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    Appreciate Black NYC LIVE

    in Culture

    We're back to Appreciate Black! This being the first event of 2016 will give us an opportunity to look back on all our accomplishments and go forward refreshed and renewed!

    Join us this Sunday, Jan 31st from 6pm - 9pm at the Brownsville Heritage House on 581 Mother Gaston Blvd. All artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, and supporters are welcomed with free entry.

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    Apollo Theater winner, Omar Gathers aka, O. Dot tonight on the Artist's Loft

    in Entertainment

    Omar Gathers artist name is Obadiah aka Odot. He is from Brownsville,Brooklyn New York.His genre of music is hip-hop/rap.He  began to pursue his music career at the young age of 13. As he grew older  participating in entertaining in his neighborhood of Brownsville, NY,  he realized that he wanted to become a rapper.   Currently, he is  creating a mixtape so that Ihe can get his  music out there for everyone to hear.  O.Dot believes  that  he is going to be performing at many different places. His first performance was  in Manhattan New York.   He has performed at the Fountain Blue in Columbia,were he won first place. Next, Florence,SC , Finally, he did a talent show at the legendary Apollo theater in Manhattan New York where he won a first-place prize  O.Dot has been rapping for a while and he wants to have a chance to get his music out for everyone to hear. His determination will gain him momentum as he faithfully continues to do what he does. 

    Call in tonight to speak with O.Dot. 646-200-3817


    TWITER: Gigi 1015

    FACEBOOK: Gigi1947










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    Jalon's Point of View - Clothes and Today's Fashion

    in Spirituality

    There are teens with issues that managed to stay focused and not resort to undesirable behaviors. Thier concerns and how they cope are explored from a teen perspective. Jalon will be a voice and include others to share experiences and offer encouragement and inspiration to others.

    Jalon Wilson is a sixteen year old Honors/ Junior attending Lakeland High School. He plays the trumpet and is a member of the Award Winning Marching Quiet Storm Band. He is soft spoken and is modest about any other achievements. He looks forward to attending college for a Major in Business Administration.

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    God's Final Jubilee author Dan Goodwin on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    in News

    Join us tonight as we talk with Dan Goodwin author of Gods Final Jubilee.  We will be talking about his book as well as the prophecy that is taking place in our world today.

    Evangelist Dan Goodwin has been in the ministry since 1983. He has pastored several churches, authored several books, and has been a full-time Evangelist since 2003. Brother Goodwin preaches Bible conferences, revivals and prophecy meetings across America.

    Here is the link to the listen live &  archive page. It contains the Live stream links at the top of the page and then the archives below.


    https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamKNEIN/featured   link to the youtube channel

    https://soundcloud.com/hagmann-hagmann-report  link to the soundcloud page

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    Keepers Mind Pool

    in Current Events

    Border drugs a blind adminstration and "I Got Something I Need To Say!"
    Remember Camp Lone Star in Brownsville Texas? The border issues there are far worse than previously, or rather vaguely glossed over by reporters from Main Street Media. Rusty Monsees, land owner right on the border will be giving the latest.
    Also, The Kidd from "I Got Something I Need To Say!"

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    Fully Persuaded Presents An Evening w/ Apostle Louise Baker

    in Religion

    When it comes to Apostle Louise Alston Baker, the half has never been told.   She is a dynamic and highly anointed woman of God who dares to walk and reach by faith.  She has inspired and propelled others forward to do the same by her life’s example and through mentorship.  By her faithfulness to God and the call on her life, innumerable individuals once bound have come to know God, been set free, healed and delivered.She accepted her call to ministry in 1982 and served on the ministerial staff at St. Paul, a member church of the United Church of God, Inc., in High Point, NC.

     God called her to the office of pastor and in 1996 she became the founding Senior Pastor of Temple of Prayer, Praise and Deliverance, Inc., in High Point.  In her role as pastor and Apostle, she ran a successful radio show entitled “Just A Voice”, extended her outreach to prison ministry, began a weekly outreach to the elderly at a nursing facility, and focused her energies on helping to groom and develop young ministers in the ministry, all while continuing to evangelize in revivals.

    Apostle Baker is married to Frank Baker, and they have two daughters, Crystal and Bridget who are married to Minister George Gatling, II and Rev. Richard Hayes respectively.  She has four adorable grandchildren:  George III, Chloe, Richard Issa, and Sovereign.  Eyes have not seen nor have ears heard all that God has planned for Apostle Baker in life and ministry.  


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    Tha Real 4 Real Radio - Has the world gone crazy???

    in Poetry

    Tonight we look at The Brownsville Rape from first story to current status. Our thoughts and opinonson the entire situation. We will also be talking about the very first LGBT elementary school in Atlanta G.A is this going too far? Tonight on Tha Real 4 Real hosted by Tha Real, Datrooth and All Flowin Big Mama. Call in and share your thoughts and opinons on this topic. 

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    "It's Not Your Discernment, You Are Just Threatened!" Featuring Lis Burns

    in Christianity

    Lis Burns is an author, songwriter, speaker, pastor's wife and mother. She and her husband Jason pastor Access Church with campuses in Lakeland and Brandon, Florida. She is also a cancer survivor of over 10 years and has learned how to channel her pain and grief into practical insight for today's Christian woman.

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    Rape, Migration, and Secrecy

    in Radio

    Woman, 18, raped by group of five men at Brooklyn playground after one pulled a gun on her father and told him to 'get the f*** out of here'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3392568/Woman-18-raped-group-five-men-Brooklyn-playground-one-pulled-gun-father-told-f-here.html#ixzz3wrnEQ9GQ 



    Revealed: 18 Cologne sex attackers were asylum seekers - as police chief is sacked over handling of assaults

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3391288/Cologne-police-chief-sacked-string-sex-attacks-migrant-workers-New-Year-s-Eve.html#ixzz3wrnej1NO 


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    Matt Smith

    in News

    On the Wednesday edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles greets Lakeland Church Musician, Minister and husband, Matt Smith, to share the prophetic vision he received before Christmas 2015. The dream has since been compiled into a poem depicting a vastly fractured America, one shackled by martial law, foreign military invasion, and rampant jihadi terror. 

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    in Legal

    On Nov 20, 2014, the President issued two executive orders: DACA2 & DAPA programs. Texas and 25 other states filed an action to block both programs. See Texas v. United States. That judge issued an #injunction that halted both programs. United States took an appeal to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal. The 5th Cir. Affirmed the lower court’s ruling. The United States took another appeal to the U. S. Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court (SC) does not take up the issue, the decision at the 5th Circuit stands. It is widely believe that the SC will grant United States Cert. First, it is very likely that the decision will open the flood gates of litigation for States to sue the federal government. Second, immigration (naturalization) is exclusive to the federal government and maybe the States went too far. Third, it is an issue that affects a lot of people and it is of national interest. Fourth, a lot of people are asking the SC to take up the matter and render a favorable ruling for United States. Finally, previous presidents have issued Executive Orders relating to immigration and other matters.  The #injunction was issued because the Brownsville court felt that the States had #standing to sue the federal government in this matter. Standing is telling the court that is that the power to hear the case. In the case at bar, Texas claims that it would have to issue driver’s licenses etc that would increase the states costs, so it has standing. If SC finds it does not have standing, the case will be won by United States.  SC could decide that it has standing, but also rule that the executive orders are constitutional. Whatever the outcome, SC’s decision is final. Please not that DACA1 issued on June 15, 2012 is still available and those who qualify should apply and renew if you qualify. Marcus Jarvis, Attorney at Law  www.m-jlawltd.com 1-(763) 425 5447

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