiracy? Are there other entities we do not know about who also are in on this as well? More tonight with Julie Flores on this subject.

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    Tru Lies In Life

    in Entertainment

    Hang out With Tru Talk Radio Crew Treavis,Dirty D and Tha HypeMan 

    We will have all new music and topics that we will be talking about on Tru talk Radio

     Music Industry,Entertainment news and Goals for 2016.

    if you would like to get in the conversation About our Topic for this episode of Tru Talk Radio 

    Tru Lies And Life feel free to call 646-787-8245

    Also dont forget our make em mad segment 

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    adventuresintothestrange 1 Lies lies and more lies

    in Spirituality

    When one starts looking for the truth they will find most of what they hear is lies. The stories have become real to many people. That is not bad enough more people have to create more lies. Things that most people except are being twisted , things like did we really go to the moon. Are UFO ours or really aliens. What truth is feed to children? They are told lies, then after they are acccepted, they are told they are not true. 

       Wed have scinece which comes up with very stupid ideas and sadly people believe them. So How did the human reallly get here? Why?  Please tunbe in . Call in number 516-3871840  I will save the last half hour for any call in's.  

       Do people have any truth about aliens or demons? Nevermind God. 


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    The Mormon Church Is Now Honest About Their Lies

    in Christianity

    The Mormon Church is now coming clean and admitting their lies within the Gospel Topic Essays. As a Legal strategy to deflect the responsibility of issuing the many lies told to the past generations of Mormons, we will review the lies that have been admitted by the Leadership of the Mormon Church.  It is now on the Members of the Mormon Faith to take personal responsibility and action for what they know know to be lies within the Doctrine of the Church.

     Note:  This is a Live Call-in Show on KUTR 820 AM and 95.3 FM Utah radio called “Mainstream Mormonism” by Bishop Lee Baker.  To participate LIVE, call KUTR at 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH Sat. at 4PM or Listen Live at LeeBaker.4Mormon.org

    Reference Links:



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    #clintoemails #GopDebate #Iowacaucus #secrets #scandles and #lies

    in News

    #clintoemails #GopDebate #Iowacaucus #secrets #scandles and #lies what has our democratic process of election come too in #america what have we come to accept as tolarable in the morales of the electorals???

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    adventuresintothestrange 1 lies ,lies and more lies part 2.

    in Spirituality

    People being feed lies all their life and still to today believing them. Well a few you let go because you are told to but many you hold on to. It time to start back tracking to where the lies started and why people except them. I am not even talking about the secret Government one but just  normal life.  




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    The Why's of Lies: learning to be your true self on TGIS

    in Self Help

    Join UIF founder Tim Ray and his returning guest Susan McDowell as they discuss why people lie and being true to yourself and reach new heights on the UER and UI radio network. 

    Susan has owned her own healing practice for 40 yrs. She incorporates several modalities to address the "whole person"........physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

    She works with individuals to get to the root cause of any issues. She will share some true stories of incredible healings she has participated in that demonstrate how her process works.

    Create, track and manifest your passions... one intention at a time at unitedintentions.org

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    The Truth is Out There. So are the Lies!

    in Education

    Call us and join in the discussion! (718) 508-9419 + option #1

    Discussion  topics

    New virus to keep an eye on: The Zika Virus, out of South America.

    First time voters: From registration to research, helping our kids learn.

    A shout out to Argyle High School for their “Joke of the Day.”

    Motor skills and deficiencies in young people raised on devices.

    Muscular Dystrophy: A gene vector in therapy.

    Politics and Caucuses: What can we learn about voter polls?

    XFiles new 6 part series: Is the truth out there?

    Birth control and thoughts on species population control.

    Human sexuality and the female orgasm.

    Music: Happy Jack by the Who, released 1966.

    About our program:

    Hell No! the radio show is a socially conscious water cooler talk show about what’s going on in the world as we feature guests and callers who express their thoughts. Hell No! is friendly, funny, real and focused on empowering the truth. We give a voice to people left in the dust. This program is not democratic, fascist, politically correct or a place for sacred cows. We do advocate peace, critical thought, education, reading and social awareness.

    Email us! HellNoRadioShow@gmail.com and to find other episodes you can play on demand anytime, please Like us on Facebook.com/HellNoTheRadioShow and Follow us on Twitter @HellNoRadioShow

    Call us and join in the discussion! (718) 508-9419 + option #1

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    Bernie Wins NH. Trump Wins NH? ...and the Clown Car Loses ANOTHER One

    in Politics

    Hillary has narrow win in Iowa, but loses to Bernie in NH. In 2008 it was the reverse. Hillary lost Iowa, but won NH.

    CBS's Bob Shieffer claims the Clinton camp called Bernie a sexist, but that was easily proven untrue - yet no one called him on it.

    "Bernie Bros" have attacked Hillary, and her supporters - including me - online, on the phone, and in person, using vile and sexist language. Bernie FINALLY tells them that he doesn not want sexism in his campaign.

    Trump wins NH, and immediately starts to attack Bernie by saying that he "wants to give our country away." He just can't seem to stop his exaggerations, and outright lies.

    Kasich took a distant 2nd, then Cruz, Bush, Rubio, Christie, Fiorina, and Carson in order.

    Will the Republican Clown Car lose another passenger?

    Lets take a look at the nastiness in the ranks, the differences among the candidates, and between the two sides - the left, and the wrong...

    Join me - LIVE at 11:00 Tonight.

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    ADHD Lies and Rationalizations: The Art of Self-Sabotage

    in Self Help

    Those with ADHD are good at the art of self-sabotage. They have mastered the ability to tell themselves stories and to rationalize, which gets in the way of self-regulation. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, guest host Caroline Maguire (www.necoaching.com) interviews expert Dr. Ari Tuckman (www.adultadhdbook.com) to gain insight on his perspective on this phenomena and how it inhibits forward progress. He gives ideas on what those with ADHD can do to reverse this trend and learn to self-regulate. If you find you are self-sabotaging, you won’t want to miss this show.

    Attention Talk Radio is the leading site for self-help Internet radio shows focusing on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD), including managing symptoms of attention deficit disorder, adults with ADD, or adults who have children with ADHD. Attention Talk Radio, hosted by attention coach Jeff Copper, is designed to help adults and children (particularly those diagnosed with or impacted by attention deficit disorder or its symptoms) in life or business who are stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated. It will help adults and children get unstuck and moving forward by helping to open their minds and pay attention to what works.

    Attention Talk Radio host Jeff Copper is an ADHD coach. To learn more about Jeff, go to http://www.digcoaching.com.