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    Quick Life Lessons: 1

    in Entertainment

    The first episode of "Quick Life Lessons" with K and J! Tune in and makes sure to tweet us at @quicklessonsKJ or #quicklessonsjk with topic analysis! We will be covering sports along with other pop culture topics in todays broadcast. 

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    Hector Villareal shares life lessons from a Veteran

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons is honored to have on Hector Villarreal to share his lessons from being a VETERAN. 

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    Life Lessons Moment- 101 Grandchildren

    in Lifestyle

    Host Rick Tocquigny shares the story of Art Van Wingerden, grandfather of 101 grands.

    Share your life lessons from sisters for our next book at www.life-lessons.co

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    Life Lessons moment The Art of Conversation

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons guru Rick Tocquigny shares his view on the art of conversation.


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    Life Lessons for Grads- Achieve Swing

    in Lifestyle

    Enjoy a free chapter from Rick Tocquigny's upcoming fifth book- Life Lessons for Grads- All Ages and Stages. 

    This chapter is about the extraordinary story of a rowing team at Kent featuring Rick Rinehart.

    Purchase Life Lessons for Grads at www.rowman.com

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    Life Lessons from Veterans with Scott Pursley

    in Lifestyle

    Our Life Lessons book interviews continue with featured guest Scott Pursley. 

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    Life Lessons at the Emmy's

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons host Rick Tocquigny reviews the winners at the 2014 Emmy's and provided an audience "state of the union" for viewing of high quality television shows like the upcoming Transformed or Holy Food War!

    This show is presented by Gracefully Yours greeting  cards and journals.

    Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for more information.

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    Dr. Denny Kercher shares her life lessons

    in Lifestyle

    Regis University professor Dr. Denny Kercher shares her latest book and provides insights into her life lessons. 

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    Paul Smith shares lessons from Parenting With a Story

    in Lifestyle

    Author of the very well received business book Lead with a Story and devoted father, Paul Smith shares the answer—and a wealth of resource material for parents—in his new book, PARENTING WITH A STORY: Real-Life Lessons in Character for Parents and Children to Share. Based on extensive research into storytelling and years of experience with children, including his two sons, Smith demonstrates the power of a great personal story to reach and teach children—

    Drawn from the author’s yearlong process of interviewing people from all over the world, across a wide spectrum of ages, races, and life circumstances, and in an astonishing variety of fields and professions, PARENTING WITH A STORY presents a story collection 

    With the help of uplifting, humorous, heartbreaking, and deeply touching stories, parents—and grandparents, aunts, uncles, counselors, pastors, and mentors—will impart lived wisdom and valuable guidance to children on:


    • Ambition—including the importance of not only setting worthy goals, but also letting go of unhealthy ones, illustrated by the story of a young woman whose obsession with dressing for corporate success nearly cost her a fulfilling career.


    • Open-mindedness—driven home by the hilarious story of a man’s awakening to seeing others’ perspectives after recovering from the embarrassment of stumbling into a stall in the ladies room.

    • Kindness—opening with the story of what motivated Kristin Pedemonti to start traveling to major cities around the world simply to sit on the sidewalk holding a cardboard sign with a handwritten message, “Free Hugs.”



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    Life Lessons moment from the darkness of the Congo

    in Lifestyle

    Join Life Lessons moment with host Rick Tocquigny as he takes you into the darkness of the Congo

    Share your life lessons from sisters stories with us and be in our next book. Submit your stories to www.life-lessons.co today.

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    Life Lessons moment featuring the musings of Frank Bruni

    in Lifestyle

    Frank Bruni is one of our favorite writers for the NY Times. His musings on aging and wisdom are shared on this show.

    Share your life lessons at www.life-lessons.co today.

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