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    Are You Paying Unproductive Employees To Make You Miserable?

    in Business

    Listen to today's Talk Business With Howard 5 minute podcast with business expert - strategist - and advisor to CEOs, presidents and business owners, Howard Lewinter: Are You Paying Unproductive Employees To Make You Miserable?

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    Montego Glover of Les Miserables

    in Entertainment

    Host Erika Nicole Finn is joined by the talented Montego Glover who is currently playing the iconic role of Fantine in Broadway's Les Miserables. They talk on-set pranks, the ups and downs of show business and the beauty of Les Miserables.

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    Dream Catchers - The Attitude of Excellence - with Les Paul Morgan

    in Dreams

    Dream Catchers - The Attitude of Excellence - with Les Paul Morgan

    It’s time for each of us to Expectant Attitude of Excellence fully and truly believing and expecting good and great things are going to happen in our lives! I believe very strongly the reason so many people disability or not fail in life is the lack of discipline to see your goals through and stay the course even in the hardest time and especially by stopping being a people pleaser and instead doing what is right and just!

    Are you tired of fighting a seemingly un ending battle of pain, fatigue, mental exhaustion and struggling just to survive and make it through your life without losing your mind in great desperation and feeling like you just can’t figure out why everything you do is just so hard?

     Well if you feel that way I want you to know that you can gain power in strength through God and finding the power to become an over comer by using your life story to help others for the greater good of society and by taking back the reins of your own life others can learn from you and then they can pay it forward for others as well!


    Knowing you can be successful

    Accepting responsibility

    If it’s my life I’d better start living it

    Discipline and self determination

    Creating positive and bold moves

    Reclaiming our vision or having a new one

    Power in self-control and regulation

    Knowing in your heart and soul you can do it no matter what

    Positive steps to change our outcomes

    Let God be God and you be you

    Closing the door on negatives for good no matter what

    Open Floor

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    Dream Catchers - Awakening the Giant! - Les Paul Morgan

    in Culture

    It’s often said that people use only about 10% of their brain in their life time. My question is what did I or did I not do in my life span to use the reaming 90%? When it come to a brain injury or any other related disability I often wonder if we even have a clue how to un lock our full potential all the mean time struggling through the trauma, memory loss and chronic pain just trying to recover to be the very best person that you or I could ever be!

    Can I tell you all something? There is promise and hope of a future once you take a chance and dare to Dream Big! That’s were Dream Catchers comes into play. Basically we all disability or not have to choices in life and that’s either to take a chance at life even if it sometimes leads to failure first but never giving up at the belief that there is a greater hope at a chance of a better you now and tomorrow and to letting go of all the pain and mistakes we have ever made because they are only dust in the wind!

    The title of my show is all about discovery of a whole new you and breaking down the barrios the have stooped us all from living a more powerful, successful, and more meaningful life one life at a time here on Dream Catchers with Les Paul on the Brain Injury Survivors Network. I hope to help you all tap into 100& of you


    Awakening the Giant

    Understand yourself (The new you) after disability

    I feel lonely and left out of conversations

    My Family & Friends don’t relate to me and are drifting away

    Why so many ups or downs

    My life is a merry-go-round/or a roller-coaster ride   

    No one around gets me is that me or them

    Challenge yourself in every way possible to do better

    How to make Friends and have new begging’s

    My cup runneth hover it’s not empty!!!

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    Friday FARcast: Visible Signals W/Les Visible And Radical Health W/Dave Limacher

    in Paranormal

    On today's Friday FARcast, we'll be checking in with Les Visible, all the way from paradise and get his current take on the universe and his dispatches from the almighty.  As the veils thin and the other side comes closer, we'll get Les's take on this, the unholiest, holy time of the year and what he plans on being for Halloween. 

    In the first hour, radical health guru, Dave Limacher joins us once again.  On the last show, he enlighened us about the power of the Chaga mushroom.  On today's show, he'll talk about how to stay healthy during the oncoming winter months in the north.  You'll be surprised and even shocked when you hear what he has to say about exercise.

    Please join us.

    Robert Phoenix  http://www.robertphoenix.com

    Les Visible  http://www.smoking-mirrors.com/

    David Limacher  http://www.vigr.ca

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    Carson's Corner with the Election Boycott Advocates Present: Les Leopold.

    in Politics Progressive

    On this episode of Carson's Corner, we welcome author Les Leopold to the show. Les will discuss his latest book, Runaway Inequality: An Activist's Guide to Economic Justice, which is available at https://www.runawayinequality.org/product/runawayinequality, and will be available at your local book store beginning October 28th. 

    This book is divided into 4 important parts. (https://www.runawayinequality.org/product/runawayinequality)

     Part I: What is the fundamental cause of runaway economic inequality? What has made our economy less fair and left most of us less secure? 

    • Part II: How does the United States really compare with other major developed countries? How do we stack up on quality of life, health and well-being? 

    • Part III: What does economic inequality have to do with so many of the critical issues we face, including taxes, debt, education, criminal justice, racism, climate change, foreign trade and war?

    • Part IV: What concrete steps can we take to begin building a fair and just society?

    In the second hour, Bob and Chris will discuss the rest of the news that matters to the working class here an beyond.

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    Heaven on Earth with Les Jensen

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we discuss the return of Heaven to Earth. Eons of human history on planet Earth have written the story of an epic journey of our own human nature. We stand, perfectly poised, at the doorway to the next chapter of our human story. And the signs point to a golden age unfolding in our human story.

    We are all creators sharing this human experience. When we re-connect with our deeper truths, we are able to create a world of peace, prosperity and happiness. Key ingredients to living Heaven on Earth. Got Heaven?

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    Les Copeland, Andy Cohen, Ryan Lee Crosby & Couch Kid New Music from Monkey Junk

    in Music

    Show #292 – Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With Musicians You Shold Know

    Les Copeland caught the attention of “Honeyboy Edwards” and Michael Frank and recorded his debut on Earwig in 2010.  His sophomore effort, also on Earwig, is now out and has folks talking about Les more and more.  We’ll talk about his journey and discuss and listen to the songs from To Be In Your Company

    Andy Cohen has spent many years on the road sharing his talents as a masterful acoustic guitarist, folklorist and troubadour.  His new album is entitled Road Be Kind and contains one original and 15 interpretations of older songs. Andy and I will discuss his musical education and the new album.

    Ryan Lee Crosby came to us through Couch Kid Ted Drozdowski.  Ryan’s fifth album, Busker On The Broad Highway is a collection of 4 original tunes and 6 blues classics; Ryan recorded it all live to tape with no overdubs to capture the spirit of the music.  He and I will sit and talk about the road, the life changes and where he is today in his life.

    Monkey Junk originally Sat On The Couch back on November 18, 2013 when we discussed their careers and the band and heard songs from their All Frequencies album.  This week Steve, Tony and Matt return to talk about the new release, Moon Turn Red, which was released September 25th.  We’ll find out what the guys have been up to since their last visit, check out Tuneage from the new album and find out where they are heading next.

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    GAME 05 :: Calgary Inferno vs. Les Canadiennes - Saturday, Nov 14, 2015

    in Hockey

    Live play-by-play action from Calgary, AB CWHL coverage as the Calgary Inferno (4-0) host Les Canadiennes de Montreal (4-0) in the battle of first place.

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    2015 WEEK 11 - On Les Emmerde

    in Comedy

    Well, if I got everything right, I'm pretty sure the title reads "Fuck Them". It's the cover of the bad ass Charlie Hebdo french comic this week and a message to Isis who all smell. This week also brings us more fun conversation in the fact that I probably have aids since I've hung and sat on Charlie Sheen's couch. Uh oh. Then I go into other celebs that have HIV, and then I let Robert Reed have it. But not for that reason. Of course we go into this week's football games and People's Sexiest Man Alive and of course, television. It's a jam packed show full of comedy, drama and placing wagers. Please join.

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