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    David DePriest

    in Higher Education

    In this episdoe of Pot Talk Radio we will focus on David DePriest. David is serving 22 years for marijuana.

    A brother and sister will be going to prison for a while for growing marijuana in their apartment.

    On Tuesday, Circuit Court Judge Kenneth W. Pratte sentenced 34-year-old David G. DePriest to 22 years in prison for production of marijuana, possession of more than five grams of marijuana and unlawful possession of a weapon. Natalie DePriest, age 36, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for production of marijuana and possession of more than five grams of marijuana. Both lived in Farmington at the time of their arrest on the charges.

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    Bernard Noble

    in Higher Education

    In this episde of Pot Talk Radio we will be focusing on Bernard Noble. Bernard is serving a 15 year sentence for 3 grams of marijuana.

    Bernard Noble was visiting his father in New Orleans 3 ½ years ago when two cops spotted him riding a bicycle. They stopped Noble, frisked him and found a small amount of marijuana — the equivalent of two joints.

    Noble, a 47-year-old truck driver and father of three, is now serving a 13-year prison sentence after a jury found him guilty of marijuana possession. It was his fifth drug-possession conviction. He originally was sentenced to five years, but Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro Jr. appealed and got a longer sentence.

    Mr Noble was found with three grams of marijuana in his pocket. For this he received 15 years in prison. At the same time Alaska on legalizing marijuana, already Colorado and Washington State made.

    BERNARD  NOBLE # 10846
    JONESBORO, LA 71251


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    Pot Talk ~ Sponsor a POW420

    in Higher Education

    In this episode we explore what Sponsor a POW420 is all about and how you can help. Sponsor a POW420 is a questionnaire that enables YOU to directly make a difference in helping pot prisoners. It has all the information about the person: from their story in their words, to their contact information, what they need, hobbies, and how you can help! Can you Sponsor a POW420 today?

    POW420s - David Jessop, Corvain Cooper, Maurice Foley, Richard Montes, Charles Lepp, Matthew Davies, Robert Furlong, Antonio Bascaro, Charles Cundiff, Richard DeLisi. We take briefly about the above pot prisoners - how you can help, what they need, and their stories. Because, No-one belongs in jail for a plant.

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    Business Blitz with Mont Brown

    in Entrepreneur

    Mont Brown, named the Southwest Philadelphia Ambassador by State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams, is an entrepreneur, music artist, community leader, philanthropist and 2015 BMe Leader.  Coming from Southwest Philadelphia, Brown believes in the power of unity.  His story is an inspiration to youth who face similar challenges in life.  His mother was incarcerated for the majority of his life and his father died while he was a young child.  He was then raised by his grandmother whom he helped with her battle against breast cancer.  He then lost two of his close friends to gun violence.  

    Brown's life experiences motivated him to create "The Kickback Foundation," a movement of like-minded individuals, encouraging youth and creative types to believe in their dreams, own their crafts, and execute their visions.  The vision for The Kickback Foundation is to create opportunities for individuals to thrive off of their own ambitions, but to do so with passion, integrity and style.  Brown is devoted to providing personalized attention and mentoring for the youth in inner-city communities through, music, art, and creative expression.

    The Kickback Foundation has held events that include the "Stop the Violence" Kickback festival aimed at creating a day where no violence takes places in the community, Thanksgiving Coat and Food Drive, which benefit over 4,000 residents living in Southwest Philadelphia, free brunch for neighborhood seniors, ice skating parties and celebrity basketball tournaments to raise money for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

    Brown has partnered with Unity in the Community and ran HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns.  He has also been featured in The XXL,The Source, The Philadelphia, MTVu, VH1 and more.

    Instagram: @MontBrown

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    No Box Thinking Radio with Jonathan Kegler

    in Education

    Joshua Encarnacion believes in the people he interacts with to help make their DREAMS and his DREAMS a reality.

    Joshua Encarnacion was born in New York raised in Lawrence, MA and his family currently resides in Springfield, MA. He is a University of Massachusetts Dartmouth graduate, a proud member of the class of 2014. His class collectively endowed the DREAM Scholarship which is presented annually to a student who has a compelling vision for the betterment of UMassD community & accompanying action plan to see it come true.

    After graduating from UMass Dartmouth, Joshua joined Google’s staffing department where he was first exposed to technical recruitment & development programs in San Francisco’s Bay Area. He is now managing technical recruitment & various development programs at the finance tech startup, Earnest Inc. – an organization of people aimed at building the bank of the future, a bank that’ll focus on realizing people’s hopes and DREAMS by putting them in control of their finances.

    The next step for Joshua is to write a book that will assist the world in redefining the way we believe in people.
    His main goal in life is to work on persoanl growth & to help others grow along the way.

    Dr. Marcus Jackson is super passionate when it comes to educating children. He has been an educator for 20 years. He’s been a coach, teacher, assistant principal, and principal at all levels. Currently, he is principal at an elementary school in Atlanta, GA where he also serves more than 100 male students through his mentoring program.


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    Commissioned by Submission: Bible Study

    in Christianity

    Tune in tonight as Daniel and Dani dive into the scripture to talk about the Word of God.  Let us all get prepared for battle with the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God (Ephesians 6:17).  To understand the word, you must study the word.  And with study of the word, the Holy Spirit then tucks it away into your heart and brings forth the word in times of need.  The word of God will get you through every battle you face in this world, whether through comfort, to fight off the enemy or knowledge.  

    Join us as we dig deep tonight!

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    Business Blitz with Andrea Walker

    in Entrepreneur

    Andrea Walker, the Founder and CEO of iROC, Mompreneur, HIV/AIDS Activist, Philanthropist and Author will be joining us to talk about her organization iROC, which emphasizes HIV/AIDS awareness, community outreach and testing.  We will also talk about her book, "A Beautiful Struggle" and her role as a Mompreneur.

    Andrea Walker is a Mompreneur, HIV/AIDS Activist, Philanthropist and Author who crawled out of the depths of abyss to being one of Philadelphia’s reigning women of entrepreneurship. Walker is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of iROC, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. The new Author penned her first novel, A Beautiful Struggle while just a teenager as a means of coping. Currently Andrea serves as a mentor to young girls, curates events for several organizations in Philadelphia, and advises many of the top millennial minded, thought leaders in the tri-state area. 

    Instagram/Twitter: @iROC_215  |  Facebook: facebook.com/PhillyiROC  |  Website: www.i-roc.org

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    Commissioned by Submission with The Well Women's Ministry

    in Christianity

    Tonight we will be joined by some of the amazing women of The Well Women's Ministry, which is a ministry our host Dani Wright is apart of.  They will share some insight on the ministry and what they have in store in the future.  

    Do you recall the story of the woman at the well? While most of us are familiar with the story from the Bible, sometimes we fail to apply the story to our own spiritual lives. The Well has both an individual and communal meaning. It represents fulfillment, healing, community, purity and a place of social engagement.

    The purpose of the original service was to engage in a night of worship, prayer, praise and fellowship, while developing a better understanding of what a well represents for women individually and collectively. What originally was to be one service to encourage, empower, and set free women, transformed into something never imagined.

    Website: www.thewellwomensministry.org  |  Facebook: facebook.com/TheWellWomensMinistry  | Twitter: @The_Well_Women

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    Pot Stock Radio- Adam Scorgie of The Union and The Culture High

    in Finance

    This week on #PotStockRadio Eric Butz @PotStockEric Ryan Godfrey @ryanmgodfrey Chris Trace @supergravy and Claudia Post of Post Advisors welcome Adam Scorgie writer and director of the awesome Cannabis related movies The Union and The Culture High. If you haven't seen these movies they are both a must watch for Cannabis Enthusiasts or even people who are just interested in the politics behind cannabis becoming illegal. We'll find out how Adam became such an important part of shedding light on some of America and Canada's drug policies and what he's doing now.

    We'll also talk with Matt Mernagh who's a well known activist and  wrote the book Marijuana Smoker's Guide. Matt also hosts a weekly show called The Mernahuana Zone (TMZ) which covers all things cannabis.  

     As always any questions or feedback about the show can be directed to eric@potstockradio.com PotStockRadio does not condone or promote the use of any illegal substance. Also, PotStockRadio is for educational and informational purposes only!

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    Business Blitz with Jamez Browne

    in Entrepreneur

    Herb "James" Browne is a 23 year old entrepreneur from Bristol Connecticut.  He is the star to his own television show called Word on the Street on Channel 5 of the Hartford Public Access television station.  The mission behind the show is to educate and inspire the viewers to live with passion and work at their full potential.  He owns a business where he gives people the opportunity to save money and earn a residual income from their fixed expenses i.e (cell phones, electricity, gas... the list goes on).  He is a banker/financial advisor.  He helps people maximize their investments and file their taxes.

    Browne hosts a dance battle league called TheRawFest.  People come from all over to take part in the league.  He also owns a business called 3D, where they cover everything audio and visual.  It's a music studio with a booth where people can book sessions to record music, get custom beats, shoot music videos, photo shoots, commercials for businesses and we offer soundtracks for video games or movies.  They can promote for local businesses as well as television ads on other networks.

    Can't forget to mention Browne is a hip hop artist and an aspiring public speaker.  Browne believes he has a lot to give back to the world.

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    No Box Thinking Radio with Jonathan Kegler

    in Self Help

    A native Memphian now resides in Chattanooga, TN. Mrs. Lakweshia Ewing is a graduate of Austin Peay State University

    where she majored in Psychology with a minor in Africana Studies. She also holds a Masters in Education from Tennessee

    Tech University and is currently an Organizational Leadership Doctoral candidate. Mrs. Ewing served as the District Family

    Engagement and Community Partnerships Director for Hamilton County Dept. of Education for 7 years where she procured

    over 7.5 million dollars in local, state and federal grants for educational programs. After resigning from the school system, she

    expanded her work within the realm of public education by serving as the Deputy Executive Director of UnifiEd a

    community led public education advocacy start up organization. After years of working in education Mrs. Ewing under stood the

    value of developing and establishing effective systems and communication methods. So she launched in partnership with her

    husband her own international digital marketing firm BIZ BOOM APPS, LLC as well as her own motivational speaking tour

    UnLearn Everything & Live.  As a national facilitator, she has given presentations at educational conferences across the nation.