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    Latino Rebels Radio: The Latino Media Gap and a World Cup Convo

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    Our June 22 10pmET show:

    We talk with Frances Negrón Muntaner about a "The Latino Media Gap" study that explores the problems with U.S. media and Latino representation.
    We cover the great, the bad and the ugly at World Cup 2014 with Rafael Collazo of Ray's Podcast.

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    Latino Rebels Radio: The Midterms, Immigration Reform and #YaMeCansé

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    After a devestating loss for Democrats on Election Day allowed Republicans to take control of the House and Senate, what happens now wih immigration reform? We ask immigration attorney Matthew Kolken his thoughts on what we could expect from the President and the Republicans. 

    We will also discuss the latest from Mexico.

    Be part of the conversation and call (347) 308-8633

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    Super Bowl Reaction with Latino Sports Talk and That Disney Princess Thing

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    This week we're keeping it light since it's flipping Super Bowl Sunday, so Latino Rebels Radio will go LIVE right after Super Bowl ends for a postgame take with our friends at Latino Sports Talk.


    Then, it gets all serious as journalist and media personality Wendy Carrillo joins us to talk about this whole "Latina" Disney Princess craziness.

    In addition, we will share some of this week's top stories.

    Call 347.308.8633 to join the convo.


  • Latino Rebels Radio: The Midterms, Immigration Reform and the Latest from Mexico

    in News

    After a devestating loss for Democrats on Election Day allowed Republicans to take control of the House and Senate, what happens now wih immigration reform? We ask immigration attorney Matthew Kolken and civil rights activist Erika Andiola their thoughts on what we could expect from the President and the Republicans. 

    We will also discuss the latest from Mexico.

    Be part of the conversation and call (347) 308-8633

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    Latino Rebels Radio: Let's Just Have a Show

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    Hey, it's Memorial Day weekend. We didn't have a show last Sunday and we won't have one this Sunday. So let's just do it tonight. Free-form. A little NYTimes about Latino census though. Whatever you want to talk about, we will do it tonight.



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    Latino POLICE Radio Network

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    Host Alex Martinez will brief our listening audience what's coming up on the new Latino POLICE Network and the new Latino Officer’s Association Florida. 

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    Walter Dominguez, Latino award winning filmmaker

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    Walter Dominguez is a Southern California born and raised Latino documentary filmmaker. 

    Walter wrote, directed and produced his new independently made documentary feature film, Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery, which follows Walter’s twelve year search to find his grandfather Emilio’s roots in 19th century Mexico and early 20th century Los Angeles. 

    His quest reveals Emilio’s deep friendship with one of Mexico’s great revolutionary heroes, Práxedis G. Guerrero, and their courageous and idealistic struggle to free Mexico of its oppressive dictator, Porfirio Díaz. 

    Walter brings to this award-winning film his unique sensibility as a storyteller and his perspective as an American Latino. Walter’s skills are a result of his extensive background as a director, assistant director, 2nd unit director, writer and producer in Hollywood studio features, television series, independent features, and documentary video production. 

    His credits as an assistant director include The Andromeda Strain, and Oklahoma Crude for Hollywood legends Robert Wise and Stanley Kramer, Play It As It Lays from auteur filmmaker Frank Perry, and Steven Ihnat’s contemporary western The Honkers. He has directed 2nd-unit for the cult thriller feature, Devil Times Five, as well as for Frank Perry’s Play It As It Lays. 

    He has been a member of the Director’s Guild of America (DGA) since 1972, as well as a member of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), Film Independent (FIND), and the International Documentary Association (IDA). 

    Walter is a graduate of Occidental College, having majored in history, and he did graduate work in Cinema Studies at the USC School of Cinema. 

    He has been married to veteran actress Shelley Morrison since 1973.

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    Latino Rebels Recap the Week

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    Join us tonight as we review this week's top stories. Special Co-Host @LibroTraficante, Tony Diaz will be joining us! Call (347) 308-8633 to join the conversation!

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    Centro Latino for Literacy’s 8th Annual Manos Amigas/Helping Hands Celebration

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    Centro Latino for Literacy (Centro Latino) celebrates the accomplishments of adult literacy graduates whose drive and persistence to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic is nothing short of inspirational.
    This evening Manuel Pastor, Ph.D., Co-Director, USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration will be recognized as our 2014 Literacy Champion at our Pre Graduation Contributor’s Reception. Dr. Pastor, a strong adult literacy advocate, has helped raise the profile of Centro Latino’s adult literacy solutions.
    The graduation celebration will feature Keynote Speaker, Oscar E. Cruz, President and CEO at Families in Schools, and MC, Azalea Iñiguez, News Reporter at Telemundo 52 KVEA Los Angeles.   
    For information contact:
    Mari Riddle
    President & CEO
    Centro Latino for Literacy 
    1709 W. 8th Street, Suite A
    Los Angeles, CA 90017

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    Centro Latino for Literacy Mixer

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    LEAMOS, MOLE, and MEZCAL Mixer
     As of March 31, 2013 Centro Latino has taught Pre-ESL literacy skills, including basic math, grammar, and financial literacy to 5,434 non-literate youth and adults. In addition, ESL, computer skills and job readiness skills have been taught to 8,812 low-income adults at our 8th Street classrooms through education partners.

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    The Purpose of The Black and Latino Unity Conference June 12-14/2015

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    The Flag of Islam reads under Justice/The Star: "The Stars are witness bearers. Every believer in Allah(God) is like the Stars of the heavens above us. The believers bears witness to his Creator, that He is God, the Supreme Being over all. And since we belong to the Creator of Heaven and Earth we are justified by the Creator as being His people." ~The Honorable Elijah Muhammad~ Welcome to TheGodSquad Radio Broadcast. This is a platform that deals with Invincible Truth from the Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We will deal with the purpose  The Black and Latino Conference that is set for June 12-14 2015. This is the continuation from last week. Why is it so important and needed in this hour. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us that there is 17Million with the 2Million Indians in North America at the time of 4 Billion 400Million all over the Planet Earth. We have to Unite as a solid wall in this crucial hour as Blacks and Latinos. Although we understand the airways are clouded with propaganda and filth that clouds the minds of the people. That doesn't allow them to think clearly and freely. This suppresses The God within and The God without of each and everyone of us. We will also deal with the importance our our Black and Latino Unity Conference. The Weekend of June 12th-14th. It is Our duty as TheGodSquad is to spread the Message and The Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad through His His National Representative The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. So Join us this Sunday at 6PMEst to deal with this great topic. Invite your friends and family.

    Tell a friend to help us in Our great Mission to resurrect the dead by the thousands.

    Like our Page on Facebook:www.facebook.com/platformforthegods

    Twitter Page:@Thegodsquad1God

    Call in speak with the Host;(347)857-1256

    Listen in/ archives:www.blogtalkradio.com/thegodsquad1