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    The Rocky C Karlage show

    in Film

    Join Jonathan Moody as he interviews filmmaker Rocky C Karlage 

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    Rev.Payshence Radio-Beltane Special with Alexander Cabot, CTS- Tri-C GH

    in Paranormal

    Rev. Payshence Radio- Celebration of the Holy Marriage of the Lord and Lady ..Born in Havana, Cuba on a "old moon" in September, I was the first child born of my mother. She had a miscarriage of her first pregnancy, arising from a hex put on her, one filled with envy and deceit. I grew up knowing that I was born to counteract that spell and save my mother's happiness and life. Living in New York, at a very tender age, I was taught the magickal traditions of a line of men in my family. Within that lineage, my great grandfather and grandfather, possessing initiated Masonic and Spiritual knowledge presented a good influence for me to model myself to. Myself, not of English descent, I was genuinely curious and heart-fully drawn to British Traditional Witchcraft at an early age of eleven, through the writings of Gardner, Leek & Gavin/Yvonne Frost. When I became thirteen years of age, I was initiated in Palo Mayombe of the Congo/Afro Cuban. Then I began my spiritual studies of "El Envangelio De Alan Kardec" at El Templo; La Luz, Cristobal De Jesus, and was crowned on my 19 birthday. My African spirits carried me to be initiated in the Santeria/Yoruba/AfroCuban Tradition. I was the right hand man for an Oriate, Chief High Priest. I was taught the Gardnerian Tradition by the Long Island Line and later to be initiated by Lady Rhea of New York City in 1995 for several years after I devoted all my time to my profession in surgery.

    Chasing the Supernatural-Greg is a co-founder and lead investigator for the Cleveland Chapter of Tri-C Ghost Hunters. My first investigation was in 1991. I have been on over 150 investigations including castles in Scotland, Edinburgh Vaults, Waverly Hills, Myrtles Plantation, Crescent Hotel, Lemp Mansion and Stanley Hotel just to name a few. I am a retired police officer after serving 29 years from 1982 - 2011 with the Twinsburg, OH Police Department.

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    The Catholic Geek: John C Wright's Iron Chamber of Memory

    in Books

    Author John C Wright will join host Declan Finn to discuss his latest fantasy novel, "Iron Chamber of Memory.  With luck we might get him to talk about the Hugos, Sad Puppies, or maybe even a little bit about Rad Puppies.  Just a thought.


    John C. Wright is a retired attorney, newspaperman and newspaper editor, who was only once on the lam and forced to hide from the police who did not admire his newspaper. 

    In 1984, Graduated from St. John's College in Annapolis, home of the "Great Books" program. In 1987, he graduated from the College and William and Mary's Law School (going from the third oldest to the second oldest school in continuous use in the United States), and was admitted to the practice of law in three jurisdictions (New York, May 1989; Maryland December 1990; DC January 1994). His law practice was unsuccessful enough to drive him into bankruptcy soon thereafter. His stint as a newspaperman for the St. Mary's Today was more rewarding spiritually, but, alas, also a failure financially. He presently works (successfully) as a writer in Virginia, where he lives in fairy-tale-like happiness with his wife, the authoress L. Jagi Lamplighter, and their four children: Pingping, Orville, Wilbur, and Just Wright.


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    The Saturday Morning Motivation With C. Maria (are you a cup or a coaster)

    in Women

    I was in a meeting the other day and noticed the container of coasters.  Suddenly I thought hmm home many of us are cups and others coasters; each has an association with the table they are placed upon. Cups hold the liquids while the coasters protect the table from the spills and / or condensation that comes from the cups thus protecting the table.  Lets look at how this works in life. Lets talke about the cup it hold so much that sometimes it may spill over or lets just say the condensation is the tears we tend to shed.  The table bears the burden of holding the cup, liquids and whatever may spill over on it.  So the table takes on the burden of the cup but who takes on the burden of the table? Who helps to keep the table protected and safe?  This is when those of us who are the coasters come in.  Lets talk about this for a while. 

     C. Maria Wall

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    Real Life Spill Ent. Presents: Real Life Spill Hosted By: The A&C Duo

    in Entertainment


    Join Us Tonight 4/30/2016 10PM-12PM EST For Real Life Spill Serious Talk Hosted By: The A&C Duo

    For a Discussion On the Big P Word. (Get Your Mind Out the Gutter). That's Right Pregnancy,Parenting, and Children in General. 

    You Know Its About To Get Real Serious and You Don't Wanna Miss It.

    So Join Us Tonight!!!!!

    Call In (657) 383-0458 or Listen Live VIA 



    Like Us On Facebook: 




    All Guest 18+ Are Welcome



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    Real Life Ent. Presents:Real Talk Friday with Chuck C & GT

    in Entertainment

    Come join me the man with plan Chuck C & my little big bro GT

    Friday!!!!!!!!! Yes you heard it right Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get ready as two of greatest the bottom boyz hit your airways with

    REAL TALK REAL EVENTS & of course Laughter for the soul with 

    some jokes present & back in the day stories & memories

    to join us on the convo you can call us up 657-383-0458 or listen live at the link provided below

    If you feel like you want to talk with us press 1 and you will be brought on the air to speak

    or even if you just want to listen you can listen via (657) 383-0458 or the link we have provided

    Also like on facebook www.facebook.com/REALLIFESPILL


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    Mubita C. Nawa

    in Business News

    Mubita C. Nawa is the founder & CEO of Consultancy & Rooftop Experience, he is a serial entrepreneur who inspires others to realize their potential. A world renowed Motivational Speaker and Marketing consultant he travels extensively speaking the message of Self Empowerement.. I am driven by purpose and passion to make a difference. My mission is to empower people to be leaders. Mubita has recently launced a brand of perfumes a first in the nation of Zambia if not the Southern African region. He joins us to discuss Entrepreneurship, it's triumphs and trials and the general motivators and demotivating factors particularly in the context of African economies. How did Mubita transition from a sucessful ministry connected to world renowned preacher, speaker, author and entrepreneur Bishop T.D. Jakes back to his homeland of Zambia???

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    The Saturday Morning Motivation With C. Maria (How Deep Is Your Mud)

    in Women

    I saw a post the other day; a small dog and a larger dog that stepped in the same puzzle.  The smaler dog was covered up to his neck while the larger dog was covered to his lower lets.  The same puddle but the results seemed different yet they are equal.  Never look at your pain in comparison to others then convince yourself your pain is any less.  Once we allow ourselves to believe the results of a hurtful action is not as important as the that of another, we become victims all over again.  Your pain hurts you 100% just as mine hurts me100%. Never be re-victimized or diminished   it will take more effort for the smaller dog to make it through the mud than the larger dog BUT it is still the same MUD.  We need to be mindful of our limitations and strengths.  

    C. Maria Wall

    The Wall Foundation Inc.


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    Jeniffer Thompson: Monkey C Media - Building Impactful Brands!

    in Marketing

    Ever want to build a brand, design a book cover, create a magical website and haven't the faintest clue on where to go?  Tonight, Jeniffer Thompson with San Diego based Monkey C Media joins the show to talk what she does to help make your vision shine!  Monkey C Media specializes in:

    Book Covers/Interiors
    Branding Development
    Product Photography
    Book Trailers

    Visit Jeniffer's company Monkey C Media here!
    Visit Monkey C Media on Facebook here!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Jeniffer a question and join the fun!

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    Dr. George C. Fraser Comes to Houston, TX

    in Finance

    Achieving Black Wealth Special Event Coming to Houston
    Dr. George C. Fraser, seen in the "Hidden Colors" series and "Black Friday" the film, is a celebrated entrepreneur, best-selling author, and professional speaker. He is Chairman and CEO of FraserNet, Inc. and the PowerNetworking Conference, the largest networking organization for people of African descent of its kind in the world. Dr. Fraser is one of the foremost authorities on economic development, networking and building effective relationships.

    Come out to the Shrine of the Black Madonna Cultural & Event Center this Saturday April 09, 2016 to find out what George Fraser calls the "Gangsta Moves" of finance and economics in thhe "Rich Black Empire.".

    For more information about this event, go to www.richblackempire.com 

    Our guest during the second hour of the show is Dr. Rick Wallace who has just released a new book entitled, "The Mis-education of Black Youth in America: The Final Move On The Grand Chessboard."

    Dr. Wallace is also the creator and organizer of "The Odyssey Project" which is a community initiative launched as a collaboration between Rick Wallace Ministries and Eastgate Discipleship Ministries, which was founded on the premise that warfare requires soldiers that are adequately equipped for battle. Over time, it became apparent that there was a specific need that was not being met in the community — a need for justice and opportunity for all blacks. The mission has shifted its focus to the empowerment of black people, regardless of religious affiliation.

    For more information concerning "The Odyssey Project," go to www.theodysseyproject21.com 


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    The Knowledge Show Live Featuring Diane Williams and Don C. Harris

    in Radio

    Topic 1: Show Updates and Announcements.

    Topic 2: Diane Williams is our guest tonight at 645p and she will be discussing her book with us, Angels in Action. Join the conversation at 914.219.0884. Tell us what you think.

    Topic 3: Don C. Harris is joining us tonight at 745p. We will be discussing his book, "Think Red Ink" which talks about the struggle in trying to believe the Bible vs Rhetoric

    Topic 4: Ask Malik

    Topic 5: Current Events Discussion: Mayor Tyrus Byrd; MD State Gun Law

    Topic 6: Final Thoughts

    Aftershow Chat: Journey Through the Bible with Malik. We will continue our journey with Deuteronomy 30-33

    Thought for the Day/Week: AFact can be proven, but a rumor cannot.