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  • 01:31

    ArQuez Comes to The Bare FaXXX

    in Entertainment

    Not just a man with a pretty face, but on of many trades and talents.... star, dancer, fashion retailer, business owner. Walter "ArQuez" Burch is our guest this Wednesday on The Bare FaXXX. Tune in. Call in.

  • 01:12

    Kappa Comes to The Bare FaXXX

    in Entertainment

    Tune in to The Bare FaXXX this Wednesday, February 25th at 8pm EST/5pm PST as the star of many Breed It Raw and Raw Strokes videos, Kappa, talks one-on-one with Amoré.

  • 01:29

    Dancer, Porn Star Rio On The Bare FaXXX Season Finale

    in Entertainment

    Sexy stripper and vers star Rio joins host Amoré for the season finale of The Bare FaXXX

  • 00:31

    Richard Goffman, Author of "Laid So Low" & "Heartless Cruelty"

    in Radio

    Teachers can be heroes. They spend time with kids every day and get to see them under different circumstances, often seeing and hearing what parents never do. Meet fictional high school English teacher, William Bachman, who teaches at Atlantis High School. He is the central character in the series of Jersey Shore thrillers which include Heartless Cruelty and Laid So Low. The main character becomes a reluctant sleuth, and there are plenty of disturbing mysteries to be solved as the books delve into the dark side of the Jersey Shore with issues including sex trafficking, political corruption, and child abuse. Richard Goffman has written a series of fast paced books with engaging characters and the hero is the English teacher. It might come as no surprise that Goffman spent the 1970s teaching English in Long Branch, NJ at the high school and junior high, and these days he’s a professor of writing at Montclair State University. The author based the fictional town Atlantis on Long Branch, NJ and says, “That town had beauty and ugliness, it had familiarity and magical strangeness, and it had enough racial, ethnic and economic diversity to yield no end of characters.” The books are must reads for Jersey Shore fans! Richard Goffman has written textbooks, stories, poetry, plays, screenplays and numerous articles. After the interview, check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

  • 01:30

    Porn Actor and Producer, Kameo to Guest On The Bare FaXXX

    in Entertainment

    He wears a few hats.... actor/model, producer, business man, top, bottom.  He does it all.  Check out The Bare FaXXX Wednesday, April 8th as the multi-faceted Kameo joins me for an interview

  • 01:22

    Porn star, talk show host, entertainer Seduction Comes to The Bare FaXXX

    in Entertainment

    Tune into The Bare FaXXX as fave and man of many talents, Seduction, joins host Amoré for a revealing one-on-one interview.

  • 01:11

    Defining Your Destiny with Latoya "Fly Woman" Johnson

    in Motivation

    Latoya "Fly Woman" Johnson is a motivational speaker, and success coach. She is also a mentor to women and teens, which is her passion. Latoya is the founder and President of Defining Your Destiny LLC which includes F.L.Y. Woman University, an online personal development center, and Fly Business Coaching. Latoya empowers women to love themselves wholeheartedly and without apology so that they can maximize the value they see in themselves, and have greater impact in their homes, communities, and in the world. 


    Through her self-love products and services, Latoya challenges women to connect with themselves and bring out the FLY woman within.  Through her business launching services, Latoya coaches woman, and some men, as a creative visionary who assists with ideas to help take business ideas from their infancy to full manifestation. 

    Latoya speaks at women's empowerment events, she holds seminars, and also speaks at jails and youth centers regularly. Her main goal is to help women and teens understand how to discover their passion and maximize their value, so that they can be assets in their homes with love and understanding, in their communities through service, and in the world through business and enterprise. Latoya's new book "FLY Woman: 7 Steps to First Loving Yourself" will be released in late October. Latoya was honored to be trained and mentored by Les Brown. Latoya is a wife and mother of two children.





  • 01:03

    You're Stronger Than You Think

    in Self Help

    Tonight's show will offer you support and strategies to dealng with challenges that you face in life. Sometimes we think, "I cannot overcome this." "I'm not stronng enough." "I never get any good breaks." It's time to move pass the victim mentality and move on to being a victor. Shake off self-doubt. Call in and tell us about a challenge you are facing and we will help you work through it. When we are open and honest with self, then we can be open and honest with others. This life is too short to live ordinary. It's time to live an extraordinary life. 

  • 00:45

    Over 2k Teachers Laid Off in Chicago Could This Be Called A State of Emergency?

    in Education

    With over 2,000 school teachers beining laid off  in Chicago this year.  What will happen with those 50 plus schools being closed?  Even more serious, what will happen to those young minds of nearly 80% of the students and teachers being of African descent?  It's a chilling story which involves the Mayor, all law enforcements, the city council members, the governor and all the way to the white house.  I assure you, you don't want to miss this episode!



  • 01:06

    Shondia Sabari: Bold and Breastless

    in Motivation

    Shondia Sabari is married to Wali Sabari and they have two children. Shondia is the Executive Director of BOLDANDBREASTLESS, Inc. and the President of McFadden-Sabari, LLC. She's a native of South Carolina and was raised by her maternal grandparents. Shondia earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Development from Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina. She earned a Master’s degree in Human Resources Development, from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. A former elementary school teacher, Shondia was diagnosed with breast cancer December 23, 2010, and had a bilateral mastectomy February 11, 2011, without reconstructive surgery. She is very passionate about inspiring and uplifting children, women, and men that are affected by cancer. Shondia is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She is the Georgia State Coordinator for the southern region of Delta Sigma Theta and The American Cancer Society partnership. Shondia loves cooking for her husband and children, volunteering at hospice facilities, spending time with senior citizens, attending networking events, and spending time with children that are affected by cancer. She also enjoys traveling and sharing her amazing testimony with others. Her motto is, “I scared the hell out of cancer, so it took my breasts and left!”

  • 01:30

    Addiction Comes to The Bare FaXXX

    in Entertainment

    Sexy, oral top Addiction joins host Amoré for a one-on-one interview.

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