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    The Dark Underbelly of Leadership: Series Part 1

    in Culture

    The Voice of Leadership launches its 2015 series, aptly named The Dark Underbelly of Leadership, with special guest Joss Rolands.

    This series, beginning on Thursday, January 22 at 8 PM Eastern time, will explore:

    Set in a salon style conversation, Linda Lombardo and Tom Goglia host this first in a series of program about the Dark Underbelly of Leadership. 

    A more resonant definition of leadership

    Who do we define as leaders?

    What is its dark underbelly and why is it important not only to understand it, to learn to create from it?

    Who are the leaders for our times, and  what does that say about our leaders? What does that say about our times?  

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    Leadership Beginnings

    in Management

    Gordon Tredgold of www.GordonTredgold.com presents "Leadership Beginnings".  In this episode Gordon discusses his first experience of leadership in a defining moment of leadership development. 

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    Sexy Leadership with Ruth Sinkeler

    in Entrepreneur

    Ruth Sinkeler CPCC, ACC, Human Developer, Expert in Sexy Leadership & UBUNTU Leadership, Happy MKB, Executive/ Business Coach,Speaker, and Author shares her insight on making Leadership sexy again.

    What does leadership have to do with sex?

    What makes you sexy and attractive as a leader? This is the BIG question waiting to be answered.

    Leadership has everything to do with being your most authentic self and living according to your values first. When you live your life from your core values and you act from them.

    Leading from authenticity creates trust. And trust is one of the biggest things anyone who calls him or herself a leader needs. To create trust with people you want to follow you is one of the biggest challenges of any leader. There is nothing to lead if no one trusts you.

    Is being a leader exclusively for an elite group? No it is not. There are many examples of people from all parts of society, genders and races, who stepped into their authenticity, lived according to their core values, created trust and have followers.

    Another thing leaders have in common is that they truly live by their passion. Whether it is a passion for garbage cleaning or for politics. It does not matter. Anyone who has a great passion and inspires others to do the same or achieve their dreams has leader qualities

    A true leader is aware of his or her  impact on people and takes responsibility for his or her actions. It might happen that even if acted from authenticity, core values and passion the impact on others is not that positive. Taking responsibility is of big importance in that case. Leaders don’t just create an impact and walk away. They stay and find ways to turn things around, the positive way. After all, it was all about creating trust, right?

    What does this have to do with sex? Maybe not much, but this sexy way of Leadership sure sounds hot.

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    Show 32: Annotated Bibliography: Becoming a Leadership Expert

    in Education

    Most of the MSOL program is directed study. All students take 10 courses with a set syllabus that is the same for all. There is one aspect of the program, however, where the students pick a topic of interest, read 30 academic or scholarly articles, and submit a one-page summary of each one of the 30 readings. These are called annotated bibliographies and give the student a chance to excel and become an expert of sorts in their chosen topic. John is joined by one current student and one MSOL graduate on today's show to talk about their experience with the annotated bibliography portion of the MSOL program.

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    "Why Leaders Fail" with leadership expert Dr. Ken Keis

    in Business

    Ken Keis, Ph.D., is the President and CEO of CRG Consulting Resource Group. He is a speaker, trainer, author, and coach. Ken recently co-authored a book called “Deliberate Leadership Creating Success Through Personal Style” with Mitch Javidi, Ph.D.

    Ken says we need to be deliberate in how we lead others no matter who we lead.

    See http://www.fuelradio.com

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    017: Lisa Earle McLeod Sales Leadership Expert

    in Entrepreneur

    Lisa Earle McLeod is a bestselling author and the Sales Leadership Expert for Forbes.com. A powerful keynote speaker, Lisa  McLeod has rocked the house for giants like Apple and Google, as well as numerous franchise organizations, non-profits, and trade associations.  She is a bestselling author in 4 genres: leadership, sales, personal development, and humor and has been featured in Fortune and The Wall Street Journal.  She  has appeared on Good Morning America, The Motley Fool and The Today Show.

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    People leave Bosses, not Companies...Is it lack of Leadership or something else?

    in Management

    Leadership expert Gordon Tredgold of GordonTredgold.com presents "People leave bosses, not companies ".

    If People leave bosses not companies, and you’re a boss, then just maybe it’s you that they are talking about.

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    The push in Leadership

    in Motivation

    In order to lead, you must be willing to push.

    Persistance is the name of the game.

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    Leadership 101

    in Education

    What is leadership?

    Are you ready to step out and begin your journey?

    We are here to help you.

    Let's get started!


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    MSS - Teen Leadership Expert, Dan Blanchard

    in Military

    The Military Spouse Show

    Our guest, Dan Blanchard, is an two-time Junior Olympian Wrestler, and two-time Junior Olympian Wrestling Coach who grew up as a student-athlete. Dan admits that as a youth he was more of an athlete than a student. Since then, Dan has successfully completed twelve years of college and has earned seven degrees. He teaches Social Studies in Connecticut's largest inner-city high school. In addition, Dan is a consultant for the University of Connecticut's Connecticut Writing Project and had worked with the American Federation of Teachers. Dan has authored of several teen leadership books, Feeling Lucky?, Feeling Good, and has just added another book to the Granddaddy's Secrets series, Feeling Strong!

    As an educator, author, and speaker Dan feels that it is his duty to positively influence our youth every chance that he gets! He lives with his wife, Jennifer, their five children, and family dog, Daisy and has taken some time out to share his wisdom with our military spouse audience.

    Join us!

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