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    Life Lessons ...growing through authentic discovery

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    Our Friday wrap up show focuses on authentic discovery and Life Lessons from Mom. Please send us your lessons from Mom to lifelessonsradio@gmail.com

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    Life Lessons from Veterans featuring Todd Dudley

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    Our Life Lessons from Veterans series continues with Todd Dudley. 

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    Life Lessons on Love from Alan and Arlene Alda

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    Life Lessons love edition features Alan Alda and his wife- Arlene Alda. 

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    Life Lessons from Veterans series with Roger Gomas

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    Our book interview for Life Lessons from Veterans continues with Roger Gomas. Hear Roger's perspective on seeing America from the outside in. 


    Support The Veterans History Project by recording your Veteran's story and submitting to the Library of Congress.

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    Peter Chin discusses Blindsided by God on Life Lessons

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    Peter Chin is FAMOUS. He pastors a church that is several tens of millions of people strong.  All the best and most famous pastors proudly give him ringing endorsements, including that guy in Colorado, and the other one in Minnesota.  His Twitter followers outnumber the stars in the sky.”


    Today on Life Lessons we talk about his latest book Blindsided by God. 

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  • Levi Shepherd shares his life lessons

    in Lifestyle

    Levi Shepherd shares his life lessons and provides content for our Life Lessons from Veterans book.

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    Alec Rayme of Left Behind shares life lessons

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    Life Lessons welcomes one of the lead actors from Left Behind, Alec Rayme. This show is presented by www.gracefully-yours.com, America's favorite inspirational greeting card and journal company. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for special promotions.

    Born Ali Alherimi in Akron, Ohio, on December 20th, 1978, Alec Rayme was raised mostly in Florida. He was very athletic spending most of his younger days playing sports. After high school he went on to play college football at USM and then Pro Arena football in Florida. After a short lived football career he hit the road in search of something new. He got approached by an agent while working for his father’s store, with nothing to lose he gave it a shot. The first audition he was sent on he booked as Batman in the Batman Stunt Spectacular at Six Flags New Orleans. He had always been into anything that had to do with art, but this very much got his foot into the entertainment industry. From there he fell into stunts and would usually book stunt acting roles. After almost 10 years of stunts he decided that it was enough for him and started to focus mainly on acting. After booking a couple big roles he knew he had made the right decision. He now acts full time as well as owns a food truck called "The Holy Grill" He has never been married and has no children. He hopes to continue to act and also will be making his directing debut. Recent films "Left Behind" and "Lets Be Cops" both will be released in 2014.


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    Quick Life Lessons: 1

    in Entertainment

    The first episode of "Quick Life Lessons" with K and J! Tune in and makes sure to tweet us at @quicklessonsKJ or #quicklessonsjk with topic analysis! We will be covering sports along with other pop culture topics in todays broadcast. 

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    Life Lessons from Veterans series continues with Val Nicholas

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    Life Lessons from Veterans series continues with Val Nicholas. 

    This show is sponsored by America's favorite inspirational greeting card and journal company- Gracefully-Yours. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com. 

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    Life Lessons Moment- 101 Grandchildren

    in Lifestyle

    Host Rick Tocquigny shares the story of Art Van Wingerden, grandfather of 101 grands.

    Share your life lessons from sisters for our next book at www.life-lessons.co

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    Life Lessons moment The Art of Conversation

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons guru Rick Tocquigny shares his view on the art of conversation.


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