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    Rogue Wrestling Exile "The End of Days" Conclusion

    in Wrestling

    We will be discussing the matches at Exile. The winners and losers of each match. The up incoming event at Realms Con. 

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    Exile "The End of Days" Conclusion

    in Wrestling

    I would first like to apologize for not doing the show earlier but our internet was acting up and could not be fixed until today. Thank You, I hope you enjoy the show.....We will be giving the conclusion to all the matches at Rogue Exile "The End of Days". The up incoming event know as Realms Con. What Matches to look out for. Rogue University?? Saturday's live broadcast with hopefully Diego Vega and Grayson. All this and more on Rampage Wrestling. And don't forget The Sponsors that were able to bring you the even Lashonn Devones with Acceptence Auto Ins, Problend 55, Rogue University, and DME Express. Thank You that were able to make it and hope to see you at Realms Con. If you would like to call dial 347-989-8375.

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    The Legion of Donuts Vs. ...Something?

    in Hobbies

    In today's episode of Legion of Donuts, Lex Cruller, the Greatest Confectionary Mind in the Universe, introduces a new and powerful ally.  Meanwhile, at the exact same place, discussions are held on Bat-Fleck, DC's recent terrible track record on...  Everything, and their chance for redemtion with the People's Champion, more Deadpool and Kevin Smith Chatter, A 'Nigh-invunerable' hero gets another chance on Amazon Video.  Suits of armor made of office supplies and Al Pachino also are mentioned.  Like and Share us on Facebook, Twitter, and Stitcher (the podcast aggregating app for smartphones).

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    Janet Jefford, National President, American Legion Auxiliary On SALRadio

    in Military

    Ken Kraetzer of SALRadio talks with Janet Jefford, National President of the American Legion Auxiliary.

    Janet Jefford, of Manchester, Conn., was elected national president of the American Legion Auxiliary during the organization’s 94th National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., Aug. 22-28.

    Jefford joined the American Legion Auxiliary through her father William Lucas, a WWII Army veteran. She is also eligible through her son, Jeff, a Desert Storm Army veteran. Jefford is a member of Goodale-Rameker Unit 56.

    Jefford is the first Connecticut resident to represent the American Legion Auxiliary as national president since Helen Lee Gilbert during the 1944-1945 administrative year. She has held numerous leadership positions in the organization at the unit, district and department levels, including eight national program chairmanships. She currently serves on the 2014-2019 Centennial Strategic Planning leadership team.

    Jefford recently retired as vice president of institutional effectiveness at Goodwin College in East Hartford, Conn. She served as a commissioner on an agency that accredits schools and colleges, and as president and chairman of the Board of Connecticut Training Center, a community-based nonprofit training center. Jefford has two children and two grandchildren. All are members of The American Legion Family.

    SALRadio has produced weekly shows interviewing members of the military, veterans, historians, and civic supporters since 2006.  Material also available on social media sites:

    Youtube under Ken Kraetzer,https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKwuZddllM3jg4a8ZkMo3Zg

    Twitter @SonsLegionRadio

    Facebook: Sons of the American Legion Radio, West Point Football Report, and Iona Basketball Report.

    Interview originally aired on WVOX, New Rochelle, NY April 20, 2015.


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    TNNDN Radio: Tim Brown & The Leperchaun Legion and Lisa

    in Sports

    After our highest rated episode in the History of the New ND Nation, the guys follow up with another amazing guest.
    Notre Dame great & Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown is coming on TNNDN to talk about his time at ND, his love for Raider Nation, and his current projects he's involved in.
    Also joining the guys are representatives of the Leperchaun Legion. The Leperchaun Legion are taking over arenas and fields all over the University of Notre Dame.
    Our other big guest is miss Lisa Lisa you may know her as Twitters @4leafclovergirl. Lisa is up for the Volvo Big East Fan representing the University of Notre Dame. Voting is coming up for us to give her the big victory she needs.

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    The Legion of Crush and Rob Kincaid join SGWS

    in Sports

    The Legion of Crush members Jason Havok and Kevin Gale will be joining us on Sign Guy's Wrestling Show along with one of their opponents at World's Finest Wrestling, Rob Kincaid. The Legion of Crush are looking to be one of the most dominate factions in all of independent wrestling. Rob Kincaid is a veteran of wrestling in the midwest and is no stranger to factions himself. All of these men will have plenty to say as they gear up to the debut show for World's Finest Wrestling.

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    The Legion Of Donuts' Triumphant Return!

    in Hobbies

    Having been trapped in the Netherverse for the past year,, the Legion have fought their way back to the airwaves to bring you the best in Geek and Nerd news and discussion.  That's right, the original four memebers of your favorite podcast have finally reunited to return the Legion to it's former glory.  Join them in this extended episode as they explore topics of the past several months and events to come.

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    The Legion of Donuts Vs. Gerbils

    in Hobbies

    The Legion's muscle, Solomon Crumbly has come up with an idea for a new weapon, while meanwhile, the Legion discusses more important geek topics such as video games, Guardians of the Galaxy, (Spoilers!: There are no spoilers in this episode!) Infinity Stones, taking on the epidemic of "real" geeks harassing "fake" geeks (We support all geeks, people!  If you like geeky stuff, we like you!) and more!  Please donate if you can to the Legion's GoFundMe here, and those in Vegas August 29th should check out Freakshow Wrestling's 'End of the World Show', info here.

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    Indy Power Rankings Reveal: IWA Mid-South KOTDM Hype Central

    in Wrestling

    King of the Deathmatches!
    Friday, June 26th and Saturday, June 27th.
    Friday- 7:30 PM belltime Saturday- 6:30 PM belltime.
    America Legion Post 335
    1199 Basham Dr. Charlestown, In....
    Single Night GA Tickets- $30
    Two Day GA Passes- $50


    1) Bryant Woods VS JD Horror- Fans Bring the Weapons!

    2) Devon Moore VS Reed Bentley- TLC X2 (Tables, Tacks, Ladders, Lighttubes, Chairs, Candles)!

    3) Dale Patricks VS Adam Bueller- Barefoot Fishhooks, Syringes, Carpet Strips, and Tubes!

    4) Corporal Robinson VS John Wayne Murdoch- Feel The Burn match (Coals, Rubbing alcohol, Lit cigarettes, Tabasco sauce)!

    5) Nick Gage VS Markus Crane- Death From Above!

    6) Tank VS Bulldozer Matt Tremont- Texas Bullrope Barbed wire boards and Cactus pits!

    7) MASADA VS The Green Phantom- Caribbean Spider Web!

    8) Sexxy Eddy VS Insane Lane- Homerun Derby Deathmatch!

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    Cowboys 90 Minute Monday: Eli, T-Will and The Real Run DMC

    in Football


    1) Eli and Demarco Murray head the pre-season All NFC East team. There are 9 Cowboys also on this team, but there is no Romo. As seeo n on NFL.com's report: I know Cowboys fans will be displeased here, but as "Move The Sticks" host Daniel Jeremiah said to me this week, "Romo had one of his best seasons ever last year. Why? Because they took the ball out of his hands. Eli had one of his best seasons, too, specifically because they put more on him."

    2) WILL THE REAL Mc-Shady PLEASE STAND UP! RUN DMC, Darren McFadden as we call him, has been nothing short of impressive this offseason, opening the coaching staff's eyes with blazing speed, good vision and a determination never before seen by him. Can he finally have a break out season? Can McFadden finally live up to the hype? And rumors of him returning kicks, good idea or bad idea?

    3) T-WILL. Terrence Williams had a break out season last season, but can he do it again? Is he ready to step up and match his output from last years impressive season or will he go through a "sophmore slump" so to speak. Is he ready to be a number 1 if by some chance we are without Dez for a stretch of time?

    4) Is the "Legion of Room" to get credit for Demarco Murrary's success or is Murrary just that good? The polarizing but injury prone running back claims that he can have that kind of output with any line in front of him, but why hasn't he yet then? Is Murray's career over in Philly?