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    Obama is a Leftist whimpy Muslim Brotherhood Shill

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    During his 2008 election campaign, Obama promised to repair whatever "damage" to America's popularity came about from the policies of George W. Bush. For instance Obama and the liberals wanted to appease the far-leftist Europeans, who believe that Israel is the biggest obstacle to world peace, as if they represent "world opinion." Yet Obama has not "restored" America's popularity. Even the Europeans are mad at Obama for spying. He is more concerned about whatever German Chancellor Angela Merkl says than he is about Iran developing nuclear weapons. The moment Rahouni was elected as the Supreme Leader's puppet i.e. President, despite his bragging that he was able to manipulate the world into looking the other way as Iran continues with their nuclear weapons development. And Obama has certianly not won popularity with liberal anti-Islamist Egyptians, as he was giving F-16s to Mohammad Morsi. When the Egyptian people got rid of him, then Obama stopped military aid to Egypt. And the liberal media just gives coverage of the crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood supporters. And Obama has been silent as Gazan people demanded that Hamas leave their neighborhood. Rather than encourage a revolt against Hamas, which is the real obstacle to peace, Obama, as well as the anti-Semitic internaitonal community, condemns Jews for building in Judea and Samaria [the "West Bank"]. Tune in, as I discuss these examples and more of Obama making America weaker and why I think he is the worst President America ever had since Jimmy Carter, who later became an apologist for Hamas, thusly making him today's version of a Nazi apologist [Hamas's charter calls for another Holocaust on the Jewish people].

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    Fighting From the bottum

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    American Media is dominated now by leftist propaganda.  Yet in the states conservatives are not going down without a fight!


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    Ferguson, American Politics and The Leftist Media gone wild!

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    If you can bare to watch the news media in america these days..you will realize something is very..very..wrong. We need to discuss together what we are seeing so those of us with common sense may stay sane. 

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    The Heretics's Hour: Greek and Russian Disconnect from Reality

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    Part 1:  Carolyn speaks to the way the (Jewish-American, leftist) media portrays Greece vis a vis Germany. And why tying “Grexit” to euro zone failure, thus to EU failure, is a lie;

    Part 2:  Who attended Sunday's first “Russian International Conservative Forum” in St. Petersburg, sponsored by the Rodina nationalist party? It was openly billed as a gathering to “defend the interests of Russia” in the ongoing occupation-dispute over Crimea and Ukraine, so there were very few antifa protestors.

    Notice: The first 8 minutes of this pre-recorded program sound like I'm in an echo chamber. But after that the sound is normal. Sorry for that.

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    The outrageous situation in the UK part II

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      Due to me over sleeping last night, I will continue where I left off, with what's happening of girls being raped by Muslim Nazi subhuman scums, as the politically correct leftist establishment looks the other way.

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    It's A Mixed Up, Muddled Up, Shook Up World

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    What is happening inside the Secret Service?

    Benghazi panel grants Hillary Clinton extra 2 weeks

    If you still deny Global Warming, well, Al Gore has some unpleasant plans for you


    The city of SF to put "WARNING" labels on soda cans

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    The Rod Eccles Show 3/17/2015

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    Tonight on the Rod Eccles Show, Rod gets deep into the elections in Israel and why it is important that BiBi remain as Prime Minister and the shameful acts of President Obama to try and oust him.  But, this is nothing new, find out what Rod means.  Plus the shock of Shock.  Why it was an honorable thing for him to resign and why the leftist don't seem to follow his example.  Plus a whole lot more so don't miss a single minute of the broadcast.  Tonight at 8p Eastern Time.

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    Reform Judaism is an apostate Pagan religion

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      What does Reform "Judaism" and Messianic "Judaism" have in common? Both are psedoJudaism. Except that at least Messianic Judaism is somewhat based on the Bible [albeit from a Christian perspective] and can, at times, be on the right side of the issue [such as on social issues in bringing G-d to the public square or in opposing abortion]. Reform "Judaism" is not Judaism. It's leftist tyranny. The mainstream of the Reform movement is run by far leftists with Stalinist tendancies.The Reform movement thinks that they're open minded. Yet they'll lump anyone they disagree with with the "religious right", particularly with Conservative Christians in America. The far left of the Reform movement feeds off of the baseless fear mongering of the religious right in America seeking to "impose" its religion. Many Jews [even some Orthodox ones] are more than happy to empathize the difference between Judaism and Christianity [I agree that Judaism and Christianity are two completely different religions and so does anyone except for Messianic "Jews" who pose as Jews to get more converts]/ But look, the secular left really isn't any more "Jewish" than Christianity. In fact, Christian Conservatives are way closer to Torah than secular leftists are on pretty much every social issue there is. The mainstream of the Reform movement is like the Noah movie, where the theme is the same: support every leftist cause from the murder of babies in the womb, to the Homosexual agenda, to removing G-d from school prayer all the way down to worshipping trees and believing that animals have more rights. In this show, I'll tlak about religious coercion from the Pagan apostate Reform movement.

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    The Pinko the Bear Show - 3-10-15

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    My weekly radio show will stream live at 10:30 PM tonight. I am still working on content to cover but by now you should know how I roll. See you if you make it to the chat room... or... just listen live or listen to the podcast/archive edition after the show. I have a couple new clips and will play a couple old ones to. Calls Clips & Commentary for the Lefty Leftist in you!!!

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    #102 - Amnesty Marches On, Hillary Connives, Iran Gets Nukes, Han Solo Crashes

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    Han Solo crashes? What about the Force? We might as well talk about that as less fantasy than the scenarios used by the Obama White House. Iran won’t get nukes with the new agreement, illegal alien amnesty is on hold, and Hillary had no ulterior motives for using “private emails”. The list could go on for hours. What we know is that we certainly have to suspend disbelief in order to believe the load of horse manure shoveled at us each month by this group of leftist hucksters. 

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    The Pinko the Bear Show - 3/3/15

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    10:30 pm Eastern time... come join me... what else you got happening tonight? Seriously... bag it and click to listen... there is even a chat room during the show... cruise the net as you listen... do some house cleaning... whatever... call in... just don't call in about Bigfoot and the like.

    Lefty Leftist Ear Candy for the Choir... The Pinko the Bear Show...

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